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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Shields Of Protection

We have an unconscious human defense system (the ego) that likes to hold onto pain and trauma. This unconscious/defensive part of ourselves builds up walls around the heart ~ shields of protection ~ thinking it will prevent us from experiencing further heart ache in the future. But, these walls of protection actually block us from feeling and processing through our pain....we literally hold the pain to us ~ in our energy fields ~ instead of releasing it ~ which will only attract more of that kind of energy towards us. Like energies attract like order to experience a life of joy, happiness, ease and grace....all the walls of pain, trauma, fear, unforgiveness and judgment need to be released so we can attract to us what we truly want ~ which is LOVE. The ego is will tell you, you have no shields over your heart. It will tell you that you love deeply and the problem is not with you, but with other people. However, the spiritual path is the inner is about accepting responsibility for your SELF and your inner workings and the world that you create to learn and experience from. The inner path is about being really honest with your SELF so you can recognize the illusions, denials, projections, beliefs, blocks you have that keep you from accessing the TRUTH of your highest soul's potential.

Everything in our lives, has been attracted to us from the workings of our own energy field (consciousness). It is our consciousness that creates our reality! Until we accept this about ourselves, we are powerless to create CHANGE. In order to "BE" the change we wish to see in this world, we must first clear up the denials, distortions and illusions working within ourselves so we can truly BE the energy we so desire to BE.  ~ Sabrina

Art By: Helena Nelson- Reed

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