Friday, March 16, 2012

Christ Consciousness ~ The Holy Grail Is Found Within!

The return of Christ is the return of our 12 Chakra Christ Consciousness ~ 12 helix system ~ the activation of our 12 strands of DNA. 
The dormant strands of DNA ~ what scientist call JUNK DNA ~ is actually our spiritual DNA, and it is being activated and returned to us NOW. 
The first part of returning yourself to your divine birthright of your own Christ Consciousness is to first recognize that you are more than your physical must first understand that you are divine eternal SPIRIT! Once you understand you were made from the energy of LOVE and you are LOVE ~ you will also be able to recognize that everyone else is also made from LOVE.... regardless of the perceived distortions and illusions we have all created for ourselves in this dimension of duality. The recognition of LOVE...of our own DIVINE UNITY catapults us into receiving greater LIGHT. 
The next step is to use this LIGHT and greater awareness to purify, open and align the 7 main physical chakras so the higher vibrational energies of our Christ Self can safely descend into our 7 chakra bodily system breaking the seven seals that have been placed over the main physical body chakras for many, many lifetimes......that have kept us from reaching our highest soul's potential. 
The physical body (temple of the grail) and the emotional and mental bodies (SOUL) must be prepared and purified before the soul body can be infused with the Holy Spirit/Christ Self. Each of our Seven Chakras (Seven Seals) must be cleared, aligned and balanced before the activation of the Christ Consciousness can occur. The seven seals represent the seven levels of man's development and what we must transform and purify so we can activate our Christ Consciousness and step into our LIGHT BODY. It takes effort to put on our garments of LIGHT! We must climb the mountain of self ~ Rise to the Mount of Spirit for our own personal transfiguration to occur.....and this climb begins with the purification of the distorted consciousness contained within our seven chakra system.
Many of us are going through a deep emotional purging NOW. We are transfiguring ourselves! We are turning our darkness into Light ~ our coal into gold....this is a process of alchemy! Whatever we have stored in our chakras ~ that is not of the LIGHT/TRUTH ~ is coming up for us to process through so we can release it. A lot of these distortions are "lessons", karma, off pitched vibrations... we have not learned in the past, so they are all coming up very rapidly for us to see and transcend in this NOW moment. We can not take these distortions with us into the new energy of the new Earth....whatever comes up for you ~ observe it, feel it and allow it to flow through you so you can release it. 
For those of you having difficulty getting through this transformational process you may be interested in my book "Raise Your Vibration". It will help you make sense of this incredibly powerful, yet confusing time period we have all been blessed to participate in. Click Below for more information on the book:

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