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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Question About The Ego, Soul and God Self

QUESTION: I am confused about the God self. I thought I was a soul/higher self and an ego residing in this body. When I read about the God self I had to sit back and ask, "how many parts of me are there?"

ANSWER: You are have many selves. The one you are most aware of now is your ego, your personality self. Your soul and ego share space within and around the human body but the soul needs to be activated. A large portion of humanity has not activated their soul. Soul in Aramaic means Christ ~when our soul is activated we activate our Christ Self which everyone has. We are all Christed no matter what religion we choose to follow. The Soul is activated within the heart ~ once the soul is activated, the kundalini will rise breaking the seven seals that have been placed over our chakras keeping us stuck in duality and separation.  We move into unification with our God Self which has always been a part of us but lives in a higher dimension of our energy fields. The God Self is directly connected to the Creator Of All That Is or Source.....whatever you choose to call it ~ as it has many names and they all lead to the ultimate energy of Creation.

As a Human we have a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body. Each one of these bodies resides in a different dimension. We are multidimensional with our physical body being the densest part of our being.

The Egoic Physical Body: (Root Chakra) Our personality/identity/fear filled self.

The Egoic Emotional/Feeling Body: (Sacral Chakra) Our overactive feelings, emotions and reactions to life.

The Egoic Mental Body: (The Solar Plexus) Our thoughts and mental constructs that create distorted beliefs and power struggles within our being and those we come into contact with.

When we transcend the dualistic lower three chakras (root, sacral, solar plexus, we activate the heart chakra, the seat of the soul or the Christ Self.

When the Soul (Christ Self) is activated our over reactive emotional body softens into the INTUITIVE BODY (refined feelings and heightened awareness) and the mental body becomes the WISDOM BODY where we experience the wisdom of knowing through our direct experience of our Soul and God Consciousness. 

Spiritual Body: (God Self) Once the Soul is activated the Kundalini rises and the God Self descends into the physical body removing the seven seals and activating the higher chakras (the throat, spiritual eye center, crown). Depending on your participation in your spiritual practice additional chakras that reside outside your physical body will also be activated by Spirit according to your level of expansion.

We are vast multidimensional Beings with tremendous potential ~ we simply need to be proactive in our spiritual transformation to activate and awaken our consciousness to these aspects of ourselves. It is our divine birthright to achieve this and each one of us has the exact same potential to reach our highest souls potential. With Love ~ Sabrina

The above picture shows the egoic human personality in a physical body being transformed and enlightened on Earth with the Christ Self directly above the human ego and the God Self directly above the Christ Self which is connected to the Creator Of All That Is or Source Energy. This picture demonstrates how we can bring our own Heaven (God Consciousness) here down on Earth (Matter / Physical Body). The real treasure is not to meet God when you die ~ but to meet God and have a direct experience of God while you are alive in a physical body. Then you will know who you truly are ~ God in physical form.


  1. I am. Thank you for posting this. I am resharing.

  2. Wonderful Raquel! Thanks for spreading the light.

  3. Sabrina,

    What is your view on soul/ego as it relates to infants? I know that certain personality traits are inherited, and most of the personality (ego?) is conditioned. If one has to activate the soul, is a child then just a blank slate awaiting activation, ruled by the ego? the child pure soul that gets distorted? I wonder if this has any bearing on "coming into the kingdom as little children."


  4. Great question Andrea!

    Infants come in with energetic soul imprints and karmic miasims from all of their previous lifetimes, so they too come in to clear karma and evolve their souls. Infants are necessarily "pure souls" although I do believe they are FRESH from God (innocent) so they do have a certain level of purification within their being since they have not been in the low density of the Earth plane for an extended period of time. Infants do still remember their connection with the spiritual plane but that quickly fades due to the group consciousness of the planet, conditioning, thought forms etc...

    However, every soul is different and right now on the planet we do have a lot of highly evolved souls with activated chakra systems who have volunteered to come here to assist in the raising of the Earth's vibration. These souls know why they are here and maintain their direct connection with God and their spiritual teams. These souls are highly evolved (some are ascended masters and angelic beings) and are natural healers ~they will oftentimes reincarnate in a family that is very "stuck in duality" to help the family heal. They will even take on the responsibility of transmuting karma from their chosen families genetic lineage to help the entire family from 7 generations back evolve their souls. This is a great, great service these souls provide.

    But for the most part, I believe souls come into the Earth plane to experience the perceived duality of separation. Earth is where we learn our greatest lessons and receive our greatest soul's growth and our highest soul's potential is to re-memeber who we are and to activate our soul, which really means to activate the Christ within, so we can experience direct connection with God here on Earth. Our greatest soul's experience is when we bring our spiritual self, which resides in a higher dimension of our energy field into our body and we have a DIRECT experience of God. Then God is able to FULLY work through us and we truly become conscious co-creators here on Earth with full adulterated guidance from the God within on a daily basis.

    When the bible says, "coming into the kingdom as little children," I personally view it symbolically as returning ourselves to as clear of a state of consciousness as possible. The advantage that children have, which many adults have lost, is the innocence of an open mind and a open heart. Children are naturally unconditionally loving. Releasing unforgiveness, negativity, distorted subconscious programs, distorted beliefs, prejudices and opinions about life help us to return to a place of innocence so we can receive guidance that will help us transcend the negative ego and shadow consciousness that keep us from entering the Kingdom of God.

    Blessings, Sabrina

  5. Brilliant comment! Thank you :)

    1. Wonderful explanation, Sabrina. Thank you for explaining so clearly. Many blessings to you.


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