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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Tips On Balancing Masculine Feminine Energies

QUESTIONS: Do you have any recommendations for the balancing of the masculine/feminine energies? I think this is my problem, or perhaps I am just supposed to wait until later this year when I have heard there will be some kind of shifting of masculine/feminine energies within us?

ANSWER: If you wait for someone or something outside of your self to balance your masculine/feminine energies it will never occur. It is true we are in very powerful, transformational times and we have tremendous support from the heightened spiritual energies that are being sent to this planet. However,  we need to be proactive in our awakening process. We  need to put energy towards our en-lighten-ment which requires us to balance our masculine/feminine energies, as well as, activate our chakra system and the dormant spiritual glands and DNA within our being. 
There are many things you can do to help you with this process. 

1. Meditation combined with heart felt prayer. Sincere 
desire to “Know Yourself As God/Goddess" and dedication to bring your self into balance.

2. Shifting your thoughts into positive creation/   
manifestation through being CONSCIOUS and aware
of your emotional and mental states.

3. Expanding the heart chakra so you can radiate the LOVE vibration by being less judgmental, opinionated, controlling, critical, competitive and fear filled.

4. Transcending ego and shadow consciousness through the implementation of NEW more divinely aligned behavioral patterns. Releasing knee-jerk, reactive, egoic behavioral patterns.

5. Unblocking and Balancing the chakras so they can be expanded and infused with the loving spiritual energies from your higher selves through meditation and visualization. Energy healing through modalities such as Pranic Healing, Reiki, DNA Theta, Cranial Sacral, Crystal Healing, Vibrational Healing through music or LIGHT LANGUAGE activations, Yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong, are all very helpful at helping us to remove stubborn energetic blocks which are our karma or off pitched vibrations within our energy fields.

6. Visiting Sacred Sites on Earth.....but be aware, just visiting them will not activate you. Holding sacred ceremony, meditating, making offerings through sacred sound such as toning/oming, making offerings through physical objects like small crystals or sacred plants (tobacco or cocoa leaves) and really aligning yourself from your heart to the crystalline energies that are present will help you tap into the healing vibrations in these high vibrational places. In addition, the level of your light quotient will also respond to the level of your healing that you receive. Meditation before you visit these places, as well as, your heart felt intention will open you up to receive more.

7. Holding Sacred Ceremony, Asking/Praying for Divine Assistance, Spending time with people who are actively working on their vibration and tapping into heightened spiritual energies as well. The power of group energy is strong! When two or more are gathered "I Am" there! (Jesus)

8. The “Raise Your Vibration” book is a tool book that guides you through the process of releasing ego and shadow consciousness, chakra balancing, taking dominion over your thoughts and balancing the masculine/feminine energies within yourself so you can return your self to a state of unification and wholeness. Soul ascension is a requires effort, dedication and does not happen overnight. All are chosen, but not all will choose to take responsibility for their lives and bring themselves into a state of authenticity, balance and harmony. No one outside of your SELF will be able to accomplish this for you. There are many people who can be of great assistance, but please do not give your power away to others thinking they will do all the work for you."YOU," combined with the power of your higher selves, are your true saviors. There are many teachers, healers, spiritual beings, energies and even plant medicines who can accelerate your process of soul purification, but is you who is in control of the level of SOUL ALCHEMY that you are willing to undergo. 
If you are ready to become an active participant in the alchemy of your soul so you can bring yourself into balance, you may be interested in purchasing the "Raise Your Vibration" Book. Click Here:


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