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Friday, September 2, 2011

Does Food Carry Karma?

  • QUESTION: I hope this is not too "out there" but I have been wondering if animals have karmic energy..or maybe that is not the word I am looking for. I am sure we all know that eating factory farmed meat/dairy is bad for heatlh, but I wonder if their
     "karmic energy" effects their meat/ if they were abused or lived horrible lives. Do they have traumatic energy like a human..My aunt and her family are Muslim and I know they believe this to some extent, which is why they bless their meat. They are not really focused on how it is raised, but their spiritual leader says a prayer over the animal before it is slaughtered.

  • How to Raise Your Vibration: First of all, everything has karma. The Earth herself has karma so depending on where things are grown....even where we live.....we interact with the karma...which is simply off pitched distorted vibrations within energy itself. Everything is energy and vibrates on different frequency levels. Many people get very focused on the karma, trauma and energy patterns in animal protein. But we also must understand that water holds emotional and energetic karmic imprints as if you are living in a city where there is a lot of crime, chaos, turmoil, war and karma well....the entire water supply could be infused with the emotional energy and karma of that area. The way our food is prepared is another biggy.....if the chefs in the back are yelling at each other and filled with stress...well guess what kind of energy is entering into our food? In addition, wheat, cotton and sugar were what the slaves mostly spent their time working on in the carries the consciousness of slavery. When you start thinking about all this you begin to understand that absolutely NOTHING on this planet is pure and free of karma, trauma and distorted energetic frequencies.

    I do not feel we should be focused on the different vibrations of the foods because it is a waste of time and precious energy ~ we should be more focused on our own personal vibration and doing the best we can to focus our energy on eating REAL foods. Real food is what God created for his creatures to eat (proteins, veggies, fruits, nuts, seeds, whole grains etc...) ~ not the franken foods humans created with tons of chemicals, additives and preservatives to be nuked and radiated in the microwave. The greatest use of our energy is to focus on the foods that make our body feel good, and this is a highly personal choice. People get completely stressed out and freaked out about food. There are rigid beliefs, opinions, and tons of cultural traditions that surround food....even severe emotional and psychological disorders. The discussion about food is more dualistic than religions are, and people are emotionally charged about it....which lowers their vibration.

    The highest and best way to make sure we are eating foods that are nourishing and nurturing to our body are to pick foods that make us feel good. Really listen to your body speaks. It will tell you what it doesn't like through gastrointestinal disturbance etc. We have become so accustomed to listening to all the confusing outside chaotic stimuli from everyone else's opinions we have lost touch with the intuition of our very own body. In addition, BLESSING and expressing gratitude for our food as we place our hands over it ~ visualizing God's light going into our food will greatly raise its vibration. I also like to send love from my heart chakra into the food asking for the highest vibration of Love to be infused into my food that the food can hold at this time. The best way to create change in anything in our lives is to infuse it with spiritual energy through prayer and our focused intention.

    Do your best to pick the highest quality, organic, humanely raised foods you can afford. Bless your food ~ send it love, express your gratitude. Listen to your do you feel? And when you do eat something that isn't your highest and best choice don't stress about it or you will lower your vibration even always have the next meal time to make a better choice. Food is suppose to be pleasurable and enjoyable....the human ego loves to create confusion, duality, mind chatter and rigid opinions, and it also likes to tell others what they should and should not be doing. That is why I love Judy Satori's 5D eating plan....she breaks it down into the importance of amino acids and gives YOU the freedom to choose from your own free will what you feel would be for your highest and best good. ♥ Sabrina

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