Sunday, December 30, 2012

Transforming Our Lower Self: Traits Of The EGO and SOUL: By Sabrina Reber

Raising our vibration requires us to embody as many aspects of our spiritual self as possible. You will notice you have aspects of both the negative ego and the spiritual self. Humans are not perfect! Every human has a negative ego. We are here to learn lessons and grow from our current level of consciousness into a more expanded one. Oftentimes, we will make great progress and develop a very strong spiritual self. However, the lower self is still a part of our being and it will reveal itself in very subtle ways. It is our responsibility to stop denying this part of our being and recognize when it overshadows our spiritual self. Self-awareness, self-honesty and the willingness to self transcend is all that’s required to make progress. Our consciousness cannot be expanded if we choose not to look at our lower self ego and learn the lessons it is trying to teach us. There is always a lesson in every interaction! Self love and compassion for yourself, as well as, others is absolutely necessary while we all undergo the transformation of the lower self. 



Not recognizing the divinity in yourself or others                        


Recognizing divinity in self and ALL living things      
Seeing yourself as separateKnowing you are connected to everything to everything
Focuses on differencesRecognizes similarities
Intellect (Mind)Intuition (Heart)
Past or FutureFully in the Present Moment
Fear (false evidence appearing real)Courage
Right / Wrong to learn fromEverything is an experience
Better / WorseEverything has value
Good /BadAcceptance
Outer PathInner Path
Conditional LoveUnconditional Love
BlamePersonal Responsibility
ConformityAuthentic Life
Power & ControlSurrender & Acceptance
SuperiorEmpowered & Sees the Potential in All
Lack of Self WorthSelf-love
Personality Self / EgoSpiritual Self / Soul / God
Fear / DarkLove / God Light
Self Worth Sought through MaterialismRecognizes Self Divinity, Abundant with Spirit
BlockedIn the flow
Victim ConsciousnessEmpowered Consciousness
Denies mistakesLearns from mistakes
Defensive / AggressiveCompassionate / Peaceful
ExclusiveAbsolute Inclusiveness
Compares Itself to OthersSees Itself in Everyone

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Spiritual Teacher/Healer/Student Relationship. Common Problems And How To Address Them: By Sabrina Reber.

QUESTION: My question is in terms of relationships that, as Pema Chodron says, are "meant to push your buttons". Specifically, the teacher/student relationship. In your own experience, how do you know when that relationship is completely over, and it's time for the next teacher, and when that relationship is just ready to be transformed and taken to the next level? The teacher/student relationship is fraught with adversarial conflict and compassionate detachment, as well as great commitment. It's one of the trickier ones in my own life..I want to raise my vibration so I can continue with my teacher, and it's incredibly challenging. Thank you for taking the time to contemplate this, especially since you are a teacher and we are your students too!

ANSWER: First of all, I would say we are meant to have MANY spiritual teachers, and healers along our spiritual journey. Each teacher will provide us something NEW to further expand our growth. If we remain with only one teacher we will greatly limit ourselves. We need to be very careful about becoming comfortable, co-dependent and attached to our spiritual teacher. The student always needs to be discerning with the information and teachings the teacher is presenting, as well as, be discerning with PROJECTIONS from your SELF, as well as, from the teacher. This will require extreme self honesty and self introspection on both parties ~ so be very careful of a teacher who no longer feels they need to do inner work.....we are all a work in progress! The teacher is learning and evolving as well!

The teacher/student relationship can become highly destructive, and harmful to your soul if the teacher begins to take away your FREE WILL. The teacher needs to always respect and honor where you are on your journey, and this requires EXTREME patience. The teacher is truly there to help you SEE your self, and also to help you develop and build confidence in your OWN inner voice and intuitive guidance system. This is where it can get messy because the student is oftentimes in denial, and may not truly want or be able to “SEE” themselves. If the teacher is not careful they may step out of their heart space, and become frustrated...perhaps even angry and controlling. Never forget the teacher is human, and working on their stuff too! A frustrated teacher would be very counterproductive because the teacher may start to tell the student how they should live their life, how they should feel and where they should be along their journey, and this is totally out of alignment with the students highest and best good because the teachers main role is to GUIDE, INSPIRE and help the student ACTIVATE and TRUST the inner voice within.

