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Saturday, July 21, 2012

How Will You Know When You Have Activated 12 Strands Of DNA? By: Sabrina Reber

QUESTION: How will we know when we have activated 12 strands of our DNA?

ANSWER: At this time on our planet, we each have the potential to re-activate our 12 strands of DNA which have been dormant for many, many lifetimes. This will occur after we experience the rising of our kundalini ~ reaching oneness with our higher self. During this oneness experience the seals over the 7 bodily chakras will be removed and greater amounts of crystalline light/wisdom will be brought through the feeder lines of the body.

With continued spiritual practice and soul purification ~ the high heart will be expanded and the spiritual chakras 8 - 12 will move through there activations one at a time. Each chakra that is activated brings in more energy and is the catalyst for the next higher chakra to open. As each spiritual chakra is opened, we move through powerful, euphoric, blissful initiations.

When the 12th chakra is fully activated you will merge with all 12 of your higher aspects, and you will KNOW of your multi-dimenisonality because many of your spiritual gifts will have been returned to you ~ clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience and will see, feel, hear and know of your very own spiritual council of 12 which is YOU, just higher aspects that reside in your higher dimensions!

The best way I can describe this merging experience is demonstrated in the Indiana Jones "Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull" movie where at the end, the missing crystal skull is brought back to the 12 skull beings who sit in a circle and they all begin to activate and merge back into wholeness and become ONE again. This is also symbolic of the 12:1 crystal skulls, which are placed all over the planet and safely guarded by their chosen owners. In perfect divine timing, these skulls will be activated and they will sync up with each other inter dimensionally so they can assist with the re-booting of the Earth's grid system ~ as they hold the new programs and codes for the Earth and humanity's ascension.

We are returning to our truth and divine potential! This will be happening to EVERYONE ~ who choose to remain on the Earth ~ in their own perfect divine timing! ~Sabrina

If you would like to be proactive in your ascension process ~ may I suggest the "RAISE YOUR VIBRATION" book. It will help you navigate and make sense of these profoundly, transformational times so you can stay committed to your soul's purification process returning to your truth and highest soul's potential. Click Below for information on how to order the book:

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