Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Creator And Co-Creators Of Our Current Realities

QUESTION: What do you mean by co-creator, because in my mind I am the creator and everything is. I see myself in everything.

ANSWER: That is GREAT you see your self in everything. You are demonstrating Unity/God Consciousness, which is 5th dimensional consciousness. You are not limited or bound by egoic 3rd dimensional consciousness, which is based on separation and duality. You are able to "SEE" your self in others, and you understand ~ what you do to another, you actually do to your self.

It is true you are the creator of your life based on the quality of your energetic frequency ~ your thoughts, emotions, feelings beliefs and energetic soul imprints from your total soul experience over many, many lifetimes. You are the creator of "your" unique soul experience, which is constantly interacting with other co-creator souls who have "free will".....this is why I use the term co-creator because we live in a world/dimension that is created by the MANY soul extensions of the ONE Universal Supreme Being.

Each one of us are the a co-creators of our personal world within the ENERGY of the ONE. We are each soul extensions from the ONE MAIN CREATOR who oversees all of creation and maintains control over the creation of the many different dimensions, worlds and Universes. 

You are god/dess within the energy of GOD/dess.....inseparable from the ONE and you have many, many aspects of yourself that live within the multi-dimensions of your SELF.

There are many within the ONE.....we are each individuated unique creator aspects of the Supreme Being. ~ Sabrina

Thursday, October 4, 2012

How To Open, Clear And Activate The Chakra System: By Sabrina Reber

Once the seven chakras have been purified ~ where 51% of our divine spiritual energy is able to flow through our system ~ the divine energy from the kundalini will rise, breaking the seven seals that have been placed over our seven chakras that have kept us veiled and bound by the duality of the 3rd dimension. Once the veils of amnesia/blocks are removed our higher/spiritual chakras will be activated, and we will continue to open and expand our being based on our commitment and level of dedication to our "spiritual practice". There are many, many chakras beyond the 7 ~ but it is the 7 primary chakras that are the rainbow bridge that connect our physical body to our Divine Spirit.

The best way to open and purify the seven chakras is through:

2. Meditation and Visualization
3. Energy work such as Pranic Healing, Reiki, DNA Theta, Cranial Sacral or any other energetic modality
4. Yoga, Qi Gong, Tai Chi or any kind of exercise will increase energy circulation through our chakra system and break up old stagnant blocks.
5. Allowing yourself to process through your emotions and feelings by "FEELING" them. Stored unprocessed feelings create blocks in the chakras that block the flow of divine energy.
6. Practicing Self Love and Oneness
7. Living an AUTHENTIC life.
8. Speaking Our Truth with words of LOVE.
9. Expressing Gratitude.
10. Channeling Creative Energies through art, dance, cooking, writing, singing etc....
11. Energy activations such as a Reiki Attunement, Deeksha, DNA Activation etc.....

I have read several teachings where people are saying ~ if you do not focus on your higher chakras, those above the seven ~ you will be limited and holding yourself back. However, from my perspective, the only way you could hold yourself back is if you don't do any spiritual work at all, and you choose to keep your self stuck in shadow and ego consciousness. In addition, the higher spiritual chakras simply will not open until the lower seven have been purified. Each chakra is a doorway or portal into higher consciousness and once they are understood, opened and cleared we move into a state of wholeness bringing our Spirit down into matter. Once this occurs, then we can focus on the higher ones and our spiritual self will continue to open and expand those that we are ready to have activated ~ based on our level of vibration.

If we get over zealous in our spiritual practice thinking we can skip over the building blocks of our spiritual expansion we may run into problems. It is kind of like a baby learning how to walk. First we must build up our muscles to lift ourselves up, then we begin to crawl, then we begin to walk and then we begin to run! We don't just come out of the womb ready to run....there are prerequisites and stages to our development and we want our spiritual expansion to be safe and GROUNDED. Too much too soon can be overwhelming.

During meditations and visualizations, AFTER you have spent time with the intention to clear your 7 chakras, you can connect with your HEART and CROWN space directly above your head. Send love to these areas and know that you are deeply loved and fully supported. The raising of divine spiritual energy from the root chakra ~ all the way up the spine ~ to the crown chakra requires PATIENCE, TRUST, FAITH and SELF PURIFICATION. Divine energy will rise at exactly the right time for each soul's journey. Your focused attention on meditation and the clearing of your chakras/energy fields, as well as, your desire to live a life of "good will" will activate your dormant kundalini energy to rise when your system has been adequately prepared. Please do not force the process.

The "RAISE YOUR VIBRATION" book is also a wonderful resource to guide you through the process of soul purification and ascension in consciousness. CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE

CLICK HERE to be taken to a chakra clearing exercise.