Monday, March 26, 2012

Shine LIGHT On Your Darkness

Our planet is set to transform. We are in the process of chaos before the birth of our magnificence. We are being asked to let go of those energies, beliefs, thought forms, programs, repetitive behavioral patterns and limitations that have kept us bound to the 3rd dimension of duality and separation consciousness.

In order to RE-member who we truly are, we must let go of the old so we can make room in our energy field for the reunion of our true divine essence. The healing of this planet will occur, when each of us have become self actualized, and have had a direct experience of God/Goddess/Oneness with all things. Through the purification of our energy/chakra system we open ourselves up to our TRUTH, and it is the truth that will set us free.

The LIGHT is the truth, and it is increasing on this planet through solar flares from the sun, crystalline energies from the galactic center and divine feminine energies from the center of the Earth. All darkness, limitations, shadows, and fears will be brought forth for us to "see" and transcend.

Whenever you find yourself in a moment of deep healing and purging.... consumed by the darkness of your perceived limitations, know that this is when the greatest LIGHT/TRUTH/KNOWLEDGE can be discovered. State:

"Great being of LIGHT ~ please shine down on me! Show me ~ what it is, I need to see, so I can move forward into greater awareness for my highest and best good. ~ Thank you."

Visualize this LIGHT coming from above, below and all around are in this LIGHT, and you have become ONE with it. Silence your mind and listen with your heart.....this is the guidance that will help you heal and transcend any chaos or discord you may be experiencing.

Know that you are made from the LIGHT and the LIGHT is always with you. From the power of your own free will, call forth the LIGHT when you need it! The comforts of our illusions and denials will no longer serve forth the LIGHT so you can see and step into the LIGHT of greater awareness.

~ Sabrina

Photograph By: Sølve Sundsbø in Vogue Italia, February 2011

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