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Monday, April 21, 2014

We Are Entering The Most Intensified Purification Process The Earth And Humanity Have Ever Experienced. By Sabrina Reber

Today begins the 5th Uranus Pluto square - the most transformational of the seven exact alignments that we will be experiencing. It is the time of transparency where the truth is being revealed. Our loved ones, who are filled with distorted beliefs, may be hard to be around as they find themselves being confrontational with an overwhelming desire to speak their truth - even if it is not based on truth at all. In order for anything to be healed, it must first be seen and brought to the surface. Many people have been blinded by their belief systems so when their beliefs are spoken and brought to the surface - for them to truly witness - they may be able to “see them” and begin questioning themselves and the things they have blindly bought into. This can create confusion and chaos within relationships as everyone sheds the old and steps into the new. During this time period, those of us who have awakened ourselves to the truth will be called forward to BE the truth, and the best way for us to do this is to remain grounded, strong and firm in our knowingness without allowing others to disrupt our emotional bodies. We too are having to learn how to BE the example, holding the space for others to follow and sometimes this may require us to honor and respect the self by setting a boundary with others as they go through their process. We can practice compassionate detachment and pray for them from a distance as they slough off lifetimes of distorted beliefs and behavioral patterns. Know that they are loved and deeply cared for and no one is alone in this process as we are all surrounded by our higher selves and spiritual teams. 
The increased crystalline (christ line) light is shaking up humanity’s stored darkness...our secrets, our distorted beliefs and our stored pain. This energy is powerful and for those who have been meditating and have connected to their “feeling body” you may find yourself being overly sensitive to everything. You may require extra time alone, longer meditations, musical vibrations that soothe your soul, foods that nourish and lots of time in nature to help you ground and integrate all the incoming energies that are flooding your system. You may also need extra sleep during the day as your night time hours are very active with downloads and soul clearing and you may find your self waking up periodically through the night.
During this transformational time period, it is wise to not rush into anything. Allowing your self to slow down and become very conscious of your NOW moment will help you  safely move through this time period as accidents, mistakes, miscommunication and oversights are very common during this level of heightened energy that is bombarding our planet and our multidimensional energetic systems. This is the time of rebirth and new beginnings so energies will be clashing and can create great confusion. Take nothing personally and remain focused on your own souls transformational process allowing what does not serve you to go. If negative thoughts, old emotions, stored pain and distorted beliefs rise to surface allow them to. Resist nothing and allow everything to rise to surface so it can be released as a new energy is put in its place. 
In addition, remain in gratitude. Give thanks for this amazing opportunity for your soul to be cleansed, purified and en-lighten-ed. It is a privilege and an honor for us to be here to witness the transformational energies being released that are dismantling the 3rd dimensional structures, organizations and egoic beliefs that reside in the lower vibrations of fear, control and separation. Humanity is entering into the Golden Age where our next level of advancement is being offered and we are activating the Christ Consciousness within ourselves. The divine plan is unfolding and our planet is returning itself to a state of balance and harmony. We are entering the most intensified purification process the Earth and humanity have ever experienced. Our world is set to transform.
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