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Saturday, August 27, 2011

How do you tell what is and what is not a soul lesson?

QUESTION: Is there a way to tell the difference between what is and is not a soul lesson?

HTRYV ANSWER: Honestly....everything is a soul lesson, regardless if it was contracted or not. How we respond to the negatives and positives in our lives is what will determine our evolution or devolution. Some of the most hurtful things that others have done to me, and some of the most hurtful things I have done to others were experiences I learned a lot of lessons from. The key is to look at what is going on (to become the witness) and address the deep feelings these events stir up within our being. When we allow our feelings and emotions to be powerful teachers, and we fully feel them so we can release them, we are then able to make a conscious decision about whether we want to continue on learning from that particular energy stream ~ revolving through it over and over ~ OR we can choose to change and transcend the need to learn from those kind of events again. Every negative and loving experience that occurs in our life is put there to help us understand greater levels of LOVE. For the lack of LOVE is a powerful, powerful teacher. It shows us what does not feel good, and through that experience we learn how to treat others and we also learn how to say NO ~ and how to love ourselves. Everything that ever happens to us serves is a lesson to learn from ~ and leads to our awakening ~ if we allow it to. ♥

One of the most powerful techniques we can apply when we fall into a negative learning situation, is to keep our attention focused on the SELF and NOT what the other person did or is suppose to be learning. Keep your attention on the inner path of salvation, not the outer path of illusion, discord, projection and blame. The power point is within YOU ~ what is going on within do you feel.....what are you this something you want to invest your energy in again or are you ready to move beyond it? Ask yourself questions. It is easy to see what others need to do or how hurtful THEY are, but it is difficult to keep our energy focused on ourself and what is occurring within our being. However, it is the inner path of soul alignment and spiritual alchemy where we take our darkness which is our negative feelings, beliefs, traumas, stored pain and karma (lead) and transmute it in to the light of our awareness which is soul knowledge, truth, personal experience and self love (gold).

The ego will take you on the outer path to darkness....the soul will take you on the inner path of illumination. You get to choose. ♥ Sabrina

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Seven Levels of Human Development We Must Purify Before Union With Our God Self: By Sabrina Reber

The return of Jesus the Christ is the return of our Christ Consciousness. The seven seals (chakras) represent our seven levels of human development we must purify before the trumpets are played and the seals are opened.

What Humans Need To Transcend Within Themselves:

Root: 1st Dimension: Overcoming Fear/Survival/Trust issues, Ability To Stay Grounded So We Can Provide For Ourselves, Able to CREATE, Non-reactive, Patient, Trust in Eternal Self.

Sacral: 2nd Dimension: Respect, Reverence and Sacredness of Sexual Energy...Learning How To Use It Appropriately, Balanced Emotions ~ Feeling Our Feelings Without Holding Onto Them, Denying Them Or Reacting In An Explosive Way, Harmonious.

Solar Plexus: 3rd Dimension: Balanced Power, Focused On Good Of All, 
Healthy, Releasing The Need To Control/ Healthy Ego/ Dominion Over Mental Mind, Releasing Power Struggles, Releasing Need To Dominate.

Heart Chakra: 4th Dimension: Love For Self, Love For Others, Love For God, Love For Earth, Compassion, Forgiveness, Sets Healthy Boundaries, BALANCE of "Giving and Receiving," Awareness That Everything Serves A Purpose, Non Judgmental, Acceptance, Grateful.

Throat Chakra: 5th Dimension: Integrity, Truthful, LOVING Communication, Uses Words Wisely, Authenticity, Ability To Listen, Honest.

Spiritual Eye Chakra: 5th Dimension: Ability To Be Discerning, Ability To See Clearly....Awareness Of Self Divinity and Divinity Within Others, Able to Access Truth, Intuitive, Sensitive, Expansive View.

Crown Chakra: Transcending Limitations And Addictions of the 3D World, Able To Be In This World But Not Bound By It, Divine Illumination, Wisdom Body Activated, Knowingness, Oneness with Spiritual And Physical Being, Moving Into Self Mastery and Integration of the Christ Consciousness.

The Feast of Trumpets (Lev. 23:24-25) pictures a time when Jesus Christ will return and gather the saints. The apostle Paul spoke of this as a time when the dead in Christ will be raised incorruptible and meet Jesus Christ in the air (1Cor. 15:51-52; 1Thes. 4:13-17).

