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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

5D Consciousness

What will 5D consciousness be like?

1. We will resonate with oneness, knowing everything has originated from Source and ALL is interconnected. All is God/Goddess. There is no hierarchy or separation consciousness
2. We will access a greater level of unconditional love. Unconditional love is an unlimited way of being......we will have less limitations.
3. We will have more peace and less static interference from the ego. Our alter identity the ego will be spiritualized.
4. All choices will be made from the heart and not the intellect. We will feel our way through our choices choosing what is for our highest and best good. Collective decisions will be made for the highest and best good of ALL, not just for a particular group.
5. Each person will take personal responsibility for their choices and the state of their life.
6. Everyone will feel like they belong. There will not be a drastic gradation in each persons consciousness levels.....we will resonate with each other, and honor and respect each others gifts and soul specialities. No competition. Each person will be strong, grounded, respected and honored.
7. Respect for the Earth and Nature. We will build around nature and give thanks to the Earth and all beings (air, water, trees, animals, soil, rocks, humans) for each ones contribution in the creation of this planet and what each one provides to sustain and support life for all beings on Earth. No hierarchy, no separation consciousness, we will honor and respect everything and not take more than we need.
8. We will have more fun. We will do things that make our heart sing and bring us joy.
9. We will interact with spiritual beings from other dimensions. We will celebrate our oneness throughout the universe.
10. We will be energetically self contained receiving our "energy" and life force from our spiritual self. No need to plug into others and siphon off their energy to feel better.
11. We will have 12 strands of our DNA activated. Our junk dna, which is our spiritual dna, will be activated. These extra strands of dna will regenerate our bodies. We will return to a state of perfect health.
12. We will be able to focus our energy to manifest what we want at an accelerated rate. Everyone will have the same abilities to create what they need in their lives.
13. We will still evolve and learn lessons but we will be more connected to Source and our team of guides and angels that will help us fulfill our missions and soul contracts in a more balanced, confident, joyful manner.
14. We will live in a constant state of gratitude and appreciation for all things. Loving kindness.
15. Everyone will practice inner spirituality. External religion and distorted belief systems based on fear will no longer exist.
16. We will live as MASTERS. There will be no blame. We will know that whatever is happening in our life is there for a reason and something for us to learn from and we will direct our energy appropriately to re-create a better scenario. We will be in control of our own destiny.
17. We will radiate and glow with love and light and embrace everyone. We will treat others the way we want to be treated.

Our goal is to begin to move into this state of consciousness now. ~ Sabrina


  1. I believe....My faith tells me this is our thruth, the way of our future, the way God wants it to become...For All Of Us, Shanti 4 All


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