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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Recoding To 12 Strand DNA Sequence And Entering Into The Photon Belt

Recoding To 12 Strand DNA Sequence And Entering Into The Photon Belt

Posted by Trey Abernethy 

Medical science has established that we have 2 strands of DNA and 10 strands of 'junk' DNA, but they have not understood the purpose of that 'junk'” DNA. Recent information has revealed its higher purpose; supporting a multidimensional consciousness, our natural state. Realigning, reconnecting and activating our 10 strands of junk DNA (aka the DNA Recoding or RRA Process) is the process by which we attain that state. When we are multidimensional, our physic abilities are reawakened and we have developed a second neural network at the etheric level. This second neural network is what allows us to live in multiple dimensions at once. We can hear, see and communicate with others in these dimensions.

There are 9 levels in the DNA Recoding process and each required emotional clearing at the level that activates the thymus to change the coding sequence of our DNA. Recoding in this instance means switching on the 44 DNA codes that were previously switched off. You could liken it to remodeling your body at the cellular level while still living in it.

The DNA Recoding process works at the etheric—some call it the light body—level. At this level your 10 strands of junk DNA along with your 2 connected strands are realigned above your crown. Because DNA is holographic, it can be simultaneously realigned, reconnected and activated. This means that your 10 junk DNA strands are simultaneously realigned at the top of your head (crown), reconnected into your 12 Crown Chakra crystals and reactivated so that life force energy flows through them again.

Once your 12 DNA strands are plugged back into your 12 Crown Chakra Crystals, your Genetics Engineer’s and Recoding Guide’s jobs are nearly complete. They will continue to watch over you and monitor your 12 -strand reconnection until you reach the frequency needed to fully activate the reconnection. The Activation of the 12 strands happens in 3 steps:

1. Activation of the Crown Chakra Crystals. You will feel this as an itching at your Crown Chakra. Not the same as a dandruff itch.

2. Activation of the MerKaBa antenna. The MerKaBa antenna is used to receive messages from other dimensions.

3. Activation of the Hypothalamus. This is the Universal Translator and translates all messages into your chosen language. Messages are received as frequency thought-forms. Many are complete with emotions, pictures and language. Some have only one or two of these. The Hypothalamus also provides you with the identity of the sender. You will learn to identify the senders after receiving for a while. Once the hypothalamus is activated the RRA process is complete and your DNA chart is also completed. Proof is visual (aura photos), emotional (not holding negative emotions in the body), and physical (feeling more in control of your power and hearing messages daily).

crop circle dna upgrade strandBecause so many people will be requesting DNA Recoding, it has been designed as a self-actuated process. You’ll receive off-world assistance from a Genetics Engineer. These are normally beings from Sirius A. You will also be given a DNA Recoding Guide to see you through the process. Earth-based free assistance is provided via the Nibiruan Council Forum as Yahoo Groups. It’s a very active group where recoders go to get help in moving through the process.

Our entire solar system and the Milky Way Galaxy, has now entered a highly charged portion of space. We are immersed within the Photon Belt (Menasic Radiation), a period of intense light we first entered in the late 1990s and in which we will remain for a 2,000 year period. During this remarkable time the energies from the Photon Belt are triggering a complete reordering of life as we know it. This occurs because photon light energy has the capacity to lift all of life into a higher frequency dimension as it carries the seeds for the enlightenment of all. The atomic structures within the cells of our bodies are slowly re-tuning themselves to match these rising frequencies. We are shifting from a third dimensional carbon based body (from one that matches the atomic frequency and spin of carbon) to a fifth or higher dimensional crystalline body or light body (to one that matches the atomic frequency and spin of crystal). So too the bodies of animals, plant life and all upon and within the earth are making this transition, as is our entire galaxy.

