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Saturday, April 21, 2012


QUESTION: When you refer to God as a he what does that mean for you?  I guess what I'm asking is what is your view of God.  Whenever God is humanized with a label of he or even she it just seems to rub me in the wrong way and I shut down a little to whomever is writing about God.  

ANSWER: You will discover I use a lot of different names for God. He, God/dess, The Creator, The One, Universal energy....etc. I teach through words....but we each need to understand that words are some what limited, and it is not the words necessarily but the energy within the words that we need to be tapping into. Unfortunately, words do have "labels" and beliefs attached to them....what one word means to me may mean something entirely different to someone else. Even the word God can activate all kinds of feelings and emotions in people....some may resonate with fear and others with love. It all depends on the individual and their level of consciousness. 

The closer we get to God/dess....the closer we get to our other half ~ the twin soul. If we are a male in physical embodiment then our twin soul will be female. If we are female in a physical body then our twin soul will be male. Most of our twin souls remain in the spiritual realms as our master guide who guides us back to oneness and unification with itself. It is very rare, but totally possible, that our twin soul actually incarnates into a physical body while the other half is also in physical body. If this occurs we usually have a contract to merge at a certain time on our journey in order to fulfill spiritual work together to help humanity. However, this is VERY rare. Many people desperately want to find their twin soul here on Earth, but what they are really desiring is union with their twin soul or God Self that lives in a higher vibrating dimension within their energy fields. With continued spiritual practice and dedication to God....we raise our vibration to such a high level that we will become one with our higher self (twin soul). So sometimes you may hear me talk about God as HE because he is my God Self, twin soul, masculine aspect that I have a personal relationship with who helps me evolve my soul and also helps me with my soul's contract to assist others on their ascension journey.

"Simon Peter said to them: 'Let Mary go away from us, for women are not worthy of life.' Jesus said: 'Lo, I shall lead her, so that I may make her a male, that she too may become a living spirit, resembling you males. For every woman who makes herself a male will enter the kingdom of heaven." (Gospel of Thomas 114)

Likewise, when every male becomes female.....he will enter the kingdom of heaven. This is referring to us becoming whole again. When the masculine and the feminine energies within our being are balanced there is no more duality. There is simply oneness. 

Whatever 3D word you choose to use.....God /Allah/ AlphaOmega / Great One / Universal simply energy that is incarnated in all living things, in all time frames and in all dimensions. God is omnipresent. Without the energy of God, nothing can survive. Each one of us are actually in the energy of God/dess.....we are the body of God. 

As with all of my teachings, it is your responsibility to use your discernment, taking what resonates and leaving the rest behind. All of my teachings are simply meant to inspire you, and expand you into new thinking. Insert whatever human term/word/label feels right for you. ~ Sabrina

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