I personally do not resonate with the belief “relationships are meant to push our buttons” is true relationships can show us our character defects, but if we believe relationships are meant to push our buttons then that is exactly what we will create for ourselves ~ toxic relationships that keep us in a negative learning cycle. In addition, our belief will get us to behave in ways that always push other peoples buttons....and guess what, they will push our buttons back! What we put out, we always get back! We are moving out of the old paradigm of dualistic, negative, karmic co-creation! We have a choice (we always have had this choice but did not have the awareness) to create learning lessons through positive loving interactions or negative fearful interactions. Wherever our focus of attention/intention is aligned is what we will manifest for our self. Are we aligned with free will, love and compassion towards our SELF, and others, or are we aligned with the fear of trying to control others through the pushing of their buttons to get what we want? The “pushing of buttons” is a control mechanism based on duality ~ ego separation ~ where we unconsciously, and sometimes consciously, manipulate others not realizing what we do to them we also do to our SELf ~ because we are ONE.

Now, that is not to say ~ If we choose Loving Interactions over fearful ones ~ we will never create a negative learning experience with another soul again. Many of our relationships are contracted, and they are the catalyst for our greatest learning lessons. Our higher self is an ascended master, but our souls are still learning lessons in self mastery. We are becoming more conscious of the direction of our soul’s energy and the vibration we are emitting however, I have personally not met anyone who has total mastery over their mind, and complete energetic system. We are all still learning and being given the opportunity to self master sometimes through difficult interactions however, we do not want to keep our energy aligned with negative co-creation....we want to stay focused on what we do want, not what we don’t want. 

I choose to be a presence of LOVE, and if I have someone in my life who REPETITIVELY “pushes my buttons” then I will first have to be really honest with my SELF and ask myself: “Why is this person here? What are they wanting to teach me, and is this THEIR lesson or is this mine? Perhaps the lesson is for both people....but not always. Given the diversity in levels of consciousness at this time on the planet ~ where many souls are ascending while some resist their expansion in consciousness ~ extreme discernment, self honesty and self introspection will be required for us to figure out what is being reflected to us. Oftentimes, you will discover the reflection is the energy of chaos and fear within both people (negative elementals and negative thought forms in the chakra system) that is stirring up trouble trying to throw each person off balance so more negativity can enter into each persons energetic system. Be discerning! Sometimes these interactions are created so your LIGHT can be stolen and diminished. 

We live in energetically transformational times, and not all energies are wanting to return to the LIGHT of greater awareness so they are stirring up chaos and turmoil! Keep your energy field in tact ~ stay aligned and grounded within your higher self! If someone greatly upsets you, and you become angry your energy field may expand very rapidly, and open up space for something negative to come will really need to address whether this relationship is worth putting your energy at risk! If someone is purposefully, repetitively pushing your buttons ~ ask your self if this is something you would like to continue to experience. You have free will, and you are the director of your life.....what do you want to experience? If this is something you feel you have had enough of ~ 
re-direct your energy and your focus. Release what no longer serves you, integrate a higher consciousness into your being by learning the lessons from this interaction, and move on towards something more life affirming. If you re-attract a similar interaction in the future, use the wisdom you gained from the previous situation, and handle it differently ~ show the universe you are evolving and mastering the need to recreate negative situations in your to the universe you can remain aligned with the LOVE of your higher self regardless of what is happening around you.

