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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Raising The Vibration Of The Body ~ Making Healthy Choices For Our Ascension By Sabrina Reber

QUESTION: You mention often about how important it is to purify the body etc. I eat and live an extremely healthy lifestyle, but occasionally "cheat" w/an occasional cigarette and wine. Should I stop completely in order to purify? Or does it really make much of a difference? 

ANSWER: We each have the free will choice to live in any way we choose....God is unbiased, just pure love. If we want to sit on the couch and eat potato chips all day....God loves us no matter what ~ but we will physically pay the consequences of our continued chip eating via extra fat, lack of energy, depression and an overall feeling of not being well, which will most likely lead to illness and disease. 

I think it is important for each of us to understand that whatever we consume IS a consciousness/an energy form, and will attract "like" vibrations and states of consciousness to us. Remember, everything is energy ~ everything! Hence....alcohol is called "spirits" for a reason. Tobacco carries it's own state of consciousness, in addition to every pharmaceutical drug we take, food we eat, thought we think etc. 

My personal opinion is "nothing" should be inhaled into the lungs, and that includes marijuana. It is totally unnatural and harmful to our well being to inhale smoke into our lungs....regardless if the substance is natural or not. Our lungs provide oxygen to our blood system, as well as, surround our heart ~ which is a very important area for ascension. The lungs create a sacred breath and connect us to our soul and spirit through slow, deep, rhythmic breathing ~ healthy lungs and deep breathing are an essential part of our transformation.  

The body does need to be raised in vibration so the soul can be activated ~ the God self will not descend into the body until the body is ready to handle the very high vibrations of the God Self. Balanced nutrition (not neurotic or rigid), combined with balanced emotions, thoughts and feelings will assist in the raising of the bodies vibration along with spiritual practice. I personally don't see anything wrong with having a glass or two of wine “every now and then”.....bless it and give thanks for the grapes, land and farmers that created it. However, if we drink to much, eat a terrible diet, take to many drugs (pharmaceutical and recreational), allow ourselves to stay in a stressful environment, and hold onto negative toxic emotions, thoughts and feelings..... our energy fields will become weak and we will create rips and tears in our auric field, which is our PROTECTION from outside lower vibrational energies.

The best advice I can give you is to live your life as balanced as possible and make choices that make your mind, soul, spirit and body feel good, and when you mess up....don't beat your self up about it. That will simply lower your vibration even further. Just take note and learn from it, you choose differently next time.
~ Sabrina

Our Aura Is Our Protection ~ Drugs and Alcohol Can Weaken The Aura: By Sabrina Reber

How does occasional drug and alcohol use affect your vibrational level? Are the affects temporary or are they damaging to your energy?

Both drugs ~ pharmaceutical/recreational ~ and alcohol expands the energy field very rapidly! Our aura is our protection so when we consume something that makes us high ~ our soul energy literally rises out of our body (we get high) and our aura will expand very rapidly trying to contain our energy, which oftentimes, creates a spider web like effect with holes and tears in our aura. Holes and tears in the aura allow negative energies to sneak in. 

Our aura is our protection! Not all drugs (aspirin etc...) expand the energy field.....however, anything that makes you feel HIGH means that your energy is rising and your soul begins to bleed out of the energy field into other people's space ~ and this is NOT good. A few conscious alcoholic drinks ~ with food ~ will not create energy bleeding but more than a few will. It is all about balance and paying attention to your body and how you feel. 

In addition, if you have ever had a hangover or felt the after side effects of drugs then you can feel your level of vibration! It feels terrible.....your vibration is very low. The hang over can be temporary, but if you expanded your energy to the point where you left your body then other energies can come in and make good use of your body! Have you ever watched someone go from happy go lucky to violent in a short period of time while they are under the influence? This is characteristic of energy invasion and this energy will most likely remain with this person until it is removed through some time of energy work or soul clearing. That is why alcohol is called Spirits......

Our aura is our protection! A chemical laden diet, drugs and alcohol, habitual negative thoughts/emotions/feelings, lack of exercise ALL lower the vibration of the energy field and attract lower vibrational energies to ourselves. ~Sabrina

Friday, March 22, 2013


QUESTION: Could meditation help me focus on achieving a natural birth for my child even though the closed minded, medical, fear based doctors are telling me there is a chance my baby will have to be born through a premature cesarean operation as they think my baby might stop growing properly after 32 weeks? Can meditation help me achieve my goal of natural birth?

