Monday, March 26, 2012

Shine LIGHT On Your Darkness

Our planet is set to transform. We are in the process of chaos before the birth of our magnificence. We are being asked to let go of those energies, beliefs, thought forms, programs, repetitive behavioral patterns and limitations that have kept us bound to the 3rd dimension of duality and separation consciousness.

In order to RE-member who we truly are, we must let go of the old so we can make room in our energy field for the reunion of our true divine essence. The healing of this planet will occur, when each of us have become self actualized, and have had a direct experience of God/Goddess/Oneness with all things. Through the purification of our energy/chakra system we open ourselves up to our TRUTH, and it is the truth that will set us free.

The LIGHT is the truth, and it is increasing on this planet through solar flares from the sun, crystalline energies from the galactic center and divine feminine energies from the center of the Earth. All darkness, limitations, shadows, and fears will be brought forth for us to "see" and transcend.

Whenever you find yourself in a moment of deep healing and purging.... consumed by the darkness of your perceived limitations, know that this is when the greatest LIGHT/TRUTH/KNOWLEDGE can be discovered. State:

"Great being of LIGHT ~ please shine down on me! Show me ~ what it is, I need to see, so I can move forward into greater awareness for my highest and best good. ~ Thank you."

Visualize this LIGHT coming from above, below and all around are in this LIGHT, and you have become ONE with it. Silence your mind and listen with your heart.....this is the guidance that will help you heal and transcend any chaos or discord you may be experiencing.

Know that you are made from the LIGHT and the LIGHT is always with you. From the power of your own free will, call forth the LIGHT when you need it! The comforts of our illusions and denials will no longer serve forth the LIGHT so you can see and step into the LIGHT of greater awareness.

~ Sabrina

Photograph By: Sølve Sundsbø in Vogue Italia, February 2011

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Taking Dominion Over Our Negative Thinking

QUESTION: How can I stop intrusive thoughts? It's an old behavior pattern for me to obsess about things, and while my conscious mind wants to stop thinking about things, the subconscious mind keeps popping it back into my mind. How can I reconcile these two?
ANSWER: When we are in mind chatter we are usually in the disappointments of the past or the expectations/what if's of the future. In order to be in a place of power, we need to focus our thoughts on what we want, and stop the unconscious behavioral pattern of unwanted creation. Whatever we are thinking....we are creating! Everything on planet Earth is here because it is a THOUGHT FORM of divine energy. That is how powerful our thoughts are ~ they create our circumstances....our reality, our world! 
Many people who are currently on the spiritual path are experiencing the negative circumstances of their previous thoughts, emotions and feelings. Thoughts combined with strong emotion are HIGHLY CREATIVE! Our thoughts are vibrations within our energy field, so if we have spent most of our lives on auto pilot....totally unconscious of how powerful our thoughts were, then it will take time to process through all the distorted thought forms (energy forms) of our past that are currently magnetizing unwanted events in our life now.
In order to to change our future we have to change our NOW. Becoming conscious of our thoughts and what we are creating is the first step. The second step is to take dominion over our thoughts so we can direct and refocus them on what we want, not what we don't want. You do this by simply ~ changing your thought! You can also command your God Self to come forward and take dominion over your negative thinking, and then do your part to stay focused on something positive and more life affirming. This will take effort! 

Energy always follows thought! Always! Where we focus our attention is precious. When you notice you have fallen out of alignment with your higher consciousness, give thanks for the recognition, and redirect your energy towards what you want....not what you don't want. ~Sabrina

Here are a few articles about the power of your thoughts and how to change them. It will take to time to re-correct negative behavioral patterns. 


Friday, March 16, 2012

Christ Consciousness ~ The Holy Grail Is Found Within!

