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Monday, June 13, 2011

Question About Being A Vegetarian In Order To Raise Your Vibration

OUESTION: Hi Sabrina, thanks for this fascinating page. I've heard that being vegetarian or vegan is an important part in raising your vibration. Is this true?

QUESTION: I'm so glad you like the HTRYV page. I rarely speak about food because food is VERY dualistic and highly personal. For me, I see EVERYTHING as "living" and part of God and EVERYTHING should be honored and respected. Our beautiful trees are alive ~ we use them for their wood. Lettuce, Apples, Eggs, Water, Air, Sunlight are all alive.....we need them for our survival. Many cultures and spiritual practices do believe being a vegetarian will raise your vibration but for me ~ I believe focusing on our emotional, mental, spiritual & energetic aspects are far more important than becoming a vegetarian. Focusing on food is an external distraction to the inner work we need to do. Many raw foodies and vegetarians become very rigid in their thinking, opinionated and judgmental.....which lowers their vibration. If you feel moved to be a vegetarian then I say go for it! Listen to your body, honor its language ~ what does your body need? I am a protein person....everyone's blood type/body type is different. My daughter became a vegetarian for a year and half because she felt tremendous compassion for the animals. I fully supported her in her decision....but she started loosing her energy and got sick. She is a protein person and now eats chicken and is doing much better. As a family we do try to eat as many organic/ free range proteins as possible. Our diet rarely, ever has red meat in it. We mostly eat chicken and seafood combined with lots of raw fresh fruits, vegetables and nuts. It works for us. Taking care of the physical body is very important and is a huge part of our ascension process....we must take it with us ~ but lets not forget about all the other aspects of our being that effect our physical health as well ~ we are multidimensional! I think whatever foods and drinks we choose to consume should be done with conscious awareness and gratitude. We should give thanks to the life force and energy they provide by blessing them and asking the Creator to raise the vibration of the foods we eat. If we slip up and eat something not so healthy I also feel it is important for us to not be so hard and critical on ourselves because that lowers our vibration even many people have food hysteria/body hysteria and that is all part of the ego. God/Goddess does not care what we eat, God/Goddess wants us to be healthy and happy and for us to live our lives to the fullest. The Creator gave us free will to utilize and create in this environment however we choose.....I think each person needs to utilize their free will to make the highest LIGHT filled choices for themselves whatever that may be. I am here to follow SPIRIT, not spiritual rules. Do what makes you feel good. ♥ Bless everything ~ infuse it with LOVE, that will raise the vibration of everything you do.

In addition ~ if you are watching the horror films out there about the cruelty to animals ~ it will overwhelm you. :( :( :( Yes, our animals are being terribly mistreated. So is the Earth, our oceans, our air.....even humans are being "grossly" disrespected. Our planet is in total upheaval before the birth of our magnificence. Please do not get absorbed in the chaos ~ it will deplete you and lower your vibration. It may even keep you from opening your heart. Spend time investing your energy in things that uplift you and expand your being. It is very easy to get sucked into the drama ~ Chemtrails, Food Chemicals, Harrp, Inhumane Animal Treatment, Political Agendas, War. Knowledge is power ~ if used correctly ~ but it can also lead us into a downward spiral if we allow it to. We need to view everything form a higher perspective and stay in balance within our being making choices that are right for US. Stay on the internal path of salvation and do you best to not get sucked into the external path of distortion.....Earth is a game of frequency ~ only you can control your frequency, unless you give your power away to someone/something else outside of yourself to control you. You are your power, don't give it away! ♥ Sabrina


  1. Hello! Great post - I also try to stick to chicken and fish, just because I've had to leave red meat on the plate a few times when I got bad vibes from it. I really like 'unhealthy' food, which isn't optimal, but more and more I start noticing that my body rejects it. Hope you don't mind me sharing my own experience with this, I was actually moved to write about it when I left a nice steak on my plate a few months ago lol.

    It's a flip of the coin for me, I still like it but occasionally I'll get these nasty surprises and it's making me reluctant to go the red-meat way. I did read a book a few years ago about how they farm our meat sources, and had to stop because I was going to have to go vegan if I got through it lol.

    Love & Light


    Ps ... The post I was mentioning =)

  2. Hi Geena~

    I read your blog. I agree, it is a flip of the coin. My cravings and appetite are always shifting and changing. Right now I am loving all the fresh fruit, but protein is still in my diet until I decide I don't want it anymore. It will be my choice ~ not because it will make me more spiritual. I'm already spiritual and doing just fine raising my frequency everyday through my conscious awareness and daily spiritual practice. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences.


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