ANSWER: You can greatly effect the outcome of this situation by simply not accepting the thought forms the doctors are suggesting to you. Remember ~ your thoughts, actions and emotions will create a large portion of your stay focused on what you want ~ a natural childbirth with a healthy baby. In fact, you are FULLY connected to your baby's soul now! The baby's soul is already in your energy field. You have a contract, and you can greatly enhance the likely hood that your baby will feel so loved and welcomed that the baby will naturally align itself in the best position for an easier delivery.

Talk to the baby soul, and let the baby soul know how much it is loved. Think positive thoughts, listen to wonderful music, take good care of your self and talk, talk, talk to that baby soul. Prayer, meditation and visualizing the baby in the right position for  natural delivery will also be advantageous. Generate LOVE....the soul is already here, in your energy field ... but not necessarily in the baby's body that your body is building. You are already are a MOM energetically. Build the relationship now, and let the baby soul know how much you want to fulfill this contract with ease and grace. Have FAITH that you and the baby soul's highest good will be served....whatever that means.

Please know that if things don't work out; it is not your fault. The baby soul has free will too, but the more love and connection you make with the baby soul will help it to move forward with confidence in this dimension. Sometimes baby souls may choose to back out. However, the work you choose to do now will greatly effect the outcome. Don't give your power away "To Create Physical Life" to the doctors! You have been fully connected to this baby soul in the spiritual realms way before you even gave permission to the soul to achieve life in physical form through YOU. You are in full communication whether you realize it or not.

Many Blessings to you. ~Sabrina

Wednesday, March 20, 2013



by Patricia Cota-Robles

The New Pope, Asteroids, Meteors, Comets, Coronal Mass Ejections from the Sun, the Vernal Equinox, and the International Day of Happiness 

Since the Birth of the New Earth and the Shift of the Ages which we experienced over the December Solstice in 2012, people have been wondering what in the world is happening. I have been encouraging all of you to pay attention and to look for outer-world events that indicate we have gone through a quantum shift of consciousness. It is important to observe that indeed powerful changes are taking place on a daily basis. There is certainly no shortage of signs that things are changing at warp speed. If you will just reflect on what has happened in the first three months of 2013, you will be amazed. This year has been heralded as the year of New Beginnings, and it is definitely living up to that declaration.

KNOW that you are an awakening Child of God. Please open your heart and mind and contemplate the following information through the "new eyes and new ears" of your true God Self, your I AM Presence. When you see the bigger picture from this higher level of consciousness, everything will make perfect sense.

So far this year we have experienced an unusual influx of asteroids, meteors, comets, and extremely powerful solar flares. This may seem like just a coincidence, but nothing is happening by accident. The Elemental Kingdom is the Divine Intelligence that magnetizes the unformed primal Light substance into the matrixes that form all physical matter, including asteroids, meteors, comets, and solar flares. What the Elemental Kingdom creates is always a reflection of Humanity's consciousness. Moment by moment, as Humanity expresses our thoughts, words, actions, feelings, and beliefs the Elemental Kingdom brings them into manifest form in perfect Divine Order.

The reflection of Humanity's positive thoughts and feelings manifest as positive, life-enhancing experiences in our lives. Humanity's negative thoughts and feelings manifest as challenging and often painful experiences in our lives. Our negative thoughts and feelings also manifest as inclement weather conditions and cataclysmic earth changes. But it is important to understand that even during the most catastrophic event, there is not a blade of grass or a grain of sand that is moved without the deliberate intent of the Elemental Kingdom. So why are asteroids, meteors, comets, and extreme solar flares bombarding the atmosphere of this planet since the Birth of the New Earth?

Well, the psychic astral plane is a sea of negativity that surrounds the Earth. This very dense and oppressive forcefield of energy was formed through the negative thoughts, words, actions, feelings, and beliefs Humanity has expressed since our fall from Grace aeons ago. This very negative forcefield of Humanity's human miscreations is the "dark tunnel" people consistently report passing through when they go through a near death experience. This is the "veil of illusion" or "the veil of maya" that is often talked about in sacred scriptures.

The distorted energy that is seething in the psychic astral plane from all of Humanity's miscreations was originally our Life Force-our Gift of Life from our Father-Mother God. Tragically, Humanity took that precious Gift of Life and distorted it into gross mutations through the abuse of our creative faculties of thought and feeling and misuse of our free will. Now we are responsible for transmuting that energy back into Light. This must be done before the patterns of perfection for the New Earth can tangibly manifest in the physical plane.

The Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth have told us that it has been very difficult for Humanity to transmute the energy in the psychic astral plane because it is so very dense. In order to make this transmuting process easier, awakening Humanity has been invoking assistance from the Elemental Kingdom. Whenever an asteroid, a meteor, a comet, or a solar flare passes close by the Earth or enters the atmosphere it literally shakes the ethers and shatters the dense energy in the psychic astral plane. Then, when Lightworkers invoke the Violet Transmuting Flame, it can easily blaze in, through, and around the negative energy and transmute it back into Light.

This must be a cooperative effort. The Elemental Kingdom is shaking the ethers and shattering the dense thoughtforms and behavior patterns in the psychic astral plane; however, it is embodied Lightworkers who must invoke the Violet Transmuting Flame in order to purge these patterns and transmute the energy associated with them back into Light. Only then will the patterns of perfection for the New Earth physically manifest on Earth. Needless to say, it is time for all of us to redouble our efforts in invoking the Violet Transmuting Flame.

The Pope

Another outer-world sign that took place after the Birth of the New Earth was the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI on February 11, 2013. This unprecedented event captured the attention of the entire world and created a collective cup of Humanity's consciousness through which the Company of Heaven could intensify the purging of the abuse of power, the corruption, the perversion, the deception, the manipulation, the greed, the suppression of women, and the separation and duality associated with all of the world religions.

This event specifically involved the Roman Catholic Church, but if we step back to see the bigger picture we will understand that this church is serving as a surrogate for the purging of all of the distortion associated with every organized religion. As the patterns of perfection for the New Earth filter into Humanity's consciousness, we clearly know that any religion that functions from a consciousness of separation and duality is not reflecting the profound Truth of Humanity's Oneness and the Reverence for ALL Life. This Truth was originally the basis of every world religion.

Throughout history, at the inception of each New Age, the Sacred Knowledge that eventually formed the various world religions was projected into the mental and emotional strata of Earth by our Father-Mother God. This was done in order to assist Humanity in our evolutionary process. The problem is that it was never the intent of our Father-Mother God for these waves of Truth and Divine Guidance to be crystallized into the divisive world religions we are experiencing today. The Divine Intent was for this progressive Sacred Knowledge from On High to enhance Humanity's evolutionary progress Age by Age, just as our advancement through our Earthly school system is intended to educate us.

So how does the election of a Pope reflect the Birth of the New Earth? Well, just look at the man that was elected Pope and the signs of change that he has demonstrated so far. Jorge Mario Bergoglio is a conservative Catholic, so he will support some of the old and certainly obsolete archetypes for a while, but look at the outer-world signs of change.

The most tragic thing that happened when we began misqualifying our Life Force and creating patterns of pain and suffering is that we closed our Heart Chakra so we would not feel so much pain. That fateful decision blocked the portal through which the Love of our Mother God entered the physical plane of Earth. This forced the Feminine Aspect of God to withdraw her Love to a mere trickle of its original influence in our lives. This tragic event ultimately resulted in Humanity forgetting that we even had a Divine Mother. We erroneously accepted that even though we were Children of God we only had one parent and that parent was a male, our Father God. Well what child is ever birthed without a Mother? Remember, "As above, so below." Without the Love and awareness of our Mother God, we fell into greater frequencies of chaos and confusion. We began using our masculine power without the balance of our feminine love, which catapulted us into the patriarchal imbalance that is reflected in almost all world religions to this very day.

The Earth is a living, breathing organism and she too reflects the masculine and feminine polarities of God. The masculine polarity enters the Earth as a tremendous shaft of Light in the area of the Himalaya Mountains in Tibet. The feminine polarity enters the Earth as a shaft of Light in the area of Lake Titicaca in Bolivia. When Humanity closed our hearts the portal through which our Mother God entered the Earth became practically dormant as well.

For millennia the Company of Heaven has been helping awakening Humanity to remember the existence of our Mother God, and to open our Heart Chakras. The way that most people have reconnected with the Love of our Mother God is through the Holy Spirit. Because of their patriarchal consciousness, world religions have mistakenly taught us that the Holy Spirit is a masculine aspect of our Father God, but now the Company of Heaven of Heaven has revealed the Truth. The Holy Spirit is our Mother God, the Feminine Aspect of Deity. The Holy Trinity represents our Father God-The Father, the Son and Daughter of God-The Christ, and our Mother God-The Holy Spirit. We always knew that the Holy Spirit was the Love Nature of God and the Holy Comforter, but now we know the Holy Spirit represents our Mother God.

