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Sunday, September 4, 2011

My Incredible Experience With An Animal Healer Intuitive

Many of us are open to going to see a healer or intuitive for ourselves when we have issues come up in our lives, but we oftentimes forget about our animal friends and how they can benefit from an intuitive healing session as well.

We recently took our dog (Boa) to the vet to have x-rays taken, because she was limping and holding one leg up to the side. She was clearly in pain. The x-rays showed that her hips were out of alignment and the bones in her legs were not meeting properly at the knee cap which would pop her knee out of place. The Vet said it was something she was born with, and not something they could do anything about. He said she would be on pain medicine the rest of her life.

Fortunately, I was guided to a wonderful animal intuitive named Jessica Baker. Jessica was able to go in and not only communicate with Boa, but also facilitate some wonderful healing for her. Boa was more than willing to talk and shared things with Jessica that no one would ever know. Boa said that her injury was not genetic....that it was from a trauma she experienced as a puppy and she kept saying "Mom found me, mom found me." When Boa was a puppy, we took her on vacation with us to a home we had rented in Florida. It was a 3-story home with a deck on the fourth floor  ~ while my husband and I were unloading the car our kids and the dog went to the top deck to check out the view. Boa saw a family walking their dogs on the beach and she began to bark and place her paws on the fencing around the deck. Unfortunately, a portion of the wood fencing was rotten and she fell from the fourth floor and landed safely in a palm tree. We were so shocked and traumatized by the event, but we were just so grateful she was alive. She displayed a little soreness the next few days...but being Boa's normal energetic self she seemed to bounce back pretty quickly.

During the session Boa spoke about the accident that occurred and even talked about a red leash and collar she had at the time of the accident. She also mentioned that her food was creating allergies for her and that perhaps a supplement would help her with her joint issues. Both of these things we had just addressed at the vet office. We put her on a new joint supplement and changed her dog food. Boa also said that my kids bother her ~ which is true. I have two teen girls and they love to carry her around like a baby and Boa hates it ~ I get onto them all the time for forcing Boa to do something she clearly does not like. She prefers her feet facing the ground and does not like to be held like a baby with her back facing the ground. Perhaps, residual trauma from her fall.

Among a lot of other information Boa shared with Jessica....Jessica was also able to do some energy clearing work on Boa's legs and hips and also her spine. Jessica went in and removed the blocks and trauma from Boa's energy field and some issues that were creating discord in her root chakra, which also most likely contributed to some of Boa's poor behavioral habits ~ such as barking ferociously at animals and people when we encounter them in the neighborhood.

Since Boa's healing session with Jessica, Boa seems more relaxed and less stricken with pain. A lot of the tension in her hips, that I could personally feel simply through touch has diminished. Her behavior has improved as she did not bark at the animals the other day when we went for a ride through the neighborhood. Boa still has another healing session scheduled with Jessica and I know that she will continue to get better.

I am super impressed with Jessica's connection and abilities to heal and interact with animals. If you have an animal that is in need of healing or you simply want Jessica to communicate with them to see what is going on within their being, consider contacting her for an appointment. Jessica is a Certified Equine Specialist, Animal Communicator and Energy Healer. She has a natural talent and innate understanding of the relationships between horses and humans and specializes in animal trauma. Check out her website to see all the wonderful services she provides. ~ Sabrina

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