The chakras are in the shape of trumpets. They are energy vortices that run along the spine and extend in front, as well as, behind the human being. The front of our body represents our future and the back represents our past. Many of us have clear front chakras, however, we have not purified and healed our past....this is where many of us need to focus our healing so we can clear them raising ourselves from the "dead" (lack of spiritual awareness and understanding of who we are) so we can merge with our "Living" Christ Self activating the Kingdom of God Within.

There are many symbolic terms associated with chakras.
The Seven Seals of God Consciousness
The Seven Trumpets
The Seven Holy Angels
The Seven Rewards
SEVEN Represents Spiritual Perfection

Meditation is the best way to clear the chakras and transcend our lower selves. ♥ Sabrina

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Monday, August 22, 2011

Why Do We Reincarnate? Is It Real?

QUESTION: Can you tell me why we reincarnate? In Indian mythology, it is said that u reincarnate every time until you have become pure with no sins to ur account. is it true?

ANSWER: This is an excellent question. Please take everything I say into your heart and see if it resonates with you. First of all, I have an aversion to the word "sin" ~ because of the belief systems that surround "sin". For many, sin implies judgment and I know for sure, because I have experienced the Creators unconditional love in meditation, that the Creator does NOT judge us. The Creator loves us unconditionally ~ no matter what we do.

So for me, I am going to use the term misqualified energy or karmic miasims, instead of sin ~ which is basically energy distortions within our energy field (off pitched vibrations) that we carry with us incarnation after incarnation until we transmute them through the balancing of our energy. All energy seeks balance, so if we have done something against Gods laws....we will need to do something positive to balance out the negative energetic imprints we have created. And for the most part, a lot of us at this time on Earth are getting our karma served to us on a silver plate because we can not take our energy distortions with us into the new earth. We are processing through an enormous amount of karma ~ in this specific lifetime.

As far as reincarnation, past lives etc.....I use these terms and I know they exist but our understanding of it is somewhat limited because we are using "words" to describe this type of phenomena in a time and space  atmosphere when really the soul is in a continuous cycle of experience in the multi dimensions all the time....we are eternal and vast and to be honest we can access our future and our past all at once because we really are NOT bound by the time and space constraints we believe ourselves to be in. Time as we perceive it really does not exist. Our past, present and future lives all exist in the energy of is all happening NOW....and honestly it is far to complicated for me to explain.

Having said that, reincarnation and past lives is the best way many of us have found to describe the soul experience of life and death....which actually life and death are one and the same energy. I feel when we "supposedly die" ~ we actually step into our truth and are more ALIVE than when we are in a physical body due to our perceived human belief system that we are separated from Source, each other and the entire Universe.

So yes, in a way, the Indian belief system is somewhat accurate ~ in that we do reach a point where our energy is pure enough and our karma or energetic distortions are balanced enough to where we no longer need to take on a physical body anymore to clear our karma and learn our lessons. We will become an ascended master and work from the euphoric ascended realms guiding and assisting other souls move into their enlightenment as well. Even beings that have moved beyond the need to take on a physical body still evolve and still learn lessons through their "service" work....not charity work, but service work. Everyone, no matter how evolved they are, continue to create and assist within the multidimensional and very vast realms of creation....creation never stops ~ it is an ongoing, exciting, fun process. How boring it would be to hang out in "heaven" all the time.... floating on a cloud.

However, I think it would be wise for each of us to understand that there is more to the concept of reincarnation and past lives. As we evolve in consciousness and expand our being we will be able to understand greater and greater truths. The higher our vibration, the more truth we are able to tap into. However, we must always keep in mind, that we are limited by the vibration of the planet ~ meaning we can only access a certain level of vibration here on Earth. The real TRUTH is so high vibrational our earthly physical bodies would not be able to sustain that amount of light/truth; we would literally blow up.

So yes, for now our consciousness is able to understand reincarnation and past lives......the Indian concept is the closest to truth that we are currently able to understand, but lets stay open to new and more powerful truths as we evolve. I think the important thing for each of us to do is stay focused in the NOW....whatever issues and problems we are having now are what we are here to transform and transmute within our being. Stay focused on being the best you can be in the NOW. May we all be blessed as we go through this process.

