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Thursday, May 19, 2011

High Vibrational Craft Project : "LOVE" GLASSES & PITCHER

I hope you are aware of the profound work Dr. Masaru Emoto has done with his studies of water and the effects of human emotion. Basically Emoto, a Japanese scientist, wrote words on containers of water and took pictures of the droplets of water placed under a microscope. The containers with positive, uplifting, life affirming words (Love, Joy, Beauty, God, Harmony etc.) created beautiful crystals within their crystal composition while the negative words (hate, satan, ugly, looser etc.) created badly deformed crystal images.

Since everything is energy, whatever vibration we place in our homes, food, water etc....will alter it's original state. We can turn a normal glass of water into sacred healing water with the power of our attention and with the use of words written on our containers.

This is an easy project you can do to enhance your family's vibration. People also love receiving these glasses with one of Emoto's makes a very high vibrational gift.

1. Go to a local craft shop and buy a Vitrea 160 Glass Paint Pen in any color you choose.
2. Purchase a set of glasses and a pitcher. Place them in the dishwasher or hand wash them.
3. Before you paint wipe them down one more time with a lint free cloth and vinegar to make sure there are no oily fingerprints on the areas where you will be painting.
4. Paint whatever words you would like on your glassware. Love, Joy, Peace, Harmony, God, OM, Beautiful, Healing etc.... Just make sure you do not get any fingerprints on any of the areas you will be painting.
5. Allow them to dry for 24 hours
6. Place them in a cold oven, turn the oven on 325 degrees and bake for 40 minutes. Allow them to cool.
7. Your glassware is now dishwasher safe...although I always hand wash mine.

I keep two pitchers of filtered water, covered by a piece of saran wrap in my fridge at all times. I also like to state a prayer with my hands over the container giving thanks for the water for the hydration, life force, healing and cleansing properties it contains. I ask God to infuse it with Light and Love and then I project love from my heart chakra into the water.

For more information on Masaru Emoto you can go to his website and blog:

He has also written three fabulous books called: The Hidden Messages in Water, The True Power of Water and The Secret Life Of Water.



  1. Thank you...seems easy enough for me to do!! I love this idea. Take care.

  2. You are welcome! So super easy.......even if you don't like your handwriting the high vibrations from the word will still interact with the water. Have fun!

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