Monday, April 29, 2013

External Answers From Others Can Inspire You, But What You Really Seek Are The Answers From Within: By Sabrina Reber

QUESTION: What do you call the subject matter you talk about? What is the official body of knowledge called? Is there a set of classic literature or books that teach the same ideas as your book? For example christians study the New Testament, Jews study the old. What is the equivalent nomenclature and body of knowledge for your teachings? Where did you first learn of these concepts and how do you continue to study them?

ANSWER:These teachings come from going within and reconnecting with my higher self....attaining oneness. The key of my teachings has always been to get people off the external path of "religions" and egoic 3D teachings and get people to step onto the internal path of meditation and self observation tapping into our feeling natures, which is the intuition of the soul. This requires meditation and activating the wisdom body.....all the answers you seek are within. I am simply here to inspire you to find your own answers within.

QUESTION: So what do you call the study? Spiritualism? You still did not answer my question. 

ANSWER: I teach the inner path of salvation. All the answers you seek are found within your self. You can access your answers through meditation. I do not like to apply a 3D label to my teachings, they are universal/cosmic in nature. The kingdom of god is must be come your OWN seeker of the wisdom within. I am simply here to inspire YOU to do your own work. Regardless of any answers I give you, they will not fulfill you.....they may inspire you, but it is YOU that must do the work and have a direct experience of the God/dess wisdom contained within you. 

The "Raise Your Vibration" book has been written to help you release the distorted beliefs and distorted energies within you that keep you blocked from attaining ONENESS with your higher soul/spiritual self that resides in a higher vibrating dimension within your energy fields. You are a multi-dimensioanl being....if you remain stuck solely in the 3D aspect of your limited physical being ~ only following the teachings of what other people "stuck" in the 3rd dimension are teaching....then you will not evolve your consciousness. We can gain inspiration and guidance from the 3D teachings however, your truth resides in the non-dualistic, non physical, spiritual aspects of your being. The "Raise Your Vibration" book has been written to guide YOU to evolve your soul. I can not do the work for you, my teachings are based on my own experience of tapping into my higher soul and they are meant to guide you to do the same ~ if you do not apply the spiritual teachings of meditation, going within for the answers, clearing the ego and shadow consciousness and overcoming your fears and deeply ingrained belief systems of the 3D mass consciousness.... then nothing I say or do will fulfill the kind of answers you are seeking. Go within your self......feel your self, talk to your self,  heal your self and you will discover your loving, eternal, powerful essence and divine wisdom of ONENESS that has been there all along.

For guidance and assistance on your soul's ascension journey, the "Raise Your Vibration book will be of great service to you in the process of raising your vibration to your wisdom/spiritual body so you can experience direct knowingness from your higher self. Click This Link To Be Taken To The Book Store:

Art By: Robert Donaghey

Saturday, April 20, 2013



QUESTION: Whenever I hear about tragic events or think about them I can't control my sorrow. I find myself weeping and unable to release my sadness. Lately we have had some horrific mass killings of innocents locally, and abroad and as a father and husband I am at a complete loss at how to rationalize and come to peace with the vileness of the acts. I cannot watch the news or see pictures without shedding tears. I know it is good to have empathy, but I need to be strong for those around me. Could you help give me some advice on coping, perhaps a new prayer as I am having a hard time releasing my personal pain that I feel for those directly effected.

ANSWER: The pain you are experiencing is your hidden, stored pain coming up. These events trigger humanity into deeper levels of healing not only for our self, but they also teach us to tap into greater amounts of love, forgiveness and compassion for our brothers and sisters. My suggestion is to allow your self to really feel your feelings. Go there.....go deep into the recesses of your being, and cry or do whatever you need to do to release the stored energy of pain, victimhood, powerlessness, fear and even anger and hatred you feel from all the darkness and evil in this world. Remember, evil is "live" spelled backwards.....evil is simply a being or an energy that has been veiled from the truth of who they are. They have forgotten about their LIGHT and they are in incredible pain. Hurt people, hurt people. Pray for your self, and all people who are in pain. What we truly need in this world is for people to REMEMBER who they are. To fully CONNECT to the love within themselves, and ACTIVATE their love within their heart chakra so they can truly "BE" the presence of LOVE we all talk about, but not many are actually able to sustain within their being at all times. Until the pain in humanity is cleared ~ it will continue to be reflected in our outer environment. 

In addition, I suggest you not watch the news reports anymore. You know what has happened. Your head is not buried in the sand ~ you are not in denial about world events. It will not serve anyone's highest good to continue rehashing these tragic events over and over again, and that is exactly what the news keeps us in a repetitive pattern of lower vibrations, painful feelings and victim consciousness. Always remember there is a higher plan, and every soul is learning from these events. Allow your heart to expand ~ fully feel your pain ~ pray ~ do something nice for you and your family ~ do something nice for someone you don't even know ~ and give gratitude for the opportunity to incarnate in this very dense dimension where our greatest soul lessons are learned. 

