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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

How Our Chakra System Effects Us

Every thought, word, emotion, feeling and action we take carries energy out from us into the world and effects our present reality. How we think and how we feel is a result of the energy currently vibrating in our energy fields ~ directly effecting the functioning of our chakra system, which relates to different aspects of our psychological functioning.

Root Chakra: has to do with security and survival and how we feel physically. 

Sacral Chakra: has to do with self worth and feelings of self love.

Solar Plexus: has to do with Personal power and how we see ourselves in the world.

Heart Chakra: has to do with Love, healthy relationships and boundaries, oneness of life, forgiveness, compassion and giving & receiving.

Throat Chakra: has to do with speaking our truth, regret, compassion, betrayal and trust issues.

Spiritual Eye Chakra: has to do with clear seeing, visualization, creation and manifestation.

Crown Chakra: has to do with KNOWING we are God in a physical body. Understanding we are part of a bigger plan and that we are never alone.

If we are not thinking and feeling our best, the vibrations in our energy field / chakra system need to be cleared so we can think and function in our highest and best way.

We can clear the chakras through meditation and visualization. Yoga and other types of exercises and by allowing ourselves to feel our feelings when they arise so our feelings can move through our energetic system without getting stuck in a specific chakra. Energy healers are also a very valuable way to clear out old hard to release blocks. 

Blessings ~ Sabrina

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