12 DNA strandsAs the process of rebuilding our light bodies continues we will slowly begin to notice the effects of becoming fully conscious or multi-dimensional. This state will come about when our 12 strands of DNA have finally been re-fused, reconnected and activated. We will then experience life within the consciousness of multi- dimensionality. In this level of consciousness we could live in the third dimension while retaining our connection and relationships with beings in the higher realms. We will no longer be cut off from other dimensions as we presently are and we will operate from a state of heart centred compassion, (Christ consciousness). This will happen regardless of which dimension we find ourselves inhabiting. Eventually we will learn how to live successfully in a galactic society and ultimately in a universal society. At the present time most humans have two active strands of DNA, represented by an intertwined double helix. Some persons have developed and integrated three or more strands and a large number of new babies presently being born (the crystal children) have many strands of active DNA. A simple blood test can verify this fact.

Each of the 12 DNA strands represents one of the twelve aspects of multi-dimensional consciousness. Three DNA strands represent and govern the physical body, another three are concerned with the emotional body, another three with the mental body and the remaining three with the spiritual body. All these aspects are represented in our bodies as new neural pathways to the brain. They are connected and nourished through the endocrine system of ductless glands. These glands work in tandem with the energy vortexes within our bodies known as the chakra system. When all neural pathways are working freely with our chakra system they will provide the conduit to the higher realms, resulting in our experience of multi-dimensional consciousness.
photon belt energy
The Chakra System

We live in a universe propelled by the laws of electricity and magnetism and all third dimensional life forms within it reflect this. Our stars and planets (geo-magnetic life forms) all have a north pole and a south pole with magnetic lines of force flowing between them. Our human bodies (bio-magnetic life forms) also conform to this bi-polar magnetic field, with the top of our head reflecting our north pole and the soles of our feet, our south pole. In a third dimensional representation, these lines of force moving between our head and feet completely encompass the body within an etheric structure known as a tube torus. Imagine this donut shaped energetic field extending fully around your body. It is called your aura. Have you noticed that when meeting another person for the first time you may be instinctively drawn to them? This could be evidence that both of your auras are vibrating in sympathetic resonance. The same would be true when the presence of another feels uncomfortable. Perhaps the electro-magnetic energies in your auras are repelling each other. At the center of each bi-polar magnetic field is a magnetic core running from north to south. In the case of a simple bar magnet it is a magnetized piece of metal. In the case of the bio-magnetic human body it is a channel, only observable in subtle matter, called the pranic tube. Within this core the life force is carried to sustain each individual creation during its existence.

Every spiritual tradition identifies and acknowledges the life force, that great field of potential that gives rise to and then sustains each and all in existence from moment to moment. In Chinese spiritual teachings the life force is called qi or chi, (e.g. Tai Chi, increasing the life force) while the Japanese and Koreans call it ki, (Reiki, healing with the life force). In the Indian and Tibetan traditions it is identified as prana. The Christian tradition names the life force, sanctifying grace or grace. Practitioners of new age spirituality refer to this field as the light or the white light, and to the physicist, it’s known as the sub-atomic or quantum field. At this time the life force is also being intensified and expanded by the Photon Belt. As you move among numbers of people going about their business in any large city, you can notice and identify many of those who are suffering from a diminished access to the life force. It shows in their state of health, their sense of openness and self confidence and even the way they relate to others and carry themselves. We must all access the life force fully and completely to maximize its benefits to our daily existence. Our chakra system is the vehicle that has been beautifully designed to fulfill this function.
dna activation
Chakra, is a Sanskrit word that translates as “a spinning disc” or “a wheel.” It is one of many human names for what is perceived to be a bio-physical connection to our soul or spirit. These energy connections or chakras exist in that the soul or spirit is immersed in the physical body and mingles throughout. At present we each have seven of these energy connections that are woven into our body’s meridian centers with some lying along the spine. These centers are similar in function to the junction box found in the electrical system of a home or office. Our physical body is also controlled through a vastly complicated neuro-electrical circuitry, with a number of special locations where these circuits converge. Each of these locations is monitored through a special mini neuro-computer connected through the central nervous system to the brain. It is these specific locations that are called chakras and each fulfills several functions. As well there are certain endocrine glands associated with the functioning of each chakra. And since the vibratory field of light also activates color and tone, each of the chakra centers produces its own specific color and sound.

