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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Liver Cleanse Releases Anger From Past And Helps With DNA Recoding And Activation

Anger is a very low vibrational feeling. Anger feels terrible when it is activated within our being and because of this, we oftentimes resist fully feeling our anger which causes us to store it in our energy fields and within the tissues and organs of our body. When anger arises, if we would give it a few minutes to be fully felt, without overreacting and unleashing it on another being ~ we would release it, but anger is a very scary, overwhelming energy that many of us unconsciously resist as a protective mechanism. All addictions whether it be through prescription medicine, alcohol, illegal drugs, food, sexual addiction etc.....leads back to anger and the need to suppress and numb out our feelings because we don't want to.... and sometimes aren't able to deal with them.

LIVER: Seat of anger and primitive emotions
LIVER PROBLEMS: Chronic complaining, justifying fault-finding, to deceive yourself, feeling bad

On a PHYSICAL LEVEL, if you are experiencing digestive problems, allergies, circulation problems, red dry eyes or puffy eyes, retention of water or edema, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, shoulder pain,  pain across the entire back below the shoulder blades, lack of energy and an overall feeling of not feeling well a liver cleanse would be helpful.

On a FEELING/EMOTIONAL LEVEL if you frequently experience:
Irritation, impatience, being overly critical, rage, hate, angry outburst, over reactivity, feelings of not feeling heard, not feeling loved, not being recognized, judgment, racism, the need to control, inability to express your feelings in a grounded/balanced way, lack of joy, denial and inability to be honest with yourself and others, inability to be authentic or any addiction of any kind....a Liver cleanse would be helpful.

As we raise our vibrations, activating our "junk" DNA ~ which is really our Spiritual DNA ~ we will need to cleanse the liver. In fact, cleansing the liver will rapidly accelerate our spiritual growth because we expel the calcified STONES of anger we create in our liver whenever we can't process through our anger. Our body protects us when we are angry and not able to release the anger ~ so it takes the energy of anger and creates a stone. These stones build up in the liver and block the flow of qi, chi or life force energy within our being. A lack of life force energy means a lower vibration, less LIGHT and an unhealthy body. Releasing stones, stored emotions and feelings helps us to activate more of our DNA strands, enhance our LIGHT, create more Joy for ourselves and have a more Balanced and Grounded Life. In addition, when we activate the four additional codons within our being the body will NOT be able to store anger anymore. Stored anger from the past in the form of stones must be released or your liver and gallbladder will act up prompting you to cleanse so you can raise your vibration to the appropriate frequency~ reaching you highest soul's potential.

There are many Liver cleanses on the market. Find one that resonates with you. I will be giving you instructions from Dr. Hulda Clark from her book "THE CURE FOR ALL DISEASES". This is the most popular and efficient cleanse available. You can do your own research on the internet as this cleanse is recommended by many and you will also find different variations. However the one I am sharing is directly from her book and the one I personally have used 16 times. IT WORKS and you feel great afterwards, although I will say......the cleanse process does take dedication and commitment. Please set time away for yourself and be super gentle with yourself as you go through the process as old stored emotions and feelings will rise up to be released as you go through this. The final part of this cleanse AFTER the parasite and kidney cleanse takes only 24 hours.

Before you do the 24 hour LIVER/COLON must first prepare your body. This is very important and it can not be skipped. You must first do a PARASITE CLEANSE. Do a 10 day on and 5 days off then 10 days on 5 days off cycle of the pills and tincture to assure you have killed the parasites and the eggs they have laid until ALL the pills are gone. Be kind to yourself as you go through this because the parasites are entities (states of consciousness) within your body and as they die off they will send out thoughts of "I AM DYING" try to get you to stop the cleanse. Getting rid of parasites will help you physically, emotionally and mentally as the parasites create negative thoughts within our being and they attract parasitic energies to our energy fields that like to make a home in our mental and emotional bodies. Once the internal parasites are gone....the emotional parasites leave too.

SECOND PART: Kidney cleanse. Take pills as directed. The kidneys need to be in good working condition to expel all the toxins that will be released in the body during the cleansing process. If you are in liver pain or in a hurry to do the liver cleanse you can skip this part but it is not recommended.



4 T EPSOM SALTS (You can find these in the band aid area of the store...used for aches and sprains)

1/2 C EXTRA LIGHT OLIVE OIL( The lighter in color the easier it will be for you to drink but any olive oil is fine)

FRESH GRAPEFRUIT (1-2 pink grapefruit makes it taste better) You need about 2/3 C- 3/4 juice)

4-8 ORNITHINE PILLS (an inexpensive supplement you can find in a health food store) These will help you sleep.



Choose a day like Saturday to do the cleanse so you can rest on Sunday as your energy is restored. If you take prescription medicine, take it in the morning the day of the cleanse, so it won't interfere with the cleanse. Avoid Vitamins on the day of the cleanse.

Eat a NON FAT DIET for breakfast and Lunch. NON FAT. Veggies, fruit, toast with jelly, plain rice, crackers, nonfat yogurt, nonfat cereals with nonfat milk, popsicles etc.....This allows the bile to build up and develop pressure in the liver. Higher pressure pushes out more stones. Drink plenty of non fat fluids, especially water, as you will not be able to drink anything after 2:00PM.

2:00 PM: Do not eat or drink after two o'clock.
Go ahead and mix your cleanse cocktail for the evening and place it in the fridge to chill.

Cocktail Recipe: Mix 4T Epsom salts with 3 Cups of water. Stir to dissolve crystals. This will make 4 servings 3/4 Cups for each session throughout the night and the following morning. You will drink 2 ~ 3/4 portions tonight and 2 ~ 3/4 portions throughout the morning.