The teacher, healer, student role is a tricky one. It requires both people to respect each other, and requires tremendous self honesty and trust from both people. The teacher can become attached to the student just as much as the student can become attached to the teacher. When it is time to for the student to move on to a new teacher....the energy will become uncomfortable for both people, and if you remain in this relationship the Universe will end it very abruptly, and oftentimes painfully for you because you did not listen to the warning signs! This is part of your lesson in DISCERNMENT! In addition, the teacher also needs to be able to tap into the direction of energy with their students, and be willing to recommend to the student that it is time for them to allow the Universe to guide them to their next teacher that will support them on the evolution of their soul’s journey. Another very important aspect is the student should not DUAL with the teacher! BE RESPECTFUL! It is egoic and disrespectful to constantly be trying to challenge your teacher during your session. Simply take what resonates and leave the rest behind.... and if you no longer resonate with the teachers messages ~ then clearly it is time for you to find a teacher who you do resonate with.

I highly suggest for spiritual teachers, healers and aspiring students to read the book: “THE ETHICS OF CARING": Honoring The Web Of Life In Our Professional Healing Relationships By:Kylea Taylor. This book will greatly help you understand the dynamics of these relationships, and help you not fall into the common pitfalls that can create great confusion and pain.

Always keep in mind, the greatest teacher, friend and advisor is your HIGHER SELF! We need spiritual teachers in this dimension to help us activate our higher wisdom and to inspire us to move beyond our comfort zones ~ not put the spiritual teacher above the wisdom of the intuitive guidance from your HIGHER SELF. 

~ Sabrina


Thursday, November 29, 2012



I have been doing this same meditation for 6 years. I do this one first, and then I focus on my chakras, but "Bringing In The Light" is the only one you need to do. The more you meditate and visualize....the easier it will become.

Meditation and Visualization are powerful tools for healing and transformation! Creation is a thought in the mind of God. We are made in the image and likeness of God, therefore, we have the same creative powers as God. We must continue focusing on what we want to create in our lives! That’s why visualization is so important because it trains our mind to take our thoughts and put them into words and pictures. When we think about something, see it in our minds eye (visualize it) and allow ourselves to believe and feel it is occurring we create exactly what we are focused on. That’s how powerful we are! Visualization is real, do not let the ego mind trick you into believing this is fantasy.



Find a quiet place. Sit under a tree, lie on your bed or sit in your car. Make sure your spine is straight. It doesn’t matter where you are the light is always with you.

Close your eyes and ask God to surround you with his love and healing light. See your self surrounded and immersed in a bubble of white light.

Slowly take a minimum of TEN deep breaths filling your lungs to capacity and HOLD until you need to exhale. Deep breathing helps you enter into an altered state of consciousness and helps you relax. Deep breathing is very important and is an essential component to helping you connect to your soul getting the most out of your meditations.

Visualize a gold or white ball of light above your head. This is where your God self resides! Do not allow yourself to get hung up on the specifics of visualization. Whatever you visualize is what is right for you.
State your intention OUT LOUD:


See the light of your God self entering and filling the top of your head, moving down your face, neck, shoulders, arms, heart, stomach, pelvis, legs and out your feet into the Earth.

Observe yourself filled with Gods light and bask in it for as long as you like. Focus on the light, releasing all thoughts. Allow yourself to just “BE”. The longer you allow yourself to meditate the more relaxed you will become and the more likely you will be able to access a very positive mental state of Alpha and Theta brainwaves.

If you have areas in your physical body that need additional healing, you can focus your consciousness in that area filling it with additional light intending it to be healed.

When you are ready, give thanks to God for sharing his/her love and healing light.

Commit yourself to doing this meditation EVERYDAY. This meditation does not have to take a lot of time. I recommend 10-15 minutes a day to begin with. Everyone can find ten minutes out of their day to commune with their God self. Don’t let your ego make excuses! Like everything, visualization and meditation takes time to get use to. Obviously, the longer you stay in a meditation the greater the results. Make the decision to do this meditation everyday for one month. By the end of the month, it will not require as much focus and it will begin to come naturally. You will actually look forward to your quite time with your Spirit. You will also begin to notice subtle changes in your moods, emotions, ability to concentrate, reasoning skills and an overall since of inner peace.