RED, (endocrine gland: the adrenals) the root chakra, links us to the physical world and serves as the foundation to build and evolve our personality. This is the chakra of acceptance, allowing us to feel grounded, stable and secure. When it functions fully we feel present in the here and now and connected to the physical body.

ORANGE, (the gonads: ovaries/testes) the pro-creative or sacral chakra is the center for sexual energy and creativity, balancing the free giving and receiving of feelings and emotions in all your relationships.

YELLOW, (spleen) the solar plexus chakra is where our honor, integrity and power originates. It is the essence of who you are. When it is open we are in control and hold sufficient self esteem.

GREEN (thymus) the heart chakra is the center of the system. Known also as the great transformer it generates the ability to love freely without fear or self consciousness. When it functions fully one is compassionate, friendly and able to work harmoniously within all relationships.

LIGHT BLUE (thyroid) the throat chakra is where feelings and emotions are transformed into expressions. This chakra centre helps you find the balance between silence and speech and assists you to say what you honestly feel. When it is open there are no problems with expressing yourself verbally or artistically.

INDIGO (pineal) the “Third eye” between the eyebrows above the nose, connects you to your spiritual being and invites intuition and awareness into your daily life. This center allows us to experience our sixth sense of intuitive knowing and to fantasize.

VIOLET (pituitary) the crown chakra connects you to your total being with the awareness that you, the universe and the Great Creator are all one. When it functions freely we are unprejudiced and aware of the world, ourselves and other dimensions.

The DNA Strands and Endocrine Glands
Each of the following twelve DNA strands represents one of the twelve aspects of multi- dimensional consciousness.
Strand 1: Courage to move ahead and integrate our fears
Strand 2: Ability to focus on something and follow it to completion
Strand 3: Maintaining gender balance between male /female power
Strand 4: Balance between our energy field and the physical body
Strand 5: Living peacefully in a state of acceptance
Strand 6: Strength to stand in one’s truth regardless of the outcome
Strand 7: Ability to accept both our dark and light sides
Strand 8: Ability to hold personal boundaries regardless of outcomes
Strand 9: Ability to accept and live within a diverse community
Strand 10: Ability to tune into and listen to one’s soul or higher self
Strand 11: Power to envision, create and manifest these visions in 3D
Strand 12: Ability to be accepting, kind and appreciate the value in all things

The Pineal Gland and DNA activationThe Endocrine Glands
Hypothalamus – I translate what I believe
Pineal – I see or envision what I receive
Pituitary – I hear what I receive
Thyroid – I speak what I receive
Thymus – I clear and transmute what I receive
Heart – I feel what I receive
Gonads - I create and manifest what I receive
Adrenals – I hold true to what I receive

And so in the recoding process each strand must be individually reconnected to each gland and then activated. This provides the DNA upgrade needed to sustain full consciousness and communication with the higher realms. These aspects are represented in physicality as new neural pathways to the brain and when the connection is completed our multi-dimensional consciousness will be fully felt and accessed. The light from the Photon Belt entering through our pituitary and pineal glands is primarily driving this recoding process. Also we are being reconnected very slowly otherwise our physical bodies and our nervous systems could ‘burn out’ and we would not survive intact. We can actively co-operate in this process by trying to reach some understanding about what is happening to us. Our ability to interact with and absorb the new frequencies of light into our physical bodies, will determine how we progress in this next step of our physical and spiritual evolution. And by carefully observing our belief systems and our actions, while using emotion and will as the fuel to advance spiritually, we will change and clear many undesirable old thought forms and patterns that no longer serve us.

