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Monday, May 16, 2011

Turning Our Darkness Into Light

Once negativity (darkness) has been created within our energy fields, simply ignoring it and not focusing on it will not make it go away. What we resist~ persists. In order to gain more LIGHT ~ we need to move through our darkness so we can transmute it. Learning the lessons our darkness is trying to teach us, fully feeling the negativity within ~ so we can release it ~ and asking the pain of our darkness questions will help us bring the LIGHT of awareness into our being. Once negative energy, blocks, distortions, painful emotions/feelings, karmic miasims and fear has been created ~ it has to be transformed! Energy never dies. Distorted energy forms stay with us until we are ready and willing to consciously participate in the alchemical process of turning our coal (darkness) into gold (light). ~ Sabrina

What are the questions we need to ask ourselves? Suggestions please.

Here are a few suggestions. Once you give yourself permission to ask your darkness questions ~ you will be perfectly guided by your higher consciousness to ask the perfect questions for yourself so you can get to the root of your darkness that needs to be extracted. Self Honesty and willingness to go there are key. You can also ask for help from God to help you excavate ~ but always ask for this to occur with ease and grace and for your highest and best good.  ♥ ♥ 

First State your intention and say a prayer: 

"God, please help me to name the negativity within me, that I am currently experiencing, so I can release it from my being, heal myself and return to a state of balance. I ask for this to be done with ease and grace and for my highest good." Thank you.

Begin to ask yourself questions. What is the name of the negativity within me? (INSERT: fear, irritation, stress, impatience, pain, negative emotion, negative thoughts, hurt feeling, childhood wound, anger, hate, abandonment, fear, jealousy, guilt, resentment, unforgiveness, shame, etc........) 

What is this ______ trying to teach me? 
What does this________feel like? 

Where did this ________originate? 

What core belief do I have that created this_________? 

What behavioral patterns do I have that continue to create this ________? 

How does this _______make me feel? 

What do I need to do to transcend this __________? 

Once you name it ~ you can send love to it, feel it, release it, heal yourself and learn the lesson it was trying to teach you.  

When you are ready to release it: Command for the healing light of God to come into the area where the negative energy has accumulated. It could be in the body or around the body. Visualize white light moving into it and dissolving it or you can watch it float up to God for god to transmute it. ♥ ♥ ♥  Whatever you visualize the energy form to be ~ is perfect for you....sometimes it is simply a black blob. Don't get hung up on the logistics of visualization. Simply state your intention, ask the questions and heal it with God's white light through whatever visualization shows up for you. 

You are a powerful co-creator ~ You are a healer. With the help of God you can heal any problem in your life. Never underestimate your abilities to create change within your life. Believe in yourself and your connection to the divine ~ Let go of all the distortions within you that keep you small. 

If you are attached to your pain and are having doubts about releasing the distortions I highly suggest you find a great healer to help you. Reiki, DNA Theta, Rolfing, Cranial Sacral are all great modalities. Also, continue with your daily meditations knowing that every time you meditate you are bringing in the LIGHT of your God Self which is fully connected to the Creator of All That Is. This LIGHT will transmute your denseness and raise your energetic frequency ~ intention to heal, prayer, visualization and meditation are your greatest transformational tools.

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