Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Taking Dominion Over Our Negative Thinking

QUESTION: How can I stop intrusive thoughts? It's an old behavior pattern for me to obsess about things, and while my conscious mind wants to stop thinking about things, the subconscious mind keeps popping it back into my mind. How can I reconcile these two?
ANSWER: When we are in mind chatter we are usually in the disappointments of the past or the expectations/what if's of the future. In order to be in a place of power, we need to focus our thoughts on what we want, and stop the unconscious behavioral pattern of unwanted creation. Whatever we are thinking....we are creating! Everything on planet Earth is here because it is a THOUGHT FORM of divine energy. That is how powerful our thoughts are ~ they create our circumstances....our reality, our world! 
Many people who are currently on the spiritual path are experiencing the negative circumstances of their previous thoughts, emotions and feelings. Thoughts combined with strong emotion are HIGHLY CREATIVE! Our thoughts are vibrations within our energy field, so if we have spent most of our lives on auto pilot....totally unconscious of how powerful our thoughts were, then it will take time to process through all the distorted thought forms (energy forms) of our past that are currently magnetizing unwanted events in our life now.
In order to to change our future we have to change our NOW. Becoming conscious of our thoughts and what we are creating is the first step. The second step is to take dominion over our thoughts so we can direct and refocus them on what we want, not what we don't want. You do this by simply ~ changing your thought! You can also command your God Self to come forward and take dominion over your negative thinking, and then do your part to stay focused on something positive and more life affirming. This will take effort! 

Energy always follows thought! Always! Where we focus our attention is precious. When you notice you have fallen out of alignment with your higher consciousness, give thanks for the recognition, and redirect your energy towards what you want....not what you don't want. ~Sabrina

Here are a few articles about the power of your thoughts and how to change them. It will take to time to re-correct negative behavioral patterns. 



  1. Hi Sabrina,
    Question, Are we destined to play out the negative thoughts, feelings and energy of our past because we've, in essence, put an order in for them? I've seen my past negative energies come back to me, despite being in a better mental state and now am concerned that I've set something into motion that has to, by law (because of my "previous" state of mind, thoughts and feelings)will show up. How do I divert this process that has already been set into motion? Thank you for your work as it has shed much light on a dark subject. <3

    1. Thank you Sabrina for posting.
      We have been practicing an exercise that may be useful. My guide & I go into a sacred healing room that we have created (virtually) My physical body is 'gracefully ushered into the room' by my guide/soul self, there we offer a healing. We begin with making the client comfortable/safe/spiritually nourished. Then (by permission) we begin to clear any negative emotion/feeling/experience in the first chakra. Filling the chakra with unconditional Love/Divine Light. When an experience or emotion wells up, the client is asked to send love & Hoponopono to that experience/feeling. When that is complete, the cells are filled with Divine Light/Unconditional Love by the client whom we assist in this process. We work through each chakra in succession, SLOWLY over days or weeks, months, gracefully/gently/lovingly releasing anything that no longer serves, in this lifetime or any other. For the client (ourselves) or any ancestral lineage that may be connected through our DNA/RNA/cellular memory. Please allow the process to unfold gracefully, ask for only what, you are capable of releasing comfortably, at this time. Repeat as needed, give yourself unconditional love as we release anything that no longer aligns with our Divine Blueprint. Enjoy the ride <3

  2. Please whom ever is using that on their blog. it will not let me comment on it. but if you can, please ask him to cite the picture. the artist could use all the publicity he can get. the death metal worlds is very tiny, and doesn't pay too well, id love to see him use it, but I'm sure a lot of people liked the picture and would like to see similar types of metaphysical art. enjoy
    Tony Koehl

    1. Yes, of course! I am grateful to know who the artist is. Wonderful work! Thank you!

  3. Yes, of course! I am grateful to know who the artist is. Thank you!


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