Since our fall from Grace aeons ago the Company of Heaven has been working with awakening Humanity to reopen the Portal of the Divine Feminine in South America. With the focus on the Virgin of Guadalupe over the past 500 years, and the attention that has been given to South America during the past 25 years because of the completion of the 5,125 cycle of the Mayan Calendar, millions of people have traveled to the sacred sites surrounding the Portal of our Mother God adding their Light and Love to this reopening process. On December 12, 2012, the twelfth day of the twelfth month of the twelfth year of the new millennium-12-12-12-the day celebrated as the Feast Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe, the Portal of our Mother God was at long last opened to full breadth.

Jorge Mario Bergoglio was born and raised in Argentina, which like all of South America, is held in the radiance of the Portal of our Mother God. In spite of the patriarchal stance of the Church, his mission has been over lighted by the Holy Spirit. Cardinal Bergoglio dedicated his service to the auspices of Mother Mary and lives a life of compassion and Love. He denounced the pomp and circumstance of a Catholic Cardinal in order to serve the poor and those who need him the most. He refused to live in the Cardinal's Palace and rented a small apartment for himself. He cooked his own meals and refused the chauffeured car allotted a Cardinal in exchange for riding the bus to work.

When Cardinal Bergoglio was elected Pope he chose the name Francis after Saint Francis of Assisi. To grasp the significance of that choice, we need briefly to look at life of Saint Francis. Saint Francis was born into a wealthy family, but rejected his wealth to serve the poor. One time Francis was in an old church, and as he prayed before the crucifix on the altar he heard what he perceived to be the voice of God. God said, "Francis, rebuild my church." Initially Francis thought God was asking him to rebuild the old church he was in, but he soon realized that the Church of God is not a lavish edifice, THE CHURCH OF GOD IS THE PEOPLE.

Saint Francis was well aware of the Elemental Kingdom and worked hand and hand with the animals and nature. He was never ordained into the Catholic priesthood, but he is one of the most venerated religious figures in history. On July 16, 1228, Francis was pronounced a saint by Pope Gregory lX. He is known as the patron saint of animals and the environment.

Pope Francis is the first Pope to choose to be named after Saint Francis of Assisi. When he was introduced as the Pope to the throngs of people gathered in Vatican Square, the first thing he did was bow and ask the people to bless him. Then he prayed the three prayers that he knew every Catholic child and adult would know. He chose those prayers so that people around the world could pray with him. The first prayer was the Hail Mary, the second was Glory Be To The Father, and the third was the Lord's Prayer.

The following day, the first thing he did before officially addressing the gathering of Cardinals as the new Pope was to go to the chapel alone where he prayed for 30 minutes to Mother Mary, asking for her blessings and Divine Intervention in his mission.

When Pope Francis addressed the Cardinals instead of sitting on the white Pope's throne, he stood amongst the Cardinals as their brother and received their blessings. He said, "I Am asking all of you to help me rebuild God's church."

Pope Francis chose to conduct his first mass on Saint Joseph's Feast Day, March 19, 2013. Saint Joseph is the patron saint of the Universal Church. The Company of Heaven revealed to Humanity a long time ago that Joseph, who was Jesus' father and the husband of Mother Mary, was one of the embodiments of Saint Germain. Saint Germain is the Keeper of the Violet Flame of God's Infinite Perfection. This Sacred Fire, which is the 7th Solar Aspect of Deity, will be the predominant influence on the planet during the Age of Aquarius. How appropriate to have the first Pope after the Birth of the New Earth begin his mission under the auspices of Saint Germain.

His words at the first mass were also profound in Light of this Cosmic Moment and the shifts of consciousness that are taking place. When he spoke to the 300,000 people gathered in Vatican Square and the millions tuning in from around the world he said:

"I Am asking all of you to assume the role of protectors. We are all protectors of Creation, protectors of the Plan of God which is written in Nature. We are protectors of one another and of the environment. But it is not allowed that signs of destruction and death accompany our journey in this world."

As I close this segment of my article about Pope Francis, I would like to share with you the Prayer of Saint Francis of Assisi. I have had this prayer hanging in my office for 40 years.