Be wary of those who offer techniques to hasten or unduly advance your DNA recoding – particularly if these carry a large price tag. Many higher beings, angelic guides and masters are actively involved with us at this time. They are assisting each of us in this recoding process to ‘stay over our feet’ and not try to rush ahead. Nor is this procedure hastened by anything that we can read in a book or buy in a bottle. It is occurring in exactly the right time frame regardless of how we might try to interfere. This scenario is immense and includes our entire Milky Way Galaxy. It is happening in response to the Divine Plan for our universe, initiated by the Creator of All That Is. So relax and go with the flow, allowing all of it to manifest in its own good time. Enjoy the ride. The final results will be awesome and will usher all of us into a multi-dimensional experience of living with compassion in Heaven on Earth.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Staying In Alignment With Loving Energies So We Don't Feed The Fearful Energies: By Sabrina Reber

There are external and internal energies that can greatly affect us....but only if we allow them to! These energies have a very dim sputter of light left in their being ~ so in order to survive they need to stir up trouble and chaos within us so they can feed off of OUR LIGHT. Oftentimes, these energies are attached to other people who constantly give them the fuel they need to survive ~ and they
 will work through these people creating arguments, misunderstandings and negative situations so they can get their fix. Most of the time, painful arguments are not even between the people, but are between the negative energies that are attached to them.

As we continue to raise our vibrations we gain more LIGHT, so we need to be very conscious of the shadow forces working within us, and within other people. We have to learn to take responsibility for our energy, and the vibration we are emitting. In order to release our shadowy aspects we must first acknowledge they are working within us! If we don't acknowledge them ~ if we keep ourselves blinded ~ how can we possibly transform/heal our energy?

These shadowy energies love to knock us out of alignment. They feed off of the energy of fear. Fear is any kind of lower state of consciousness such as judgment, blame, criticism, anger, rage, control, greed, competition, duality, domination, lies etc. Basically anything that is not LOVE, JOY, PEACE, FORGIVENESS, ONENESS and COMPASSION is a lower vibrating fear based energy that we need to heal within our being so we do not release an "energy perfume" into the astral realms where these energies reside.

We always have a choice! Which energies are we going to magnetize to us and feed? The one's that uplift us, and make us feel good or the ones that create chaos, drama and pain? ~ Sabrina

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Spiritual Tools For Spiritual Protection And Spiritual Hygiene: By Sabrina Reber

QUESTION: I feel so sensitive to the energy of other people how do I protect myself from negative energy without locking myself in the house?

ANSWER: This is a very common issue right now with many people. As we get closer to Spirit, we get very sensitive! We begin to FEEL energy. What once was hidden, comes to the surface.....we begin to tap into truth. And the truth is that our energy and other people's energy does effect us. We are ONE ~ our energies are constantly interacting with each other, regardless if we are in the same room together or not. Time and space are an illusion! I am sure you have noticed you can feel other people's energy through their "words" on Facebook, and also when you are talking to someone on the phone. Our physical bodies may not be directly in front of each other, but our energy is! So you really can't lock your self in the house to escape other people's energy.

Energy awareness and energy hygiene are very important! That is why it is so important to use your discernment with everything you do. Make sure you are submersing yourself in a life affirming energy environment ~ and you can do this by keeping your activities, conversations, relationships, thoughts and energy positive and loving. Even with difficult relationships (contracted karmic family relationships) ~ we need to set boundaries, and let them know we are only interested in expressing love. Anytime our relationship energies start to head in the wrong direction ~ we need to be conscious and lovingly dismiss ourselves before an energetic entanglement occurs.

In addition, spiritual hygiene and the proper use of our energy fields are imperative to our well being. Our aura is our PROTECTION so if we get in an argument with someone ~ and we are upset ~ it is highly likely our energy field will expand so rapidly that we will get tears and holes in it. In addition, excessive drinking and drugs also greatly effect our shield of protection, as well as, a very poor diet. We need to keep our aura STRONG, our thoughts in alignment with our highest good and also we need to pray and meditate so we can incorporate more LIGHT into our being. LIKE energy attracts LIKE make sure your thoughts are constructive not destructive, and also be careful of your FEARS. Whatever we fear will be magnetized to us.

