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Friday, March 22, 2013


QUESTION: Could meditation help me focus on achieving a natural birth for my child even though the closed minded, medical, fear based doctors are telling me there is a chance my baby will have to be born through a premature cesarean operation as they think my baby might stop growing properly after 32 weeks? Can meditation help me achieve my goal of natural birth?

ANSWER: You can greatly effect the outcome of this situation by simply not accepting the thought forms the doctors are suggesting to you. Remember ~ your thoughts, actions and emotions will create a large portion of your stay focused on what you want ~ a natural childbirth with a healthy baby. In fact, you are FULLY connected to your baby's soul now! The baby's soul is already in your energy field. You have a contract, and you can greatly enhance the likely hood that your baby will feel so loved and welcomed that the baby will naturally align itself in the best position for an easier delivery.

Talk to the baby soul, and let the baby soul know how much it is loved. Think positive thoughts, listen to wonderful music, take good care of your self and talk, talk, talk to that baby soul. Prayer, meditation and visualizing the baby in the right position for  natural delivery will also be advantageous. Generate LOVE....the soul is already here, in your energy field ... but not necessarily in the baby's body that your body is building. You are already are a MOM energetically. Build the relationship now, and let the baby soul know how much you want to fulfill this contract with ease and grace. Have FAITH that you and the baby soul's highest good will be served....whatever that means.

Please know that if things don't work out; it is not your fault. The baby soul has free will too, but the more love and connection you make with the baby soul will help it to move forward with confidence in this dimension. Sometimes baby souls may choose to back out. However, the work you choose to do now will greatly effect the outcome. Don't give your power away "To Create Physical Life" to the doctors! You have been fully connected to this baby soul in the spiritual realms way before you even gave permission to the soul to achieve life in physical form through YOU. You are in full communication whether you realize it or not.

Many Blessings to you. ~Sabrina

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