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Monday, September 12, 2011

A Piece of My Art Was Purposefully Damaged ~ What Is The Mirror Reflection For Me And The Lesson I Am Being Gifted With?

My husband owns and operates a local bistro, which is also my art gallery. It works out great because he gets funky art to decorate his restaurant and I get to display my art and make money without having to pay a percentage or pay rent. I went in today to move a few pieces around, update the inventory sheet and hang a couple of new pieces. As I was updating the inventory sheet, I noticed one of the pieces hanging in the women's bathroom had been damaged.....again! When people are in the bathroom, no one is watching them, and they will literally use their fingernail to scrape off parts of my painting to see what kind of materials I use. This has happened about 6 times now. I always remove the piece and take it home to patch up and repaint. (Notice the polka dot on my painting above has been scraped off)

So.....obviously this experience brought up feelings within me. Honestly, it use to infuriate me. I would get really angry at their blatant disrespect to my art. However, it has happened repeatedly now, and I have worked through a lot of my anger issues in I know longer get angry, I simply take the art home to repair....I give thanks for the opportunity to create art ~ and also for the capabilities and wisdom to know how to fix it. However, there is still a lingering feeling of being disrespected.

So lets break down the "Universal Mirror" and "Lesson" that is being shown to me. First of all, just because someone picked paint off of my painting does not mean I also go around picking paint off of other peoples art. No one is the exact mirror of the other person. So in order for me to discover the MIRROR and LESSON, I need to locate the "feeling" within me that needs to be addressed, felt and released ~ as it will be the "clue" to the mirror reflection within me that needs to be healed:

This is the clue that will show me where I need to focus my attention, so I can accept "their" behavior, of making others feel disrespected, as one of my own traits that needs healing as well. I always look into the past, present and future.

PAST: In my past, as a teenager and young adult, I was disrespectful.....I own that trait and choose to be more conscious from here on out. I also understand that I may be balancing my energy (karma) from my previous poor behaviors. I accept, the balancing of my karma and this mirror reflection....I own it as part of my own creation to teach me something about myself.

PRESENT: "Am I being disrespectful to someone in my life right now?" No, not that I am aware of. If the answer is No,  I always turn it around and say, "Where am I being disrespectful to myself?" Bingo......I have been re-decorating my daughters room, and there have been many days throughout the process where I disrespected my soul and body by pushing through and working when really my BEING wanted a break and wanted to play. I have also slipped back into a behavioral pattern of making unwise choices in my eating that is disrespecting my body. I have a sensitivity to gluten among several other things that I have been overindulging in lately, and I have also stopped juicing my fresh veggies because I have been too busy in my daughters room. In addition, I have been disrespectful to my body because I have allowed myself to fall out of alignment with my exercise program. I accept this mirror reflection, and I see that I have been disrespectful to myself. I am willing to change.

FUTURE: I accept this "mirror reflection" of disrespect as my "Lesson" of learning that not only do I need to be more conscious when I interact with others, but I also need to be more respectful to myself and honor my mind/body/soul/spirit. I choose to do my best to stay in balance and to listen to my inner being for my highest and best good. I also understand that the mirror reflection may be showing me that the lesson is also about hanging my art in a location where people will be forced to be respectful because others will be watching them.

I hope this breakdown in my own soul lesson will be beneficial to you in excavating the mirror reflections and lessons that are being shown to you. Locate the feeling and then break it down into past, present, and future....sometimes we just have to accept the fact that we may be experiencing the ramifications of our previous poor behaviors so we can balance our karma.  However, if it is repetitive......there is something to be addressed. Everything is an opportunity for the soul to advance and gain greater awareness and more LIGHT / WISDOM. ~Sabrina


  1. I so resonate with this!!
    Thank you Sabrina for being open and honest! Beautifully presented!!!

  2. Thank you for these great insights Sabrina. I so appreciate your Work/Writing! My first response here became too long, deep & personal to post here, so I cut it to continue apart, as it's a great processing underway. Here I especially want to appreciate your authenticity. Carry on!

  3. This has helped me..thank you..still trying to figure it out.but the thankful part is that I am experiencing the correction of my karma..and I appreciate that so much.


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