Here are a few other tips to help you maintain your energy. You do not have to do them all, please pick and choose what you feel you need to do for your specific need at the moment, and these needs will change. The more you practice these, the easier it will be. Eventually, these little exercise will only take a few moments of your time but you will need to master them through SPIRITUAL PRACTICE....practice, practice, practice!

1. Everyday Ground Your self and put up a shield of protection, here is an exercise: Grounding Shield

2. Here is another mantra and visualization you can state to strengthen your energy fields, and put up a shield of protective light. I state this many times a day: CHRIST MANTRA

3. Energy Zip Up and Energy Break: Zip Up and Energy Break

4. Cutting Cords! Energetic Cords you have created with old relationships or new ones may be affecting you. Cutting cords will not harm you or the other person. New healthy cords will be created, and when they turn negative cut them so you can recreate new ones: CUT CORDS

5. Use the Violet Flame to help you transmute and purify any negative energy you may have created or that has been projected onto you: VIOLET FLAME

6. Ho'oponopono Forgiveness Technique: FORGIVENESS TECHNIQUE

7. MEDITATION! Meditation is very important! It incorporates more light into your being and heals the negative distortions that are already in your chakras that magnetize negative experiences to you. The Bringing In The Light Meditation is simple and highly effective. 10 minutes a day is all you need: MEDITATION

8. Two mantras I state everyday:

"Only those energies of the highest light vibrations may interact with my being. If there are any lower vibrational energies that I have created, that are attracted to my Light or that have been projected on to me by others ~ I command for them to leave my space now and to go to God's Light for purification." 

"Creator Of All That Is, It is commanded for all energy that is not mine to be removed from my being sent to your light for purification, and returned to where it belongs. It is commanded for all energy I may have left somewhere else to be sent to your light, purified and returned to me for my highest and best good." It is also commanded for a shield of protective violet light to be placed around me while I sleep. Absolutely no one ~ except those beings of the highest light vibration who have been sent by God/dess ~ may interact with my being at night while I sleep." Thank you.

For more information on tips, tools, meditations and ascension information purchase the Raise Your Vibration Book. PURCHASE THE BOOK

9. Take a salt bath at the end of your day or you can make a salt paste and apply it to the chakras, leave on for 5 minutes and then rinse off. The salt will draw out dense energies and help bring balance to the energy field. 

Violet Flame To Transmute Negativity: By Sabrina Reber

One of my favorite ways to transmute any kind of negativity within my being is to invoke St. Germain's Violet Flame. Whether it be negative thoughts, feelings, emotions, painful memories, records from past lives, negative cords, projected energy from others, unforgiveness, illness or karma ~ the violet flame is a magical elixir. The more you do it, the stronger and quicker it works.

The violet fl
ame changes negative energy into positive energy, which makes it an effective tool for healing. According to St. Germain, "The use of the violet consuming flame is more valuable to you and to all mankind than all the wealth, all the gold and all the jewels of this planet."

The violet flame is easy to use. It only requires prayer, invocation and visualization. It can be accomplished anywhere. My favorite times to do violet flames are when I am exercising, taking walks, doing the dishes or taking a bath. I usually start with myself first and then I finish with violet flames for the Earth and all beings.

First state a prayer: (Any prayer will do, state what you want)
I call in the Creator of All That Is to please be present with me as I invoke the violet flames of transmutation to heal all negativity, discord, karma, illness and imbalance within my being. Creator, please surround me with my highest guides, angels and beings of the highest Christ Light to assist me with my healing. Creator please send to me St. Germain and his mighty violet flame to transmute all lower vibrational energy into a higher vibrational energy. Thank you, it is done, it is done, it is done."

