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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Question About Evil and God's Judgment

Question About Evil
QUESTION : Are you saying that the Creator does not judge, does not reward good or punish evil? Are you saying that we can be free of evil by ignoring it? Are you saying that we should shun all of those who see evil in the world? That all evil and suffering is just an illusion that will go away if we choose? I disagree. 
ANSWER: The Creator is not in duality, humans are. The Creator is 100% pure unconditional love. You can tap into this love through meditation and you will know this to be true. It will no longer be a belief but a knowingness and a direct experience of The Creator's unconditional love. There are no rewards or punishments; there is energy balance however, so the level of your vibration when you die is where you will be placed in the spiritual realms based the quality of your soul energy. Very low vibrational energies go to the low vibrational realms and higher vibrational beings go to their level of vibration as well. This is not based on "better than or less than," it is simply based on your energy as like energy attracts like energy. In addition, wherever your vibration is, will determine your next soul experience or if you have been "evil" in one life, your next life, based upon what YOU choose, (with the help of the Creator and your guides and angels) may be a life filled with hardship, service work help you balance your energy. So in essence, the Creator does not judge us. WE judge ourselves based on our level of choices and growth in a particular life experience. When we cross over into the spiritual realms there is a life review and we get to see and experience the love and pain we have created during our incarnation. This can be a hell of an experience or one filled with heavenly feelings and emotions... it is all based on our free will to co-create in this reality. And NO, we can not be free of evil by ignoring it. We have to transcend the evil within our own being ~ we need to be constantly vigilant in our own thoughts, emotions, beliefs, judgments, inner workings, addictions, attachments etc....anything within our being that is not based on Love is evil. Evil is "Live" spelled backwards. When we are not in a state of LOVE, for ourselves and others, we are not living up to our highest potential and we are actually spiritually dead. Being spiritually dead is when we are not filled with the Divine Spiritual LOVE from our God Self and The Creator of All That Is.....basically we are not filled with LIGHT. Humanity, as a whole, has blocked a large portion of this "LIGHT" or Spiritual Life Force Energy from being able to flow through our bodies. Our energy fields contain too many negative emotions, thoughts, feelings and beliefs which create blocks within our being keeping us from being able to tap into our true essence, which is pure love. 

In addition, lack of Spiritual LIGHT (Knowledge/Wisdom) keeps us stuck in duality. We are multi dimensional beings, we can stay stuck in our 3rd dimensional consciousness bodies or we can choose from our own free will to raise our vibrations, expand our consciousness and tap into our higher dimensional bodies where love and truth resides. The only way to free ourselves from evil is to raise our vibrations and expand our consciousness high enough so our personal energy fields no longer attract negative/dark experiences in our life to learn from. Darkness and evil actually serve the LIGHT in the 3rd dimension as it teaches us through negative experiences how to grow our current level of consciousness into a higher level where we choose to no longer experience the negativity, separation and fear of the 3rd dimensional duality anymore. When we as a whole make choices based on love and not fear we will transcend the need to experience the evil of duality and the illusion of separation from God and each other any longer. We must individually choose LOVE for ourselves and BE the LOVE here on Earth so we can heal this planet. Once we choose Love over Fear we will no longer need evil beings, evil circumstances and evil energies to reflect back to us the evil within ourselves. The universe is our mirror so all the evil "out there" is actually a reflection of the evil within our collective energy fields that needs to be transmuted. Projecting our own personal evil, refusing to accept it as part of our very own being, onto external sources outside of ourselves is the easy way out and it keeps humanity in a vicious cycle of recreation.  Evil will go away when we choose to no longer experience it; currently it serves a purpose for many on the planet as it is a very powerful learning tool. 

Personally, I am choosing to do what it takes to raise my vibration ~ accepting responsibility for my own negativity and inner workings and subconscious programs while I also focus on my daily spiritual practice bringing more and more of my true divine spiritual essence (LIGHT) into my being. I am also setting strong boundaries with any relationships, activities etc....that do not enhance my LIGHT. I am climbing the mountain of self, healing my distortions, raising my energetic frequency and releasing the evil within my being that keeps me from attracting a balanced, loving, joy filled is my divine birthright to have this kind of life, but I must choose it for myself ~ releasing everything that keeps me from attaining it. ~Sabrina


  1. Love this one...very tough to really look at the evil within and accept and forgive it. It's not an overnight process but "I've come a long way, Baby"... :) Still the shadows lurking have become fewer and fewer. So thankful for your blog! Blessings!

  2. I agree Bebbi! It is a process....we all still have a shadow that needs to be transmuted. I have had so many people tell me they are pure light. LOL!!!! I tell them to go outside in the sun and see if they still have a shadow....if they do, then they have not totally activated their light body.... they still have work to do. Amazing how our ego and shadow consciousness tricks us into projecting everything that needs to be healed within us onto all the evil doers "out there". Thanks for your comment. Hugs.

  3. EXCELLENT! Thank you for sharing this!!

  4. I see the "tree of knowledge of Good and Evil" as the soul's choice to embrace the 3d planes, and the duality of "good and evil." Yet the Bible says that God is Light...and no darkness at all, which attests to your statement that God is not "double minded." Also, even Jesus said that we live in a time of consequence--whatever measure of mercy or judgment we sow will be returned to us. We must "work out our salvation" and focus on "things pure, noble and lovely." In other words, raising our vibrations through "repentance" which literally means "changing our minds." For Christians, read Luke 13. When the towers fell, people wanted to blame the catastrophe on someone's "sin" but Jesus told them to "change their minds" (repent of such thinking) or they would likewise perish from that very line of thinking. There are other references to our tendency to want to blame evil and sin for defects to which Jesus rebuked. God, the God "Jesus" represented is NOT the wrath filled god of the religious, whom Jesus said "was a liar and a murderer from the beginning." A projection of the dually minded--the us vs "them" mentality that kills in "God's name." When people try to mix the "old with the new" the wine skins burst. Truth can not be contained.

    Awesome post, got me thinking!

  5. Wonderful observation Andrea. God is 100% Unconditional Love and Light. As co-creator souls we chose duality a long, long time ago and God allowed it. Now we must return to our original state of our truth which is LOVE ~ to enter the Kingdom of God. But first we have a lot of cleaning up to do....we have to balance our energy.

  6. Wow as I was reading this my third eye started to pulse...and it is quite scary when as you read it you can see your own life flashing before your own eyes.And to understand what my sister had being trying to tell I now understand what she was trying to say,well put it this way I now understand what she was trying to teach me about forgiving and to start loving with love and light within in my spiritual soul and being..So Reading these insights I hope this can help me Raise my Vibration and to feel the full Love and Light God the Create had inline me and for all of us...

  7. Ahhhhh....yes, good for you. A mini life review, accept what you see, and acknowledge what you have learned from the has led you to your awakening and purification to receive the LIGHT. Transcend the veils of pain. Be Blessed ~ Sabrina


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