Tuesday, January 18, 2022

An Esoteric Study of "What Is Happening on Earth?"

From an esoteric (inner) perspective, we understand, during the end times of this Kali Yuga, Sacred Askokin is being collected for the planet through catastrophic events, plagues, wars and a variety of other ways due to our inner inability to transform sacred energies for the Earth. 

Esotericism is the study of our inner worlds (minds) that are reflected back to us in our outer worlds (physicality). We can always see whether humanity is in harmony, or not, through what is happening on Earth. Beings who are on an esoteric (inner) path know that we have to control our inner natures (egoic minds) in order to control nature (outside of us) by obeying the laws of nature and divinity. 

"Esoteric, the quality of having an inner or secret meaning. This term and its correlative exoteric were first applied in the ancient Greek mysteries to those who were initiated (eso, “within”) and to those who were NOT (exo, “outside”). -Britannica Dictionary 

Askokin is a very sacred substance that nourishes Mother Earth. 

All kingdoms on the Earth - the mineral, plant, animal and human kingdoms have a sacred contract with the Earth, and the cosmos, to be transformers of energies that nourish and feed the Earth. In direct relation, the Earth in return also shares energies with all of the kingdoms on Earth, as well as, other planets in the solar system. Every planet in our Universe is affected by the abundance or the deficiencies of these sacred energies (Askokin) that sustains and nourishes living forms within creation of this particular Universe.

Our sacred Mother gives us life through the creation of our physical bodies. In other words our bodies are made from her elements, and when we die, these elements from our bodies are returned to the Earth. Regardless if our physical bodies are in the form of minerals, plants, animals or human forms our divine mother nature is what creates us. Because of this, Mother Earth has a very sacred cosmic contract to fulfill - she must keep her physical form, her body alive, for her kingdoms and the next 2 human root races to survive and thrive, in the golden ages, so those root races can continue with their evolution and revolution in consciousness. Ultimately, the Earth needs to stay alive so humans can have the "potential" to activate and fully integrate their Christ Consciousness into their beings so they can become fully self-realized solar beings. That is humanity's purpose on Earth - we are here to evolve from lunar beings into Solar Beings. We are here to fully incarnate the forces of the Christ and that requires tremendous efforts on our parts to dissolve the ego's within us that keep us from transforming ourselves into Christifed Solar Beings.

Because of our fall in human consciousness (every religion talks about this) and our lack of spiritual energy due to the legions of egos within us, these distortions/defects block us from being the upright transformers of energy that the planet needs. In addition, the human ego has altered/distorted all of the kingdoms on Earth - the minerals, plants and animals. Our interference with all of the kingdoms has also affected their ability to transform energies for the planet appropriately. For example, humans excessively remove minerals from the Earth, that she needs, in order to receive and transmit cosmic energies productively. We rob the Earth of her gold veins from her nervous system. These gold veins channel the Christic Forces of the Solar Absolute, and the entire solar system, into the Earth's being that nourish her. In addition, we take her oil and all of her minerals for our own egoic enjoyment, cutting the Earth off from naturally being able to receive a high level of special nourishing energetic forces to sustain her life. In addition, we alter her plants. We graft them, genetically modify them and cut them off from being able to transform energies appropriately. In addition, we alter the animals through experiments and then we also alter their food sources - the plants & animals. Altered animals eat other altered animals that can no longer energetically/spiritually nourish themselves. Then humans also eat those altered animals and plants and we create foods that are devoid of the elements that would nourish our entire energetic system. When we feed ourselves with man-made, altered food that has been grafted or genetically altered, we are no longer able to feed our emotional, mental or spiritual bodies. These altered foods only feed the physical body, which then becomes a bad conductor of energies for the planet, because we do not feed our higher bodies with spiritually alive, God intended foods. Not to mention, humans do not participate in spiritual exercises that actually increase our Christic energies, instead we indulge in activities that deplete our spiritual forces. 

