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Friday, March 30, 2012


The "How To Raise Your Vibration" Facebook page has been selected as the WINNER in the 2012 Reader's Choice Awards for Favorite Chakra Healing Facebook Page. 2012 Holistic Health Winners

The "How To Raise Your Vibration Facebook" page is based off of Sabrina Reber's book ~ "Raise Your Vibration," which is an ascension manual helping people to remember who they are so they can reclaim their divine power.  Sabrina posts daily inspirations from her book, as well as, new insights on her Facebook page everyday providing tips and tools to help people raise their energetic frequency and expand their consciousness so they can re-claim their highest soul's potential during this most auspicious time on Earth. CLICK HERE TO SEE HTRYV FACEBOOK PAGE

Sabrina's book "RAISE YOUR VIBRATION," is a light coded ascension book that will help you greatly accelerate your spiritual path. During these times of rapid transformation it is important for each of us to be involved and consciously participating in the expansion of our consciousness and unfolding of our spiritual being. There are many things we need to be working on to help us evolve. We are multidimensional beings and all aspects of our being ~ emotionally, mentally, physically, soulfully and spiritually ~ need to be fine tuned and raised in frequency so we can return ourselves to a place of unification and wholeness. Ascension is a process and a commitment we must make to our "SELF" and "The Creator of All That Is", so we can return we can return home ~ to our SELF. 



"Your book tingles in my hands as I read it"~ Sarah Beauvais Kerr ~ "Mine too......I'm Lovin it!" ~ Catherine Adam Vinson
"Raise Your Vibration" is the best book I have ever invested in. It has become my bible! Thank you, ~ Robyn Ann Bogart
"Thank you for writing this book! I have just very recently gone through my own Dark Night of the Soul. Every time I pick it up, it says just what I need to hear. Thank you Thank you!!!" ~ Alisa Hunt
"Loving this book and the vibrations I am receiving from it....thank you...♥" ~ Charlane Mills McConkey
"Doreen Virtue has been a favorite teacher of mine for years, but Sabrina, NOBODY has gotten into such detail on anything and everything as you---again--thank you for all you do for so many--and I just LOVE having your book (still LOVE artwork on the cover!!)" ~ Sherry Van Wie
Sabrina...I absolutely appreciate & love U'r book! ~ Helen Thibeault 

"All who are ordering this book will be very pleased, I love it, and thank you." ~ Annette Collins

"Your book is one of the best I've ever read! Thank you so much!!!" 
~ Denise Ekman Hulst

"I got my book "How to Raise Your Vibration" today in the mail!!! YAY!! Thank you, thank you, thank you Sabrina... I was filled with so much love when I read your personal message to me in the cover!! I'm going to tuck myself up in bed and read, read, read your pearls of wisdom and love!!!" ((((♥)))) Rebekah Bennett 
"Your book is extraordinary! I just got it today and I'm ecstatic! I am gong to share its beauty with my friends here in Midland whom own a wonderful wellness shop. They may just want to carry it! Thanks also for your kind note inside the book. I am grateful to have met you...Peace be with you new friend." ~ Robin Rothman

"I have been enjoying it so much too. I read and re-read, highlight and go back through my notes all the time. Very well written and very much in tune to my beliefs. " Jeffrey Ringer
"I got your book last week and I am enjoying every page. Thank you again:-))♥ ~ Ann Stagliano Clifford
"Just buy it people! Best book you will ever own. I swear!!!" ~Lisa Peterson
"To anyone thinking "I might" DO IT (purchase the book), money isn't something I have much of, but it was worth it. Sabrina inspires on every page. ~ Lee Jones
"I got your book a few months ago & been reading it and studying since... Been learning and been making a lot of wonderful discoveries that resonate with my inner knowing. Thank you for being a blessing to many!" ~ Amery Abbott
"I finished your book last night. Off to see a healer on Saturday thank you so much...your book is wonderful, made so much sense, i'm on my way" ~ Fiona Elliott
"Sabrina, I just begun to read your book, it is absolutely amazing, so real and profoundly true... thank you: We are one with God and with each other, thank you for sharing God's immense wisdom in such a beautiful, clear way." ~ Erika Sch├╝tz
"I love this book & the guidance that is written & offered & how Sabrina addresses questions from readers, this book is ONE OF A KIND ~ not something you usually see around! She has answered complicated questions that nobody addresses!"~ Hamsa Swaminathan
"I've been reading your book intently and it's so clear, simply enlightening and inspiring, especially when I am a little foggy or confused. I THANK YOU ENDLESSLY! ~ Dopesick Datura
"I am so grateful for you and your wonderful book. I have understood more by your words then countless books and seminars. The truth flows through with such ease through reading your words. Thank you." 
~ Jessica Alstrom
"I am only at the beginning of the book but already can tell...WOW! Good stuff. Thank you, thank you, thank you." ~ Olga Alvarado

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  1. Congratulations, Sabrina! Keep up the great work! :) I love your blog, and look forward to your positive messages and helpful posts.
    Thank you for spreading the Love and Light.
    Jennifer <3


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