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Thursday, December 22, 2011


These are wonderful to give as gifts but even better to have on hand for your own personal use. 

Healing Detox Bath Salts
~ Mineral Salts: Removes toxins from the cells, relieves sore muscles, 
   rich with magnesium which will help you sleep.
~ Sea Salt: A natural crystal that pulls mucous/stagnant energy 
   from the energy field. 
~ Baking Soda: Removes radiation from the energy field from modern
   day over exposure to cell phones, computers, t.v’.s, electronics, x-rays etc....
   also helps balance ph levels of the body .
~ 100% Lavender Essential Oil: Aromatherapy ~ Calming to the nervous system,
    relieves anxiety/stress and helps promote sleep. Relieves aching muscles
    and is an excellent healer for all skin conditions.
Pour 1-2 Cups of salts into a hot bath. Relax. Best to do this before bedtime, as it will  promote relaxation and encourage a restful nights sleep.

4 Pound Bag Epsom Salts (find in the pharmacy section)
1 Pound Box Of Baking Soda
2 Cups Sea Salt (pink himalayan is best but any will do)
30 Drops 100% Lavender Essential Oil (health food store)

Enjoy ~ Sabrina

I am not a doctor ~ if you have high blood pressure or other health conditions please use your highest intuition and ask your Doctor before you use these healing salts. May your highest good be served. 


  1. I made these and i absolutely loved them! thank you so much! <3

  2. Thank you for posting this... I will definitely create my own! <3

  3. If you have an allergy to lavender, what would you suggest as a substitute essential oil?

  4. ROSE!!! Rose carries the highest vibration of all the flowers, and is very healing. Rose helps us to have an open heart.


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