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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Should We Gather Supplies And Be Prepared For What Is To Come In 2012?

QUESTION: I am not much on fear so much, but I have kids, single Mom. Many are telling me to arm for what may be coming. What is your view on being "prepared" for times to come, as a Mother??
ANSWER: I think we should all be prepared with emergency supplies, and this is not coming from a place of fear but from a place of wisdom. If this message brings up any fear in you ~ then you need to resolve that fear NOW, so if anything does happen you will be prepared and in a place of knowing and understanding.  
As everyone knows, we are moving into an accelerated time period where the Earth and all beings are releasing the old discordant energies within our being and stepping into the new energies of a higher vibrational frequency. The Earth releases her negative energy through earthquakes, hurricanes, tornado’s, fires and storms. This is simply part of nature and we should not fear these events....we should be prepared. 
Humans are part of the Earth’s energy. We are one. So the more cleansing and purging we do within our own being ~ the more light/love/healing ~ we are able to emanate from our system, grounding it into the Earth’s being ~ helping her to transition with ease and grace as well. We literally become conduits for very high vibrational universal energies and ascension codes to enter into the Earth and into her grid systems. Because so many people have actively been participating in the raising of their energetic frequency, the easier our transition into the higher dimensions will be. A lot of the cataclysmic events that were prophesied have been CHANGED, because humans have healed themselves, and therefore, helped divert many of the events that had the potential to happen.
None the less, it is still important for us to be prepared just in case an event happens that disrupts our power systems, communication devices, ability to travel, shop or exist in our normal everyday affairs. None of us really know what is going to happen. Whatever happens, it is important for us to be prepared with a 2 week supply of basic human necessities for each person in your family and if you can afford to do so.....get a little extra for your neighbors. This is not meant to create fear ~ this is simply common sense. I live in a hurricane zone, so it is normal and natural for us to have emergency supplies on hand in case we are out of power for a few weeks. 
I will say that there is the POTENTIAL ~ do not hold me to this....because I truly do not know for sure ~ that when we enter a specific alignment, sometime around December 2012......we could enter a 3-7 day period where we enter the highest level of photonic energies that will effect the magnetics on the planet, which will shut down all power sources all over the world. Many people refer to this time period as the 3 Days of Darkness that is described in the Bible. IF this will truly occur, and how long it will last is uncertain. Many people have received information that tells them most people will fall asleep during this time period.....those who have a low fear vibration within their being may have the opportunity to stay awake (I want to stay awake to see it). This is expected to last only a few days....when we come out the other end of the photon belt  our electrical devices will work again.
I am sharing this information with you so you can be prepared. We need to understand that these are wonderful, transformative times. We all knew when we agreed to come to Earth during this time period what would be in store for us, and each and every one of us are part of this transformational shift. We all came to usher it in, so we need to accept this role and be an active part of it without running into fear.
Here are a few suggestions for things you should have on hand for 2 weeks. This is not a complete list. If anyone has additional suggestions please leave a comment and I will add them to the list.
~ Water
~ Food: Canned Goods (High Protein Sources are  
   best....beans, fish, chicken), Canned 
   Vegetables and Fruits, Nuts, Nut Butters, High Fiber 
   Crackers, Trail Mix, Dried Fruit, Protein Bars,
   Carnation Breakfast Drink, Ensure or Complete Meal 
   Protein Powder etc.
~ Hand Held Can Opener
~ Candles, Kerosene Lamps, Lanterns or any other kind 
   of non electrical light source.
~ Flashlights
~ Extra Supply Of Batteries For Flashlights
~ Matches, Flint Fire Starter, Extra Gas Containers for 
~ Water Purification Tabs
~ Emergency Medical Kit
~ 2 week Additional Supply of Prescriptions
~ Anything to help you stay warm....blankets, jackets, 
   logs for a fire will be dark and the planet will 
   be cooler, however, the heightened spiritual energies 
   within the photon belt will keep us from freezing. 
~ Love, Faith, Trust, Patience, Surrender and Gratitude.

However, I would be most concerned about preparing your state of consciousness. It is our state of consciousness (energy) that creates our reality. Our state of consciousness must be raised to a specific level of frequency in order to transition through these transformational times with EASE and GRACE. I have written a book called "Raise Your Vibration" that will help you set your intention, and guide you along the journey of inner transformation so you can actively participate in the alchemical process of taking your darkness (density) and turning it into the golden light of your higher consciousness. Your higher consciousness has always been there just waiting for you to access it. BUY THE BOOK


  1. Enlightennment,,you are, I am becoming a stronger version of who I Am~~I am ready, my list is checked off,,love n light n joy will carry me,,plus being prepared, my family, friends,etc. covered~here on this end of my keepin it real~~~

  2. Informative and well said. Thank you for this post.

  3. You forgot to add can opener(s) to your list. : )

  4. Something to add to the list~extra supply of batteries for flash lights.

  5. Well, I guess none of us will be flying home for Winter Holidays in 2012


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