6:00 PM: Drink your first serving of the cleanse cocktail ~ Stir and pour 3/4 cup into a glass and drink. You can drink a few mouthfuls of plain water to cleanse your mouth afterwards, if necessary. Stay near a bathroom. (This will cleanse your colon)

8:00 PM: Drink your second serving of the cleanse cocktail ~ Stir and pour 3/4 cup into a glass and drink. You can drink a few mouthfuls of plain water to cleanse your mouth afterwards, if necessary. (This will cleanse your colon)

9:45 PM: Create your olive oil grapefruit cocktail to be drunk at exactly 10:00PM. Mix 1/2 Cup Olive oil and the juice of a fresh squeezed pink grapefruit into a container with a lid. Shake vigorously. You can also pour this mixture into a blender to blend well. Visit the bathroom a few times before you drink the olive oil mixture. Once you drink the olive oil mixture you need to stay lying down in bed ~ make sure all your nightly obligations have been taken care of before you drink this mixture. Prepare your bed, books, t.v etc for immediate arrival.

10:00PM: Lay out your Ornithine pills (4 or 8 if you have insomnia) and take them with the olive oil /grapefruit mixture. This mixture must be drunk within a 5 minute period.

LIE DOWN IMMEDIATELY FLAT ON YOUR BACK. You might fail to get stones out if you don't. The sooner you lie down the more stones you will get out. Watch TV or read a book while laying flat on your back with head high on a pillow ~ Goodnight! You can turn over on your side or stomach after 20 minutes on your back. Only get up to go the bathroom...if you have too. Lie still.

You will experience absolutely no pain because the epsom salts, before hand, have opened all the bile ducts and have cleaned out your colon. Do not drink any water throughout the night.

THE NEXT MORNING: After 6:00 am (it could be anytime in the morning after 6:00am) immediately drink your 3rd 3/4 C serving of the epsom salt cocktail. You may go back to bed or do whatever you would like. Stay near a bathroom. You are getting ready to pass stones.....this is where you will see your results. You will experience absolutely no pain aside from very mild dehydration and your normal discomfort from the epsom salt cleanse.

2 HOURS LATER from the time you drank your 3rd epsom salt cocktail ~ drink your last 3/4 Cup serving. This is the final part of the cleanse where you will pass the most of the stones.

2 HOURS Later you may return to normal eating although I would suggest you eat something light. Return to your normal activities and eating regime....your cleanse is kind to yourself while your energy returns. Within 2 more hours your energy should resume and you will begin to feel good again. You may want to drink coconut water, gatorade or vitamin water to help restore your electrolytes. Congratulations.

While you do this cleanse you may experience anger. Just allow it. Keep to yourself....stay in your bedroom while you are going through this cleanse.  I like to rent movies to take my mind off of what I am going through. Let everyone in your household know what you are doing so they don't take anything personally and have extra patience and respect for you. This is a highly effective and VERY SAFE cleanse. It is a little intense once you start drinking the epsom salts but your discomfort last only for 4 hours in the evening and 4 hours in the morning.  I would much rather have 8 hours of discomfort than a whole month of discomfort taking herbal pills that certainly will work....but I don't think anything works as good as this cleanse.

You can alter times. If you would rather go to bed at 9:00PM below would be the new times:
1:00, 5:00, 7:00, 8:45, 9:00 drink olive oil mixture and bedtime.
Upon rising you could start the morning cleanse at 5:00am or any time you wake up in the morning with 2 hours in between your epsom salt cocktail.

* I am not a medical physician. Choosing to do this cleanse is from your own free will. Please follow your own intuition and contact a medical professional ~ before you start this cleanse ~ if you are on strong prescriptions or have a severe medical condition. * Find a Doctor who is open to alternative medicine. Namaste ~ Sabrina


  1. Hi Sabrina! Do I cleanse my kidney and eliminate parasites at the same time?

  2. No ~ I do not recommend doing them at the same time. You can do the kidney cleanse on the "5 days off" of the parasite cleanse until the parasite cleanse is done, and then you can finish up the kidney cleanse herbs. This does take time, but by the time you have finished the entire regimen of the cleanse every organ in your body will have been cleansed. This is actually a total body cleanse! Also, once you go through the parasite and kidney can repeat the liver cleanse every 2 weeks until you are no longer passing stones without having to redo the kidney and parasite cleanses. After I do the parasite and kidney cleanse I usually do at least 2 liver cleanses within a month time period. You can also just follow the directions on the the parasite and then do the is up to you, but I don't advise you doing both of them at the same time.

  3. Hi Sabrina, I am from India & would like to know if I can obtain the Parasite & kidney cleanse medicines here in India.... Also would like to know more about Ornithine pills and its availability in India

  4. They will carry some form of liver and parasite cleanse. Any of them will do ~ oftentimes, it will be the exact same combination of herbs in different packaging. You can order online or visit your local health food store.

  5. Hi Sabrina-
    This is something I'm going to do. I've just ordered my supplies for the parasite and kidney cleanse. Do you recommend bowel cleansing (gentle enema) periodically along with the parasite cleanse? I've read that using organic coffee in the bowel cleanse also help with the liver cleanse.
    When I get to the liver cleansing, am I also cleansing my gallbladder?

  6. You can do an enema to help you move the parasites out more quickly if you would like. You can also take fiber pills. However, the parasite herbs always seem to move things right along very quickly. The liver cleanse also cleanses the gall bladder....same thing. The day of the Liver/gallbladder cleanse you drink epsom salts which will deep clean the colon and prepare you to move through all the liver/gall stones....which aren't really stones...they are soft. If your guidance suggest a coffee enema go for it! Good for you for wanting to detoxify!


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