Visualize: St. Germain standing in front of you. Witness him igniting the violet flame below your feet all the way up and around your entire being. You are completely immersed in the all consuming fire of the violet flame.

Mantra: State for at least 5 minutes and up to 15. "I Am a Being of the Violet Fire, I AM the Purity God Desires".

With the power of your intention, words and the power of visualization you will be creating rapid changes within your being. This is a very, very powerful tool you will want to use everyday to help you with your ascension process. Namaste ~ Sabrina

Mantra To Strengthen Your Energy Fields For Protection: By Sabrina Reber

Mantra to Strengthen Your Energy Fields: 
Visualize the Light as You State the Mantra

The White Christ Light Shields and Protects me
The White Christ Light Shields and Protects me

The White Christ Light Shields and Protects me

Only Good May Come To Me, Only Good May Come From Me
Only Good May Come To Me, Only Good May Come From Me
Only Good May Come To Me, Only Good May Come From Me

State and visualize this everyday. The more you state this, the stronger the THOUGHT FORM will become. Whenever you run into any negative feelings or difficulties begin to chant and visualize this mantra, and you will neutralize the negativity. This is also a wonderful mantra to use when your thought forms are gives the mind something to think about that will distract you from energizing the negative thoughts that you have created or that have been projected onto you by someone else. ~ Sabrina Reber

Earth Is A Parasitic Environment ~ Watch Your Thoughts! By Sabrina Reber

We live in the world of energy, and it is our thought energy or state of consciousness that attracts LIKE energy to us. 

If we are angry, we attract the "energy form" of anger to us, and this energy form of anger will feed off of our lower vibrating energy ~ and it will also help us create more anger so it can get fed.

All states of consciousness have "energy forms" that are attracted to the "en
ergy perfume" our energy fields emit.

Worry, Stress, Anxiety, Fear, Addiction, Paranoia, Depression, Greed, Domination, Control, Anger, Self Doubt, Irritation, Judgment, Hate and Powerlessness

Love, Joy, Peace, Oneness, Acceptance, Faith, Happiness, Compassion and Serenity

Whatever we are emitting ~ we are attracting!

We have the free will choice and the power to fully FEEL whatever comes up for us so we can release it....OR we can hold onto the energy and create an "energy form" that will feed off of the perfume our energy emits. These energy forms once attached, drain our energy, distort our thinking and way of being causing us to create MORE of the very same energy so they can get fed. It is a vicious cycle.

If we get angry....feel it! State I am angry because ________.
FEEL IT, and then consciously decide to let it go. Learn the lesson the anger is trying to teach you. Then find something to do that makes you feel JOY. Do not give the energy forms something to feed off of....and also do not store the feeling or it will continue to emit an energy scent or signature. Just let it go.....if you are still thinking about it ~ you have not let it go. LEARN THE LESSON! Perhaps you said yes to something you should have said NO to ~ set appropriate boundaries!

As long as we are conscious about our daily states of consciousness ~ and we are willing to FEEL what arises, and learn the lesson from the experience we will not hold onto our lower states of consciousness and the "energy forms" will not be able to feed off our energy. The key is to LEARN from our experiences, and not repeat them over and over again. We will be tested ~ keep in mind that Earth is a parasitic environment.

Everyday, be aware of your SELF and your environment. Choose relationships, activities and thoughts that are supportive of your higher states of consciousness.....anything that creates anger, fear or any of the lower states of consciousness within your being are not conducive to your well being. Even so called educational, religious and sometimes spiritual teachings can be detrimental to your higher states of consciousness.....use your discernment! ~ Sabrina

The "Raise Your Vibration" book will help you maintain higher states of consciousness, and help you stay in alignment with your higher truth. PURCHASE BOOK

Art By: Alex Grey "DESPAIR"

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Experiencing Doubt On The Ascension Journey By : Sabrina Reber

STATEMENT: No matter how much I try and try all I keep getting is pain, illness, negative thoughts like what if all of this is FAKE! Then I try and try again and feel wonderful for a couple of days then into darkness again. Today is especia
lly hard for me. It started about 3 am and I just can't shake it off and make it go away. I'm afraid I'm going to miss the whole thing this December.

