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Monday, June 13, 2011

Ascension Detox Bath

Ascension Detox Bath: 
1C Sea Salt or Epsom Salt
1C Baking Soda
3T Ground Ginger (from the spice isle)
100 mg Niacin (DO NOT GET NON FLUSHING) optional
Body Brush

This is a detox bath. It will pull toxins out from within the body and cleanse the energy fields of any mucous or low vibrational energies you have created or have picked up from someone else.

You do not have to do the Niacin, but Niacin creates a flushing reaction in the body that opens the pores and releases toxins from the main organs and the entire circulation system. Make sure it's the regular kind of Niacin and not the non-flush kind, as you want to flush your skin and open your pores. If you wish to do this detox bath nightly, only take the Niacin 1x a week ~ proceed with the rest of the bath recipe ingredients for the rest of the week without the Niacin. Niacin is B vitamin ~ it is safe, although it will create a warm flushing reaction within your body for about 30 minutes. This is great for your vascular and circulation system.

If you are taking the Niacin, take it 30 minutes before the bath. Use a body brush, on dry skin to remove the dead skin cells on the entire body in preparation for the release and easy removal of toxins. Brush strokes should move towards the heart.

Prepare the bath with the detox ingredients. Say a prayer, blessing and giving thanks to the water and asking for the water to cleanse and purify your physical and energetic bodies. Visualize the water filled with White, Violet or Gold Healing Light. Soak for 30 minutes. Every 10 minutes, use a wash cloth, loofah or the body brush to scrub down the body.

When you are done, give thanks to the water and ask for the water to remove all negativity and toxins from your being and to go down the drain and into the Earth to be transmuted into Love by the Earth. Stay in the bath and visualize the negative energy being pulled from your body by the suction of the water moving down into the drain.

Follow with a warm shower and a cool splash. Give thanks to your body for housing your Spirit and Soul and for integrating the high vibrational energies that are being dispersed on this planet. ♥ Sabrina

I am not a doctor. Please use your own discernment. Everything I suggest on the HTRYV facebook page is something I have personally been using on my ascension path for years. If you are pregnant, nursing or have a health problem PLEASE talk to your doctor. And above what anyone says ~ use your very OWN discernment. Google is a wonderful avenue for you to do further research.


  1. thanks for this lovely ritual! I felt so cleansed & grounded - literally felt so much more connected to the earth, magnetized, when I got up to take the shower. can't wait to wander thru the rest of your blog posts!

  2. Kristina~ I am so glad to hear you had such a cleansing, energetic experience. I love this bath ritual too...may you be blessed.

  3. hello =) just wanted to ask does "1C" means i cup,and "3T" i dont understand at all,hehe. sorry im from croatia =P thank u for all the posts by the way =)

  4. 1 Cup

    3 Tablespoons


    A large handful of salt and a large handful baking soda. Sprinkle in 3 spoonfuls of ground ginger.


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