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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Three Days Of Darkness

The Earth and humanity will receive an upgrade in frequency during the 3 days of darkness (expected sometime in December) as the system is rebooted into a faster spin frequency, and more LIGHT enters into the Earth's grid system. The 3 days of darkness has been spoken of in many religious texts such as the Bible. However, it is not to be is simply something for us to be aware of so we do not run into fear. During this time our thoughts will be highly stay positive. You could create something dark/fearful for your self, and others if you are not careful with your focus of energy. 

The more spiritual work, and emotional clearing we do NOW will help us prepare for this transformational time period. It will be easier for us to receive the energies of peace, calm, higher understanding and acceptance of "what is" from our higher self if we are able to keep our vibrations high and do not run into panic, chaos and fear. Stay focused! Regardless of what happens, we are eternal beings anyway! A lot of the fear we are experiencing right now is from previous times when we did not have full support of Spirit for planetary ascension. During those planetary cycles, it was better for things to be cleared, because the vibrational frequency/consciousness of man had fallen so low. 

This time we are fully supported, and there are so many LIGHT WORKERS who are currently incarnated who are here to make sure the planet moves through her ascension with great success. These are exciting times, and we are each blessed to be here at this time to witness and assist with the Earth's scheduled ascension into 5th dimensional frequency.

Once the upgrade occurs, it will take many more years for the new crystalline LIGHT frequencies to be fully integrated into humanity ~ however, each day we will see more and more people becoming en-light-ened and returning to their truth as empowered divine beings of LIGHT connected to the whole. Duality and separation consciousness will begin to fall away as more and more of us return to unity consciousness and activate the LOVE within our being. The 3 days of darkness, and the rebooting of the planet into a new vibrational frequency is helping us ~ who choose ~ to return this planet to its original divine plan of Eden ~ Beauty and Peace On Earth. ~Sabrina

For assistance in helping you raise your vibration, and clear out your emotional body so you can be PROACTIVE in your ascension process ~ you can purchase the "RAISE YOUR VIBRATION BOOK" here: 

CLICK HERE For Judy Satori's October Full Moon Light Language Transmission where she speaks about the 3 Days in December where the Earth will spin into a new frequency pattern.

CLICK HERE for a previous article I wrote on The 3 Days Of Darkness and potential supply list as the Earth moves forward with her cleansing cycle. Not everyone on Earth will experience Earth changes, but it is wise to be prepared. If you gather supplies and don't use them ~ what a blessing!

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