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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Suggestions On Connecting With Guides And Angels

QUESTION: I am working to connect with my spirit guides and learn to channel. I am working on the channel mediation daily I spend at least 3 (here and there) hours a day working to clear, ground and focus. I have had some amazing things happen and lots of clearing and intergration. But I have yet to see, hear or communite with anyone outside myself (higher self) any advice how to connect? I ask and have no resistance on allowing so I m a bit stuck...

ANSWER: Wow, you are very committed and doing amazing work on yourself. What makes you think you can not hear or communicate with your guides and angels? I promise you, you hear them, but the rational human mind expects the interaction to be like a human if we have a communication with another human being and literally hear the words spoken. However, multidimensional communication is usually heard through our thoughts and feelings ~ we hear through the core sensations in the body (FEELINGS) and our mind ~ not our ears. What we need to work on is trust and faith that the information we are receiving is not just fantasy or our own imagination. In addition, we need to be doing the work such as meditation and other spiritual practices to help us clean out the tubes and channels to the spiritual realms and our higher self so we can receive clear guidance, and it sounds like you have already been doing the work to open your self up to your multidimensional senses.

As far as seeing your guides and angels, you probably have noticed them but just not in a way you recognize yet. I bet you have seen lights in your spiritual eye when you meditate or little sparkles here and there. Perhaps even a flash of light bolt across your room. Seeing them, in full form is actually a little more difficult as you will need to have the spiritual eye activated and greatly opened to access your clairvoyant sense. We all come in with different intuitive gifts. Some of us may be stronger in clairvoyance where others may be more clairsentient. Below is a list of the multidimensional senses:

Clairvoyance: CLEAR seeing, hearing and sensing beyond the normal senses. Able to tap into past, present and future (prophetic) information. Located in the Spiritual Eye and Crown Chakras. Able to see beings beyond the 3rd dimension: angels, ascended masters, guides, spirits. Able to tap into TRUTH and KNOWINGNESS. Deeper spiritual truths are attained. When the spiritual eye is opened it helps us to "see" our patterns, limited beliefs, and limited thinking that need to be transcended in order to advance our souls to the highest level. "I was once blinded, but now I "see".

Clairaudience: CLEAR hearing beyond the normal senses. Able to hear messages from our guides, angels and higher self. Also able to hear music from the angelic realms.

Clairsentience: Clear sensation or feeling - To perceive information by a "feeling" within the whole body, without any outer stimuli related to the feeling or information. Very sensitive! Empathic: can feel the emotions and energies of others. 

Claircognizance means “clear knowing.” Claircognizance is the ability to know something without knowing why or how you knew it. It's like something randomly appears in your head, and you don't quite understand how it got there. It takes faith to use Claircognizance however it is one of the greatest gifts of intuition. 

My suggestion for you is to figure out which one of the senses you are strongest in and strengthen it. If you are more clairsentient....really tune into your feeling nature when you are trying to connect with them. You may feel chills or tingles running down your body or feel an expansive amount of love in your heart when you connect with them. Stay focused on your spiritual path and continue to send out your desire to connect with them and all of your senses will get stronger and stronger. However, I feel you are already connecting with them very strongly and it just isn't in the way you thought is was going to be. 

In addition, if you are wanting to channel, I highly suggest you take a class where you learn a proper technique with a teacher who can provide support and set up a safe space for you to tap into the appropriate energies. Channeling is wonderful, but it does require a lot of will rise up very high in vibration in order to channel and then you need to be prepared for the "come down", which can feel very odd as many people will experience nausea, dizziness, headaches etc. I admire and respect people who do this kind of work because the after-effects of raising their vibration so high to connect and then the process of grounding themselves back into their body is very demanding on the physical form. I relate it to drinking a lot of alcohol....the getting high part is fun and easy and feels good, but the come down can feel very uncomfortable as the body, spirt and soul readjust. The after care work channelers need to do on themselves is very admirable and most people never see or understand what these people go through to pull spiritual messages from the higher realms. Channelers make it look so easy, but there is a lot of self care that goes into the after effects. I highly recommend you take a class where you will get the support you need. ~ Sabrina


  1. Wow this is pretty incredible. It's amazing how so many of us are literally, on the same exact level. I've been recently realizing i've been connecting with other beings, my higher self, and communicating, it's an amazing incredible thing, and am truly thankful and grateful for these abilities. Which are the truth abilities of us anyways :) there's so much I would like to say :)

    but much love :)

  2. Dear Sabrina

    I do have the same condition " little sparkles here and there."

    Since after the meditation, i constantly feel some pressure upon my chest and forehead.

    Thanks for en light for me,With light and love- Kai

    Even normal day while having my routine, the sensation of feeling keep coming, and some times may feel a "chi" coming from my crown chakra.

    I personally ask some experience people about my condition,while the feedback mention its quite normal.

    It been flow almost 3 week for my condition.And i have no idea what happen to me.


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