Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Ascension requires everyone to understand that you nor anyone else is ever separated from the Creator. Therefore, the Creator is fully aware of everything going on within and around you. EVERYTHING happens for a divine reason.

The reason people are born into difficult situations is due to KARMA. Karma is not punishment. Karma is off pitched vibrations in the human energy system that simply seeks  energy balance. Each soul along with a team of spiritual advisors ~ with final approval from the Creator, chooses their major life lessons and key players before they even incarnate into a physical body. Yes, we each still have "free will" and not everything is set in stone, however family situations and major life events are agreed upon based on the lessons the soul needs to learn.

Absolutely nothing happens without higher self approval. No one is a victim! Whether it be through our own subconscious energy, the law of attraction, karma or simply an agreed upon life experience to learn and grow from ~ everything that happens to us is here to help us evolve and advance our souls so we can remember who we are and return to LOVE.

The longer people stay in victim, separation, dualistic, evil/good consciousness ~ refusing to accept personal responsibility for their own lives, soul lessons and healing the longer they will not be able to rise above the lower self/egoic consciousness that keeps them enslaved. The sooner people understand that whatever is happening to them is an opportunity for a deeper level of healing ~ the sooner they will be able to learn and integrate the soul lessons that are being shown to them.

If you are submersed in evil circumstances then you attracted those situations to you, and it is only you who will be able to shift your energy into a new direction so you can create change within your being for a better future. Evil is actually "live" spelled backwards....evil means you are living backwards from the universal laws of the Creator. Evil also means you  have a veil (evil) over your consciousness and you are veiled from your truth and light. The veil is of the ego and it must be removed before you will fully be able to put on 
your garments of light. 

The spiritual path is the path of personal responsibility is about transforming your self and your energy. If people do not accept responsibility for their creations, they will never be able to stand in a place of empowerment to create the change they so desire....they will always loose their power expecting someone else to make the changes for them when they had the power to create change all along. 

Denial of your creations will keep you in a vicious cycle of re-creation. The inner path of soul healing and self responsibility leads to salvation....the outer path of victim consciousness, projections and staying focused on other people's soul lessons will lead to the world of illusions and more pain. The spiritual path requires us to look at things from a higher perspective.....however the ego will keep you looking at things solely from the human perspective which is full of criticism, opinions, limitations and judgments......the ego can never see the spiritual solution. The ego "Edges God Out" and makes you feel like you are victim ~ when you are actually a Creator Being. 

Only those who have ears to hear and eyes to see will be able to see reality for what it truly is. In order to get to this place; we each must accept personal responsibility for the expansion, healing and transformation of our energy.