The return of Christ is the return of our 12 Chakra Christ Consciousness ~ 12 helix system ~ the activation of our 12 strands of DNA. 
The dormant strands of DNA ~ what scientist call JUNK DNA ~ is actually our spiritual DNA, and it is being activated and returned to us NOW. 
The first part of returning yourself to your divine birthright of your own Christ Consciousness is to first recognize that you are more than your physical must first understand that you are divine eternal SPIRIT! Once you understand you were made from the energy of LOVE and you are LOVE ~ you will also be able to recognize that everyone else is also made from LOVE.... regardless of the perceived distortions and illusions we have all created for ourselves in this dimension of duality. The recognition of LOVE...of our own DIVINE UNITY catapults us into receiving greater LIGHT. 
The next step is to use this LIGHT and greater awareness to purify, open and align the 7 main physical chakras so the higher vibrational energies of our Christ Self can safely descend into our 7 chakra bodily system breaking the seven seals that have been placed over the main physical body chakras for many, many lifetimes......that have kept us from reaching our highest soul's potential. 
The physical body (temple of the grail) and the emotional and mental bodies (SOUL) must be prepared and purified before the soul body can be infused with the Holy Spirit/Christ Self. Each of our Seven Chakras (Seven Seals) must be cleared, aligned and balanced before the activation of the Christ Consciousness can occur. The seven seals represent the seven levels of man's development and what we must transform and purify so we can activate our Christ Consciousness and step into our LIGHT BODY. It takes effort to put on our garments of LIGHT! We must climb the mountain of self ~ Rise to the Mount of Spirit for our own personal transfiguration to occur.....and this climb begins with the purification of the distorted consciousness contained within our seven chakra system.
Many of us are going through a deep emotional purging NOW. We are transfiguring ourselves! We are turning our darkness into Light ~ our coal into gold....this is a process of alchemy! Whatever we have stored in our chakras ~ that is not of the LIGHT/TRUTH ~ is coming up for us to process through so we can release it. A lot of these distortions are "lessons", karma, off pitched vibrations... we have not learned in the past, so they are all coming up very rapidly for us to see and transcend in this NOW moment. We can not take these distortions with us into the new energy of the new Earth....whatever comes up for you ~ observe it, feel it and allow it to flow through you so you can release it. 
For those of you having difficulty getting through this transformational process you may be interested in my book "Raise Your Vibration". It will help you make sense of this incredibly powerful, yet confusing time period we have all been blessed to participate in. Click Below for more information on the book:

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Expansion of Consciousness ~ Expansion of the True Self

It is our consciousness that creates our reality. Our consciousness is the TOTALITY of our being ~ both conscious and unconscious aspects. Our consciousness consists of our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual aspects.

The more spiritual energy we are able to tap into from our "higher" aspects ~ the greater, more expansive our consciousness will be. Higher consciousness does not mean better simply means MORE consciousness. 

Everyone has the exact same potential to tap into their higher, more expansive consciousness. All that is required is the desire and commitment to to rise in vibrational frequency. The higher our vibration, the more LIGHT/WISDOM/CONSCIOUSNESS we are able to tap into.

"Raise Your Vibration" is a book I have written to help guide people through the process of emotional, mental, physical and spiritual healing. It will help you get focused on the specific areas in your life that are keeping you from reaching your soul's highest vibrational potential in this lifetime.  CLICK HERE to learn more about the book and how to order.

Art By: Martina Hoffman "The ONE in ALL"

Shields Of Protection

We have an unconscious human defense system (the ego) that likes to hold onto pain and trauma. This unconscious/defensive part of ourselves builds up walls around the heart ~ shields of protection ~ thinking it will prevent us from experiencing further heart ache in the future. But, these walls of protection actually block us from feeling and processing through our pain....we literally hold the pain to us ~ in our energy fields ~ instead of releasing it ~ which will only attract more of that kind of energy towards us. Like energies attract like order to experience a life of joy, happiness, ease and grace....all the walls of pain, trauma, fear, unforgiveness and judgment need to be released so we can attract to us what we truly want ~ which is LOVE. The ego is will tell you, you have no shields over your heart. It will tell you that you love deeply and the problem is not with you, but with other people. However, the spiritual path is the inner is about accepting responsibility for your SELF and your inner workings and the world that you create to learn and experience from. The inner path is about being really honest with your SELF so you can recognize the illusions, denials, projections, beliefs, blocks you have that keep you from accessing the TRUTH of your highest soul's potential.

Everything in our lives, has been attracted to us from the workings of our own energy field (consciousness). It is our consciousness that creates our reality! Until we accept this about ourselves, we are powerless to create CHANGE. In order to "BE" the change we wish to see in this world, we must first clear up the denials, distortions and illusions working within ourselves so we can truly BE the energy we so desire to BE.  ~ Sabrina

Art By: Helena Nelson- Reed