Love, Sabrina

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Dr. Judy Satori's Eating Plan to Assist With The Ascension Into The 5th Dimension

As the human body ascends, our nervous system is being re-calibrated and upgraded. During this process it will be very important for us to eat enough foods that manufacture neuro transmitters, which are amino acids (proteins) to our entire nervous system. If we are depleted in amino acids our neuro transmitters may malfunction and the result will be a depressed mood, problems with our thinking and physical problems such as high blood pressure, appetite irregularities, erratic body temperature, sleep disturbances etc... ~ Judy Satori

Judy states that we can really influence the state of our nervous system through our diet ~ it is very important to get an adequate amount of protein.....particularly PLANT BASED protein however, fish and organic, humanely raised poultry are also acceptable.

This is Dr. Judy Satori's 5D eating plan. She recommends eating a daily diet incorporating foods from each one of the amino acid groups.

Amino Acids - Foods High in specific Amino Acids

Meat, poultry, fish, eggs, dairy, avocado, chicken, salmon

Peanuts, almonds, sunflower seeds,walnuts, lentils (raw), flax seed, beans, soy beans (green, raw), tofu - extra firm, raw garlic, egg yolk, chicken, fish

Asparagus, poultry, eggs

Aspartic Acid
Asparagine, arginine, lysine, methionie, threonine, isoleucine, & several nucleoticles
Low levels chronic fatigue & decreased cellular energy.

Soy beans - raw, peanuts - raw, lentils - raw, almonds, chickpeas, flax seed, salmon, egg yolk

Poultry, yoghurt, egg yolks, red peppers, garlic, onions, brussel sprouts, oats, wheat germ
Synthesises Gluthionine - important for eyes & liver to detoxify free radicals. The ultimate antidote for lead, metal and cadmium poisoning. 

Cystine needs methionine to synthesize it into glutathionine.  Needs to be bioactive and undernatured or it will not work.

Poultry yoghurt,cottage cheese, raw spinach, raw parsley, cabbage, fish, dairy
One of three amino acids involved in gluthionive synthesis - the others are cycteine & glycine. Intracellular antioxident & liver detoxifier.  Glutomic Acid is an important neurotransmitter.
* but depleted under stress
Fish, beans, dairy
Manufactured in body from serine and threonine.  Required for synthesis of nucleic acids.  Helps with absorption of calcium.
Dairy, meat, poultry, fish, rice, rye
For growth and repair of tissue - maintenance of myelin nerve sheaths. Lengthens orgasms.

Egg white, wheat germ, ostrich meat, red & blue berries, lean ground beef
Needs Vitamin C - For Collagen Synthesis.

Egg white - dried powder, seaweed dried, spirulina, parmesan cheese, non fat dried milk, lentils, sunflower seeds, chicken, almonds
For hemoglobin synthesis for muscle building.

Soy beans, lentils, fish
Needed for protein synthesis - skeletal muscles.

Poultry, parmesan cheese, cod, sardines, eggs, soy beans, tofu, spirulina, beans, lentils
Converts fatty acids into energy, helps maintain blood cholesterol. Formation of collagen Helps body absorb and conserve calcium

Sesame seeds, soy, protein, brazil nuts, wheat germ, fish
Needed to synthesise cysteine, carnitine, taurine, leelthin, choline, phospholipids.  Improper conversion of methoionine can lead to atherosclersis.
AUG encoded by single codex in DNA
Cottage cheese, fish, sesame seeds, lentils, avocados, almonds, peanuts
Converts to tyrosine in the body.  No repinephrine, neurotransmitter - dopamine.

Gelatin, shredded parmesan, non fat dried milk
Collagen synthesis.

Dried egg white powder, seaweed, spirulina, sesame seed
Stimulation the synthesis of glucose (blood sugar) in the liver.  Foods high in serine stabilize blood sugar.

Dried egg white, seaweed, spirulina, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds
Supports cardiovascular, liver, CNZ, immune functions, builds strong tooth enamel, muscles, collagen.  Helps stimulate thymus gland.

Fresh and dried cherries
Not Melatonin.  Effects on synthesis - release of serotonin important for sleep and mood.

Raw flax seed, pineapple, kelp, sunflower seeds, tofu, turkey, almonds, banana, baked potatoes, spinach, lentils, peanuts, soy beans, figs
Important for neurotransmitter production.  Dopamine - also important to sex drive.

Egg white, parmesan shredded, spirulina, peanuts, vegetables


Bold - essential to the body                              * Can be manufactured by the body