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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Should We Suppress Orgasm So We Can Ascend? By: Sabrina Reber

Do the snakes in the kundalini energy symbolism represent the serpent of desire within us? I've seen a documentary about the serpent being the ultimate ego/devil within us keeping us asleep with desire (mainly sexual desire) and that we need to rid ourselves of the desire of the orgasm to ascend.

ANSWER: Spiritual, creative life force energy (kundalini) is sexual and powerful. Once it rises fully through all chakras you will experience a euphoric, orgasmic experience where you will have "Source Energy" vibrating through every cell in your being. It is not a lower chakra orgasm, but a full body cosmic orgasm where you will experience oneness and bliss with your true self....the divine marriage. You do not need to abstain from having sex to experience this.....the chakras simply need to be purified and your karma or off pitched vibrations in the energy fields need to be balanced.

Sex with love is not lustful, it is actually an expression of oneness with another human or God/dess Being. In fact, it is very possible if you do not love your lower chakras and sexual organs and have distorted views about the beauty and sacredness of your sexuality you could shut down and block the flow of divine energy from purifying and opening the chakras all together for divine illumination. In addition, if you do not value the sacredness of the sexual experience and you have sex in a non loving animalistic way ~ without recognizing the union with the divinity of another soul you will distort the energies in the lower chakras and not open your heart, which will also block the flow of your spiritual awakening. Balance and Love are the key with our sexual energy.

It is interesting to see the distorted beliefs, dualities and fears about the snake is seen as evil, as well as, something good such as the caduceus which is the symbol for good health for our Doctor/Health Care System. When the chakras and the kundalini ~ or divine snake energy is flowing freely through our being, our body is healthy and our spiritual life force energies are not blocked.....our body is able to regenerate itself because it now has additional life force energies to do so. The spine, chakra system and dormant kundalini energy are intimately related....when they are working properly and in alignment we are able to activate our luminous light body and return ourselves to our divine blueprint. We will be working in alignment, in unison with our higher self so we can truly be a "Creator Being" here on Earth because we will have activated our dormant spiritual, creative energies within our system which help us manifest our hearts (soul's) desire. ~ Sabrina

The "RAISE YOUR VIBRATION" book will help you SAFELY awaken your kundalini through the purification of your chakra system, ego and shadow consciousness. To ascend means to integrate more of our true essence, more of our LIGHT into our order to do this we must first purify the seven physical chakra system, which is aligned with the spine so our dormant creator energy ~ the kundalini ~ can safely rise in perfect divine timing for our soul. CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE THE BOOK


  1. Very well said, and it is true that the energy must flow freely through the chakra system. The energy generated during an orgasm can be directed properly upward through the chakra system, allowing your to raise your vibrations.

  2. We are living organisms, so why would we not experience orgasms with life. Excited organs vibrate; our cells respond to being stimulated - and when it resonates with us we experience different levels of euphoria. Orgasms have different levels of intensity. Hone into what stimulates your cells, heighten your sensitivity by connecting your senses to the things that make your eyes, ears, mouth, skin and nose come alive.

  3. I definitely resonate with this post. Well said, and very true. Thanks, Sabrina. :)

  4. Perhaps the snake has gotten a bad deal from the position of the former age, the Picean Age, wherein there may have been some collective need to call upon a mutual enemy to consolidate the people's unity in the development of masculine energy, a hallmark of that age. Now we seem to be refining and enacting the feminine energies and attributes we possess collectively. Orgasm is acceptance of the physical on a grand level. Seems like we move toward wholeness as we integrate more of our parts.

  5. Timely orgasm and awakening coming together to unite blissful union in our energies and bodies need to breathe in liiiife.........
    Thankyou for this Sabrina..........Namaste........


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