The Prayer of Saint Francis of Assisi

Lord, make me an instrument of your peace.
Where there is hatred, let me sow Love.
Where there is injury, pardon.
Where there is doubt, faith.
Where there is despair, hope.
Where there is darkness, Light.
Where there is sadness, joy.

O Divine Master,
Grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled, as to console;
To be understood, as to understand;
To be loved, as to Love.
For it is in giving that we receive.
It is in pardoning that we are pardoned,
And it is in dying that we are born to Eternal Life.
Amen, Amen, Amen

The Vernal Equinox

March 20, 2013, is the birth of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere and the birth of Fall in the Southern Hemisphere. But most importantly, it is the time of year when day and night are equally balanced. This celestial alignment creates the opportunity for a tremendous influx of Light. This Vernal Equinox, the first since the Birth of the New Earth, the Company of Heaven and Lightworkers all over the world are joining together to pave the way for the physical transformation of this blessed Planet. People everywhere are anchoring the patterns of perfection for the New Earth through their thoughts, words, actions, feelings, and beliefs. This is the first of many influxes of Light that will take place during the next three years which will transform life on Earth in glorious ways. Our mission during the Equinox is to stay focused on the Light, to work with the Elemental Kingdom and the Company of Heaven, to empower the patterns of perfection for the New Earth, and to envision the life we want to cocreate for ourselves, our families, and all Life on this sweet Earth.

The First International Day of Happiness

We are being given an additional opportunity that will assist all of us in fulfilling the goals we are striving to accomplish during this very special time on Earth. The United Nations has declared March 20, 2013, the First International Day of Happiness. On this day, people all over the world are going to be empowering visions of Happiness and cocreating opportunities for Happiness for themselves and their loved ones. Happiness is a Divine Attribute of our Father-Mother God. Invoke Happiness into your life, and through your heart and mind become the Happiness you want to experience in the world.

These are miraculous times, onward and upward we go! God Bless ALL of YOU!

This is a powerful YouTube that we have created to assist with raising the consciousness of ALL Humanity. This is the perfect time to watch it.

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Monday, March 18, 2013



QUESTION: I have recently separated from a long term relationship with young children involved. I find myself torn between wanting to work things out ~ because it is the "right thing to do" ~ or releasing this relationship because it has become dysfunctional, unloving and we are unable to communicate. I do not feel comfortable moving forward with this relationship BUT I don’t know whether it is fear holding me back or whether I am supposed to be in this place to continue my soul lessons of awareness and unconditional love. I have become very aware of my ego of late, but can’t seem to set aside expectations and feelings of disappointment and frustration with this relationship in order to sustain it.

ANSWER: First of all, you can not continue to artificially sustain an unhealthy relationship. However, if you BOTH feel ~ from the depths of your hearts ~ that this relationship can be healed, then I would do everything possible to infuse it with a higher vibration, and transform it into a loving relationship where the entire family would benefit.

Here are a few questions to ask your self to help you make your decision.

1. Is this relationship a healthy, positive, respectful, loving, nurturing relationship I want my kids to witness as an example for "relationships" in their life when they get older? If not, can WE heal it or should it be released so all involved can attain their highest and best good.

2. Do I truly, truly love this person or is my love based on "attachment and fear" of what would happen if I let it go? Am I afraid of stepping out of my comfort zone, even though it does not serve me?

3. Is this relationship helping our souls EVOLVE out of ingrained behavioral patterns or are we REVOLVING with the same issues unable to grow from our current state of consciousness into a higher state of consciousness.

4. Does this relationship provide a safe ENERGY environment for us to raise our kids in. Home environments with a lot of negative, toxic psychic energy from fights, negative emotions, harmful behavioral patterns and negative thoughts attract "LIKE" energies and these energies contaminate our homes and our children's energy fields. Are we providing a safe, sacred space for our children to grow and evolve in?

5. Am I treating myself the way I want my partner to treat me? Do I respect, love and honor myself? Do I know of my worthiness.....if not, my lack of self love and inability to set loving boundaries with other people ~ in addition to, my allowance of their behavior will only continue to manifest more of the same. What changes do I need to make internally so my outer reflection reflects back to me what I truly desire?