One of my favorite prayers to say EVERYDAY is the Great Invocation. When we pray for others, even our perceived enemies, we are lifted up as well. The spiritual realms DO hear us ~ The Creator is never separated from anyone, and is in full recognition when we pray. In fact, the Creator WANTS a deeper relationship with us ~ when we take time to meditate and pray~ our whole energetic being LIGHTS UP and we are in communion and right relationship with The Creator. The more of us who pray and ask for more LIGHT to come to the Earth, the sooner it will happen. ~Sabrina


From the point of Light within the Mind of God
Let light stream forth into the minds of men.
Let Light descend on Earth.

From the point of Love within the Heart of God
Let love stream forth into the hearts of men.
May Christ return to Earth.

From the center where the Will of God is known
Let purpose guide the little wills of men ―
The purpose which the Masters know and serve.

From the center which we call the race of men
Let the Plan of Love and Light work out.
And may it seal the door where evil dwells.

Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth.


Friday, April 12, 2013


QUESTION: In a previous post you suggested we avoid asking The Creator for assistance in learning about things. Lately, I've asked The Divine for help with lots of things, and it has seemed more powerful than affirmations have in the past. Is it ever helpful to ask the divine for help, or are we better to just make 'I am' statements affirming we already have the energy of what we desire? 

Yes, of course! It is important to ask the Creator for help. Just be very conscious of what you ask for. Always ask for what you want ~ in an affirmative way. For example if you are sick, I would suggest you not ask the Creator to help you with your sickness.....ask the Creator to help you return to "perfect health and balance". If you want to drop a few pounds, I would not ask to loose the pounds (you don't want to loose anything because subconsciously you will want to find those pounds again) I would suggest people ask to “release” any extra weight in the “highest and best way possible”.....because clearly, you do not want to attract an illness in order to release the weight. If you ask for a character trait such as “more patience”....the Creator will give you character building “lessons” in patience, because that is how you learn and master your energy by experiencing lessons in patience and the lack of patience. In this case, it would be better to affirm you already have the energy of what you desire such as "I Am Patient," because stating “I Am Patient” activates the energy of patience in your become patient, OR you could ask the Creator to show you a higher perspective of the situation blessing you with the appropriate energy to handle it in a way for the highest and best good of ALL involved. Oftentimes, that is simply the best way to handle every situation ~ especially if you are not sure what to ask for ~ simply ask the Creator to assist you NOW in the highest and best way possible....the Creator knows what you need, but oftentimes, we will get in the way of our own highest good because we are oftentimes working from the limited perspective of our emotions and the Creator will honor your free will based on the power of your words and direction of your energy! I ask the Creator for help with everything in my life, I am constantly talking to The Creator, it is great to keep the line of communications flowing constantly, but just make sure your direction of thoughts, words and energy are focused on what you truly want. The article you mention was written to help people become more “conscious” of their energy and what they are asking for because many people either don’t know what they want or they are on auto pilot. In addition, we need to be careful about praying for others, oftentimes, people will pray for others in a way that asks for what "THEY" want to occur in the other persons life.... even though it may not be what the other person desires or even needs in their life. However, if we ask the Creator to help them with what they need for their highest and best good then the “ego will" is removed and we allow the Creator, who sees the bigger picture, to assist them in a way that is for "Their" highest and best good. So maintain a relationship with The Creator, consciously ask the Creator for what you want in a positive way....continue putting energy towards what you want, and make sure you know what it is you truly desire because the Creator and the Universe WILL give you what you ask for based on your direction of energy, and sometimes it may not be in the way you had expected. ~Sabrina Reber

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Thursday, April 11, 2013


QUESTION: How do you open, align, balance and activate the chakra system?

ANSWER: Chakras are energy portals to our higher consciousness and multidimensionality. Humanity has lifetimes of stored pain, trauma, unprocessed emotions, distorted energy forms and karma stored within the chakra system, which blocks us from an unadulterated connection with our Higher Self and the truth of our selves in the multi dimensions. At this time on the planet, the energetic distortions and karmic miasims ~ held within the chakra system ~ are being dislodged by the increasing photon light or christ light from the photon belt, galactic sun and heightened inner Earth energies. Because of this, many people are facing a spiritual healing christ-is or crisis in their life as they move through periods of the "dark night of the soul". This is actually a very positive sign of the clearing of the 7 seals or 7 physical chakras that are blocked with distorted energies. Energies that no longer serve us are coming up to be released and transmuted into a higher vibration. This is a process of soul alchemy....where we turn our darkness (lead) into the LIGHT (gold) of higher awareness and truth. The radiance of the gold energy from our crown chakra is our very own Christ Consciousness being activated within our being. Once it is activated we then have to fully integrate it into our seven chakra system and this is the process of stepping into our SELF-mastery.

