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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Light Beings, Saint Germain and Mt. Shasta By Sabrina Reber

Image provide by Denise Leitch

This is an image my roommate, took from the back porch of the house we rented in Mt. Shasta California. She spent time meditating before we traveled to Mt. Shasta asking Saint Germain to please appear to her while she was there. AND HE DID! If you look closely with your "spiritual eye" you will see the Maltese Cross within the rose and violet orbs along with a beautiful lenticular cloud surrounding the Mt. Shasta mountain.

This image shows us the ascended masters do not always show themselves to us in a clear physical, human like form...oftentimes, they display themselves as bio-plasmic, crystalline energy which is their "true" form as light beings.....however, they will appear to us in ways that resonate with our being. How many times have you seen something out of the corner of your eye or even in a photograph that you have dismissed as something not "spectacular"?

Here is an image of Saint Germain with the Maltese Cross many resonate with:

Here is an artist image of the energy of Saint Germain's Maltese Cross:

Saint Germain along with many other ascended masters and other beings of LIGHT frequent the Mt. Shasta area in California due to the high vibrations of the mountain and the under ground cities of Telos within the mountain that houses ancient Lemurians ~ among many other ancient civilizations.

Mt Shasta is considered to be one of the most powerful places on Earth! Within the mountain is the "OM Crystal," which was hidden during the fall of Atlantis. It has been faithfully guarded and protected so it could not be interfered with by beings who would abuse it's power. At this time on Earth, the Atlantean crystals ~ which have been hidden all over the planet ~ are being activated as the planet is prepared to make her full ascension. That is why so many people are drawn to the sacred spots across the Earth at this time.....many of them have soul contracts to be apart of the crystal activation ceremonies to assist the Earth in her ascension process, as well as, carry the ascension codes back to their designated areas to help humanity awaken to their divine potential.

You can call on the ascended masters to assist you with your ascension in consciousness. Ask the Creator to send to you whoever you need to assist you with your process, for your highest and best good.... and know that it has been done! Whether you see them or not, they are there! Tune into your heart and you can FEEL them....if you feel moved, pick up your camera and take snap shots! Oftentimes, the camera will pick up things we are unable to see with our physical eyes.


  1. I don't see a cross as much as I see a face.

    1. whoops I was looking at the wrong thing. I see it now. But I also see a face in the big reddish orb in the front.

  2. Yes yes yes I see it!!!!!

    That is wonderful!!!


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