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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Lee Harris: 2012 The Year Of Power

In 2012 more of you will experience spiritual visions and angelic encounters; seeing through the veil to those who have passed on. This will become more NORMAL. Do not be afraid to speak about your experiences, for this normalizes it for the masses of humanity. So as and when you feel too, without making yourself uncomfortable, be BOLD in what you share. Many human beings have grown bored of the old template, the old way of being. It no longer holds the wonder it did, and this PERFECT!


~ Lee Harris

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  1. Truly beautiful!! Here's a little mantra that helps me release fear and find my center....."Just 'cuz I don't know now, doesn't mean I won't know then. Just 'cuz I don't know how, doesn't means I won't know when." Namaste.


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