6. What do I want? Will this relationship provide me with my heart felt soul's desire?

7. Does this relationship add to my "LIGHT" or deplete it?

These are tough questions, and they will require great effort on your part to answer them honestly. If you decide to remain in this relationship please understand BOTH of you will need to put forth a heightened level of energy, and be consciously aware of your behavioral patterns in order to make the changes necessary to transform this relationship. If you feel this relationship does not serve you ~ then set your self FREE. You have free will to choose what is for your highest and best good. You will open up doors for new relationships to come in where you can continue to learn lessons about acceptance and unconditional love in a more LOVING way.

~ Sabrina

ART BY: Vladimir Kush

Sunday, March 10, 2013


“Those Who Know They Are Asleep Are Actually Already Half Awake.”

The problem we have on this planet is most people are not even aware they are living their lives in a state of amnesia. Humanity, in general, has forgotten who they are. We have bought into the heavily distorted belief that we are physical beings with one life, separated from each other, and the Creator Of All That Is. We see everything as SEPARATE. We have forgotten our connection to Source, and we have forgotten our interconnectedness to the whole of creation forgetting that every decision we make directly affects the whole. 

Many of us say God is LOVE, but our "BELIEFS" reflect duality....a WAR within our own being which creates fear, fragmentation and separation consciousness. Truth be told, we fear God! If we fear God... we fear the SELF, and we also fear everyone else. IT IS OUR FEAR AND SEPARATION CONSCIOUSNESS THAT CREATES ALL PAIN AND SUFFERING ON THIS PLANET. Fear is of the dark side, and it has led to our lower state of consciousness, and distorted beliefs we have created and continue to sustain on Earth. Look at the state of our world ~ it is lacking LOVE, Unity, Connection, Compassion and Understanding. We simply can not change the state of our planet, or our own life, until we change our belief systems and state of consciousness. And that is the problem.....our belief systems are so deeply ingrained in us ~ through the controlling dark forces of fear ~ many beings will find it difficult to pull themselves out of their limiting states of consciousness that keep them enslaved to a life of karmic repercussions, pain, illness, chaos and confusion. BE AWARE! These beings will also make it incredibly difficult for you to break free. Out of their own lack of awareness of who they are, and through their own fear, they will try to control and manipulate you to stay within "their" low vibrational, distorted state of consciousness as well. They will use FEAR to hold you back! They will tell you ~ "you" are not honoring "their" belief systems which are based on fear, conditional love, control, judgment, suffering, limitation and the illusions of their very own shadow and ego consciousness. These people are not living in reality....they are living in a false world they have created based on their distorted belief systems. Remember, the majority of humanity is not awake. They are living in a state of egoic amnesia bound by extreme levels of fear....and they are very fearful of evolving! People fear change ~ they like to remain within a zone of comfort, and if you start evolving and stepping into "your" truth ~ this will make them very uncomfortable and they will become defensive and perhaps even attack, belittle and shame you for thinking differently than them.

When you begin the journey back to truth ~ YOU WILL BE TESTED! The entire system, here on Earth, has been set up to keep you from attaining your truth so you can step into your empowerment. If you remember who you are, and step into your empowerment then you can not be controlled. It will take great courage for you to rise up from the muddy, murky waters of the mass consciousness so you can blossom and expand into greater awareness attaining more light. Each one of us are submerged in the fertile learning lessons of the Earth. We are like lotus blossoms submerged within heavy mud ~ with the potential to rise and blossom towards the LIGHT so we can reveal our beauty. This is our divine mission ~ to re-member our selves so we can return to our truth and step into greater states of LOVE within us, clearing away the blocks we have created so we can have a "direct experience of God" while in physical body. Many people believe they have to die in order to directly experience God....once again, this is a heavily distorted belief we have bought into which will become our truth.... even though it is based on illusion.

As we journey towards the LIGHT of greater awareness, layer upon layer of distorted beliefs will come up for us to review. It is normal to fall prey to doubts and uncertainty. Fear will arise so it can be released ~ we must move through it! Fear has a lot to teach us, IF we will not allow it to consume us. The spiritual journey is full of road blocks, pot holes, detours, twists and turns. We must be courageous and persistent with our evolution. We must have faith in the SELF and The Creator to usher us forward. The Creator is a highly CREATIVE being, and we too need to always be creating a new, better version of the SELF for change is the only constant in the Universe. We must always be asking ourselves ~ do we want a life based on conformity or do we want an authentic life? Many people will want us to conform to "their" opinions, beliefs and way of living. This is a fear based life where we give the power of our free will away to others to create our life for us. This goes against God's laws of diversity, and will only lead us into greater states of disconnection, pain and unhappiness because we are not using our creative powers in a way to create the life of our dreams. We will be compromising the integrity of our soul, and live the dreams of the "mass consciousness" which are based on fear and limitation.