RESPONSE: No way! If you resonate with any messages about ascension, then you are ascending! Your uncertainty, fear and doubt is just your ego acting up as it continues to get dissolved more and more into the light of your higher self. When this happens, it does not feel so great because you are processing through all your distortions as they rise to the surface.

We all go through a period of extreme uncertainty and doubt about our ascension process, but your heart (soul), higher self and your ascension teams will keep you on track. Look for the signs and confirmations along the way....the little syncronicities they will provide for you, and don't let your human mind dismiss them.

Also, 2012 is not the end all be is simply the time when the planet will begin to spin within a new frequency. Right now, we are dropping density at an alarming rate so our systems can handle the upgrade in vibration! The healing crisis many are experiencing is actually a blessing, and is a sign of your rapidly ascending we are taking our bodies with us.

After the Earth begins to spin within a new torque and all the portals and chakras on the Earth are functioning in their full will take time for the new light filled "Christed" crystalline energies to be "fully integrated" into our being. We are in the thick of our muck right now, but in 2013 things are expected to get a little easier for us, because we will be operating with greater awareness and spiritual faculties....many of us will be accessing the truth of our multi-dimensionality ~ which will help us establish greater strength and faith to continue with the healing and transformation of the entire planet.

YOU are a transformer ~ LOVE your self through this.

~ Sabrina

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Energy And Spirituality Of Your Job And Money: By Sabrina Reber

Check your beliefs about money! If you feel money is bad, and we should not use money as a form of energy exchange ~ then you will block money from coming into your life. 

Money has been part of the program for Earth for a very long time, and it will not be going away anytime soon. Yes, I do believe we will eventually do away with money ~ as we know it ~ however, there will always be some form of
"energy exchange". That is the way the universe works! Everything is energy, and nothing is for FREE ~ as it requires energy to create everything so anything you get that you perceive as FREE, actually required someone a lot of time and energy to create.....consider it as a gift of "their" energy ~ and be grateful!

In addition, all jobs are spiritual. EVERY job serves the evolution of this planet. Depending on where the focus of your vibration is ~ will determine the level of spiritual energy you are able to infuse into your job position. If you are a waiter in a restaurant ~ you have just as much spiritual potential to affect the people you interact with as a spiritual teacher or author. Approach your job with gratitude and a positive vibration, and INSPIRE those around you to do the same. If you exude dread, irritation, stress and unhappiness at your job ~ you need to get a new job! Find something that is more aligned with your soul ~ you have been given the power, and the free will choice to make decisions for your self that are for your highest good. What is good for YOU ~ is good for everyone else.

Regardless of where you choose to work ~ every job that requires your energy, time and physical efforts DESERVES to be energetically balanced by "payment through money." Money is a form of energy ~ Everything Is Energy ~ it is time to stop separating energy, and view everything as ONE..... seek balance not imbalance!

If you work and earn money or use money in any way ~ then it is inappropriate and disrespectful to tell someone else who works for their money that they don't deserve to get paid. This happens in the spiritual community all the time. People who have distorted beliefs, have taken poverty vows in another lifetime, are in judgment or are in "lack and poverty" consciousness ~ for some reason ~ feel ministers, healers, spiritual authors and teachers should work for free. This belief is a form of energetic vampirism ~ as people want to "take energy" without giving anything in return.

Check your beliefs! Your beliefs will create your reality....and be careful you don't project your distorted beliefs onto others. The energy you put out always returns to you so if you are passing judgment on the way other people choose to make their money ~ you are only limiting your SELF.

Live "spiritually abundant" ~ no more limitations on your self or anyone else! ~ Sabrina