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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mind Chatter

Mind chatter disengages you from SPIRIT. Mind chatter is filled with ego and shadow consciousness ~ it is not based on truth. It is full of illusions and distortions. It creates doubt, fear, confusion, judgment and separation. Mind chatter is relentless and loud ~ repeating the same things over and over ~ it is a destructive force and you must take dominion over the negativity when it arises.

SPIRIT is always gentle, loving, supportive, subtle and "quite" in it's message...SPIRIT will never tell you anything is wrong. SPIRIT will lovingly offer you suggestions as to how to approach a situation but it will NEVER tell you what to do. It is creative, resourceful and will provide an IDEA but it honors your freedom of choice as to how you want to respond. Sometimes you will receive this guidance as a feeling, a thought, a deep knowingness or an image you see in your minds eye. 

~ Namaste,  Sabrina


  1. thank you Sabrina. you don't know or maybe you do, how useful this message is.

  2. thanks but how can we calm our ego or mind chatter from this negativity? sometimes we say yeah maybe true what our ego said, so we feel more fear


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