The Ascension Of The Soul Requires Us To Examine Our Beliefs. Here Is A List Of Distorted Beliefs To Ponder:

1. Do you believe you are an eternal soul with many lives to evolve in, or do you only have "one" chance to attain the virtues of The Creator?

2. Do you believe YOU are responsible for your choices, which have karmic consequences or do you believe someone else has been crucified, and therefore has taken on ALL the poor choices of humanity so no one has to change their way of being or accept responsibility because Jesus has done all the work for us? Do you believe in karma or the law of cause and karma punishment or simply energetic balance. Who do you feel is responsible for the pain and suffering on this Earth?

3. Do you believe The Creator Is Unconditionally Loving? If so, there is no judgment, punishment or a need for any kind of sacrifice. The Creator is not complicated ~ the human ego is complictaed. The Creator is simple....The Creator is LOVE.

4. Do you believe you are all alone, abandoned ~ that The Creator sent you into this world with no spiritual help?

5. Do you believe in angels, spiritual guides, ascended masters?

6. Do you believe the word of God could possibly be contained within a human book? Perhaps the word of God, is the internal guidance system that flows through YOU from your soul....but you have blocked the truth from your soul because you bought into the distorted belief systems of this world, and what other people have told you. 

7. Do you believe you are ONE with the Creator or do you feel separated. Is God/ddess out there or within? Jesus, Buddha and all the great ones have told us the kingdom is within. How could we possibly be alive if the energy of The Creator was not flowing through our body?

8. Do you believe the Earth is alive, a living sentient being? Do you believe the air, water, clouds....even our thoughts, emotions and feelings are living beings?

9. Do you believe the Gifts Of The Holy Spirit are bad? If so, you will block your self from your divine inheritance. Have you actually taken the time to discern the Bible, and reviewed all the discrepancies in it? One section says "psychics" are evil,  but many other chapters talk about the Gifts Of The Spirt ~ visions, prophecy, discerning spirits, wisdom, healing etc....................... 1 Corinthians 12. "Do not quench the Spirit, do not despise prophecies"1 Corinthians 14:1. "Do not neglect the gift that is in you, which was given to you in prophecy when the council of elders laid their hands on you".... 1 Timothy  4:14.

10. Do you believe in other life forms, other dimensions, other planets? Do you believe merely what you see with your eyes? Do you believe the Earth is the only planet in the Universe where the Creator creates and sustains life? Do you believe Earth is separated from the whole, and does not affect other planets and universes?

11. Do you believe you are a physical being or a spiritual being? Perhaps you are an energetic, spiritual being having a temporary human experience. Perhaps your physical ailments are indications of spiritual/energetic imbalances? 

12. Do you believe you can only create harm to another being by physically harming them? What about harming them verbally, emotionally or mentally? What about your intense negative thoughts and negative words you project towards you believe this will not harm them? It will.... and your negative energy will come back ten fold to you as well!

13. Who do you feel is responsible for your life? YOU, or someone else? Are you a victim of circumstances or are you the creator of your life experience? Who is in the drivers seat? Have you given your power away? Are you the person your soul set out to be, or have you allowed the opinions, distorted beliefs and thoughts of others direct your life in a way "they" feel is appropriate for you. 

14. What is more important? The Love of SELF or the Love of others? For people can not give ~ what they do not have. If you do not love your self, you will not be able to truly give love to others. Likewise, people who do not love themselves will never be able to give you the love you deserve because they have not found it within themselves. The most important relationship you will ever have is the relationship with your self! If you have a loving, authentic, compassionate relationship with the SELF ~ you will have a direct relationship with your God Self because you are one and the same.

Review your current beliefs! Observe other people's beliefs, and what they try to project onto you. Do not accept people's teachings so aware that fear filled, dualistic beliefs will create war within our being. If we have war within, it will be reflected in our external environment. If we want peace on earth, we must first discover peace within, and that begins with staying focused on teachings that are based on LOVE, ONENESS and UNITY. Any teaching that uses control, chaos, confusion, judgment or fear is a teaching that is based on the consciousness of the ego, which is the part of us that "Edges God Out". Seek the teachings that teach you the "Kingdom Of God Is Within". ~Sabrina

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