The Humanoid Kingdom, who is supposed to be the stewards of the Earth, has done great harm to ourselves and to all the Kingdoms on the Earth - the mineral, plant & animal kingdoms. We have adulterated everything, including ourselves. At this time, we are also doing great harm to other humans as well. Therefore, the planet is starving because humans, and all of the other kingdoms, do not generate enough Sacred Askokin through their energetic systems for the planet to survive. Mother nature must bring herself into balance. It is within divine laws for her to forcefully take sacred Askokin, from the kingdom's of the Earth, when her kingdoms are not providing the sacred energy she needs to survive. Humans have broken their sacred contracts to assist in the transformation of energies to the Earth. Therefore, Mother Earth will fulfill the will of The Absolute/God for the benefit of the WHOLE. She will take back her sacred life force energies through the loss of physical life (through blood) within all of her kingdoms. This will occur through catastrophic events, plagues and wars that will pre-maturely kill a lot of beings because the Earth needs Askokin that will be provided through their death, through their blood, to sustain herself for the highest and best good of the Whole Universe. 

Askokin is SACRED, and it is needed by all planets to survive. We have violated nature, therefore we will experience the consequences of our actions and inactions. The law of cause and effect is always in place. Due to our egos - humans transform energies in the wrong way. We do not have upright thoughts (brain), upright emotions (heart) or upright actions (motor Instinctual). In addition, because we have interfered with all of the kingdoms of nature, inhibiting our planet from receiving the energies/food that it needs, Askokin is forcefully being collected. The planet currently is sending out vibrations that will affect those who are severely disconnected from their Inner Gods. These low vibrational, vulnerable beings, will be utilized to assist in negative actions that often lead to wars, holocausts, catastrophes, accidents, murders, severe weather and incoming plagues of all kinds. According to many esoteric teachers, this is how the holocaust of WW1 and WW2 occurred, it was during a time when sacred Askokin was being collected. 

The best thing we can do during this time is to increase our spiritual practices and to make very wise choices for ourselves that increase our abilities to generate a higher level of spiritual forces/protection within ourselves. In addition, we need to dissolve our egos. The more egos we dissolve, the less congestion we will have within our beings that block us from being good conduits for sacred cosmic energies to flow through us. In addition, for every ego we eliminate, the more consciousness will be awakened within our beings and we can then make better choices for ourselves and our planet. Meditation, daily spiritual protective exercises & practices, prayer, eating pure unadulterated foods that feed ALL of our energy bodies, conserving our creative spiritual energies, caring about others and their well-being, self awareness/self remembrance and a sincere effort on our parts to awaken our consciousness by eliminating our vices & egos. These actions will help us to gain control over our inner natures so we will be protected during these times when our outer natures are reflecting disharmony and chaos. -Sabrina 

"Askokin is the substance with which this Great Nature is nourished. So, Mother Nature gives us life, yet She collects a very high price for it. She demands Askokin in exchange, yet if we do not voluntarily give this Askokin to her, then she snatches it by force, by means of great wars. Nevertheless, if within every one of us the destructive factors that produce war did not exist, then Mother Nature would not need to utilize such a destructive system in order to snatch Her sacred nourishment through it. By dissolving the psychological “I,” (the egos) a permanent center of illuminated consciousness is established within us, and then, we liberate the sacred Askokin by means of upright thought, upright feeling and upright action. " -Samael Aun Weour 

If this article creates fear within you, please meditate on it. Fear is the consequence of our ego's - we all have it. I am sincerely trying to teach wisdom to those who are ready for it. Wisdom helps us understand what is going on, so we can eliminate any fears we may have. In addition, if we know what is happening, we can prepare ourselves, protect ourselves and hopefully become more serious about strengthening our inner relationships with our Inner Gods. 

If this information does not resonate with you, please take what resonates and leave the rest behind. Aggressive, reactive, comments on social media only perpetuate more chaos. We need to understand that the state of our world is due to our lack of upright thoughts, feelings and actions. We need to learn how to control our inner natures, so our outer natures are more authentically aligned with the love and harmony of God.