As Christ says, "The Kingdom Of God Is Within" ~ Luke 17:21. In Revelation 8:6, it says "The seven angels who had the seven trumpets got ready to blow them." These are both symbolic of the "Return Of Christ"....the return of our very own Christ Consciousness, which directly relates to the clearing, activating, aligning and balancing of the seven chakra system/7 seals. Each chakra has an angel or a higher aspect of our self that is connected to these energy portals to our higher consciousness or multidimensionality. As each chakra is cleared enough for 51% of our dormant creator/kundalini energy to rise from the root chakra upwards to the crown chakra....the seven seals are broken and the trumpets will play. The chakras are located on the front and back of our being, and they are shaped like trumpets. In essence, once the kundalini energy is able to fully rise up the chakra system along the central LIGHT column (spine) the divine marriage of our shiva/shakti, our masculine and feminine energies will occur and our chakra system will become unified where we attain ONENESS with our Higher SELF and All That Is.

In order to heal and balance the entire chakra system, we need to make changes in our way of thinking and in our way of being. We also need to incorporate more spiritual life force energy into our energetic system so the higher vibrational energies can heal and transmute the energetic distortions with our chakra system. Energy is never dies. Our lower vibrational energy must be transformed into a higher vibrational frequency in order to ascend our consciousness.This requires soul alchemy and dedication to the "Spiritual Practice" of the transcendence of the ego and shadow consciousness, as well as, meditation, visualization exercises and any other spiritual practice you may feel drawn to such as energy healing, yoga, tai chi, chi kung etc... 

Chakra clearing is a journey, and if we are going to work with our chakras we need to work with all of them, as they are intimately connected and directly affect each other. Even after the kundalini rises, and the Christ Consciousness is activated.....the Christed energies need to be brought down and FULLY integrated into our chakra system so we can BE the living Christ's we have awakened ourselves to BE....and this is not an easy process. It takes effort, self observation and the willingness to transcend those things within our being that are being shown to us. "For once we were blind (blinded by ego consciousness) but now we see (clarity of soul consciousness). Self honesty and the willingness to SEE ourselves is the key to our self mastery and salvation from the 3rd dimension of separation, egoic/shadowy and dualistic consciousness. Once we face God, we face the SELF....any attempts to remain in denial about our inner workings and negative behavioral patterns will continue to lead to ignorance and tough soul lessons.

Every message I post on the "HOW TO RAISE YOUR VIBRATION" Facebook page, and my book "RAISE YOUR VIBRATION" are meant to help people attain a more life affirming belief system and lifestyle so we can each raise our vibrations high enough to attain our very own Christ Consciousness. Chakra work, is spiritual work ~ true healing is spiritual healing. It is the healing of our energy and consciousness! In order to heal the planet, it starts with the SELF....nothing will change until "each person" chooses to be pro-active in the process of soul alchemy. Once each person activates and integrates the Christ Within we will bring Heaven here down on Earth. Heaven is a state of consciousness. ~Sabrina Reber

If you would like to be pro-active in the activation of your Christ Consciousness click the link below for more information on the RAISE YOUR VIBRATION BOOK. 

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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Spiritual Parenting: Accepting Responsibility For Our Own Issues And Not Projecting Them Onto Our Kids: By Sabrina Reber

QUESTION: So, soul ascension requires us to solely focus on our own behavior and not judge others in anyway... to remain impartial and accepting ~ including our children? Yes?

ANSWER: Yes, especially with our kids! We should actually be more focused on our behavior than our kids, because it is our kids who are reflecting back to us the energy dynamics of our family. If a child is misbehaving...there is a reason, it should be seen as a warning sign for some sort of imbalance in the household. If we are wise and observant we will see that our children are our greatest teachers! Parents need to be very careful about projecting their issues onto their kids. For instance, a Mom who is unhappy with her weight, and is highly self conscious, will constantly be getting on to her children about what "they" are eating.....even though she is the one cooking and buying the food in the house. This creates a vicious cycle because the same negative self distortions and unhappiness with her weight will be projected on her kids and they too will grow into adulthood with the same negative beliefs. HOWEVER....we also must keep in mind , we are the chosen guides in our children's life until they are 24. It is irresponsible, unloving and karmically binding to not set boundaries with our kids. The key is grounded, clear, loving communication so every one understands what is acceptable and what is not ~ set up a healthy parental/child contract. In addition, always keep in mind parents are meant to be GUIDES, not controllers.....the best way we can guide is to be the example! After all, parents are the first God-like figures in a child's life....set a good example, provide a loving safe environment and grounded guidance, but we should also allow our children the free will to make their own soul choices when they are of age to do so. ~Sabrina