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Saturday, December 15, 2012

A Higher Perspective On The Connecticut Elementary School Tragedy ~ What We Can Learn: By Sabrina Reber

There is evil in this world. Evil is live spelled backwards, which occurs when we use our free will as souls to live backwards from the love and light we truly are. Evil also is representative of the “veil” our ego’s and shadow consciousness creates which veils us/blocks us ~ creating perceived separation from our connection to Spirit and each other. 

Clearly, the young boy who was driven to kill, and create such pain and chaos was deeply traumatized ~ his soul was fragmented from something deeply painful that has occurred to him “repetitively”. This could be karmic in nature for him, or it could be a misuse of someone's free will ~ who was involved in his is most likely a mixture of both! When our soul is deeply traumatized little pieces of our true essence will break from the whole, and negative energies/entities will sneak in to our energy field, and make us do terrible things. Clearly, his energy was very imbalanced, and he was not getting the love and help he needed to be able to live his life from a place of love and light which is his true nature. 

When these kind of tragic event happens it is a WAKE UP call for ALL of humanity. From a higher perspective, the souls that lost there lives or were involved in this tragedy all agreed upon the soul experience before it happened. Our higher selves, guides and angels are able to see the direction of energy, and life circumstances we are about to embark on as they are in a place of no time.....if our higher selves choose not to be a part of a tragedy then they will make sure we are not there when these kind of events occur. We will oversleep, wake up sick or be detoured in someone way to keep us from these kind of interactions. The souls that were there, chose to go through this kind of learning experience... it could be that it was their time to release the physical body and enter into the spiritual world, it could be karmic, or they could have chosen to be a part of this tragedy to TEACH the masses reflecting back to us our own imbalances and tragedies in our own life. 

Given that this involved children, I feel it is a reflection of parents and adults not truly honoring the old souls and divine sparks of light in our youth. Many adults still see children as inferior....they do not honor their magnificence, and oftentimes adults will try to control and take dominion over these freshly incarnated souls not knowing that our children are our greatest teachers! Our children come in not only with specific soul lessons for themselves, they also come in to teach us our soul lessons as well! The children currently incarnated are highly evolved souls who have incarnated on Earth to bring about CHANGE, and for some adults this may be more than they can bare because they do not want to change....they do not want to see the children for who they are or learn the soul lessons these children came in to teach them. Unfortunately, because many adults do not have an expanded awareness of the truth of reality, and  we have free will we may not treat our children with the love and support they truly deserve and deeply need.

Over the past 25 years, more LIGHT has been dispersed on this planet, in increments, to help us move beyond our old ways of being into a more en-light-ened state. It is not that there is more darkness on the planet it is that there is more LIGHT bringing up all the darkness within our being to be healed and transcended. On the 12-12-12, all sacred portals on the Earth were brought into full activation for the dispensation of crystalline LIGHT that will be dispersed on 12- 21-12 and BEYOND. This heightened LIGHT is meant to catapult us into a heightened state of awareness, and deeper states of LOVE ~  however, for those people in extreme has the potential to do the opposite, and it can throw people into heightened states of fear and chaos. So, the message in this horrible tragedy is to love and honor our selves so we can truly love and honor our children, and the rest of humanity.....for we can not give to others what we currently do not have for our SELF. We need to listen to our children, and help them ~ they are going through ascension symptoms and clearing lifetimes of discordant energy just like the adults. Many of our children also already have a 12 strand DNA helix within their being, and they are HIGHLY SENSITIVE. Please treat them with great respect and gratitude.....give them the love they need so they too can transition through this transformational time period with ease and grace. And always understand, there is a higher purpose to everything that attention to your feelings when these kind of tragedies occur. What does it bring up for you....what can you learn from these kind of mirror reflections we see in our world. What can you change within your self to make this planet a better place? ~Sabrina

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