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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Is Reiki Enough To Raise My Vibrations?

QUESTION: Is REIKI enough to raise my vibrations & clear my distorted & randomly arranged energy pattern in my energy fields..?

ANSWER: Reiki was one of the best things I did for myself to help me heal and it greatly accelerated my spiritual path. I give myself Reiki everyday.....still. It will greatly assist you in opening up the tubes and channels to the God self, open and clear the chakra system and assist you with your can even activate the kundalini to rise, helping you to reach a state of en-lighten-ment. However, just like everything else....once you get attuned you will need to be proactive with your daily reiki self healing and you will need to practice the Reiki Spiritual Practice (state a mantra, practice self healing and do a 15 minute meditation everyday) in order to receive the most benefit. Many people will get a reiki attunement thinking it is going to be a magic pill and everything will just go away after the attunements, and then they are done. We all want instant gratification...however, Reiki is a process. There are 4 levels to the Reiki attunement and each one of the levels needs to be spaced out to give your system ample time to heal and clear. True healing is spiritual healing so when you get your reiki atunements.....all the stuff that has been swept under the rug gets revealed and comes to the surface to be seen, healed and acknowledged. Many people will go through a very intense healing crisis. This is a very uncomfortable time period although it is a great sign that true healing is occurring. If you are serious about healing and evolving, Reiki will be of great service to you. It will really catapult you in the right direction and will help you stay on path.....although Reiki is not the magic pill, you will still need to do your part....mainly look at the stuff coming up, accept it as part of your distortions so you can release them, and stay committed to your meditation and prayer practice ~ in addition staying aware of the behavioral patterns within you that you need to transcend. You will also most likely need to schedule additional one hour healing sessions with your teacher after the attunement to help you release the distorted energy that is rising to the surface to be cleared, but sometimes gets blocked. If you don't have the finances for the one hour treatments you can attend free reiki circles where people practice on one another or you can build a relationship with someone in your class and do weekly healing sessions with them where both of you practice Reiki on each other and help each other to heal. I would not be where I am today if it were not for Reiki.....but I still to this day, do what my teachers told me to do ~ I stayed committed to the reiki practice and stayed dedicated to my own spiritual path of self-mastery and soul transcendence. ♥ Sabrina


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  1. distortions, an interesting word to use for
    " blockages in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels"


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