In the beginning you may have thoughts racing through your mind, you may doubt or question the process. You may think this is silly, abnormal and a waste of your time and you may run into fear because you have never done this before. You may even think you are doing something wrong! This is completely normal. Don’t focus on it, allow these thoughts to surface and release them. Your egoic mind will try to tell you this is a waste of time because it knows meditation will bring your Spirit and ego into balance and your ego does not want to give up control! You cannot do anything wrong when you begin to meditate. Whatever occurs is suppose to occur and is part of you surrendering to your God Self and relinquishing your ego.

It takes time to train the mind to sit in silence. After your 10 minute meditation you can practice 3 minute fast-fix meditations throughout your day to keep you balanced and centered. The more you put into it the more you will get out of it. Your fast-fix meditations can bring in the light while sitting in the doctors office, waiting for the kids in the car pick up line, on your lunch break, before you get out of bed in the morning, during TV commercials, before you go to bed at night or when you have fallen off center due to some sort of upset. It doesn’t matter where you do it - just do it.

(Fast fix meditations are the same things as "bringing in the light" but they are done quickly.) ~ SABRINA

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Creator And Co-Creators Of Our Current Realities

QUESTION: What do you mean by co-creator, because in my mind I am the creator and everything is. I see myself in everything.

ANSWER: That is GREAT you see your self in everything. You are demonstrating Unity/God Consciousness, which is 5th dimensional consciousness. You are not limited or bound by egoic 3rd dimensional consciousness, which is based on separation and duality. You are able to "SEE" your self in others, and you understand ~ what you do to another, you actually do to your self.

It is true you are the creator of your life based on the quality of your energetic frequency ~ your thoughts, emotions, feelings beliefs and energetic soul imprints from your total soul experience over many, many lifetimes. You are the creator of "your" unique soul experience, which is constantly interacting with other co-creator souls who have "free will".....this is why I use the term co-creator because we live in a world/dimension that is created by the MANY soul extensions of the ONE Universal Supreme Being.

Each one of us are the a co-creators of our personal world within the ENERGY of the ONE. We are each soul extensions from the ONE MAIN CREATOR who oversees all of creation and maintains control over the creation of the many different dimensions, worlds and Universes. 

You are god/dess within the energy of GOD/dess.....inseparable from the ONE and you have many, many aspects of yourself that live within the multi-dimensions of your SELF.

There are many within the ONE.....we are each individuated unique creator aspects of the Supreme Being. ~ Sabrina

Thursday, October 4, 2012

How To Open, Clear And Activate The Chakra System: By Sabrina Reber

Once the seven chakras have been purified ~ where 51% of our divine spiritual energy is able to flow through our system ~ the divine energy from the kundalini will rise, breaking the seven seals that have been placed over our seven chakras that have kept us veiled and bound by the duality of the 3rd dimension. Once the veils of amnesia/blocks are removed our higher/spiritual chakras will be activated, and we will continue to open and expand our being based on our commitment and level of dedication to our "spiritual practice". There are many, many chakras beyond the 7 ~ but it is the 7 primary chakras that are the rainbow bridge that connect our physical body to our Divine Spirit.

The best way to open and purify the seven chakras is through:

2. Meditation and Visualization
3. Energy work such as Pranic Healing, Reiki, DNA Theta, Cranial Sacral or any other energetic modality
4. Yoga, Qi Gong, Tai Chi or any kind of exercise will increase energy circulation through our chakra system and break up old stagnant blocks.
5. Allowing yourself to process through your emotions and feelings by "FEELING" them. Stored unprocessed feelings create blocks in the chakras that block the flow of divine energy.
6. Practicing Self Love and Oneness
7. Living an AUTHENTIC life.
8. Speaking Our Truth with words of LOVE.
9. Expressing Gratitude.
10. Channeling Creative Energies through art, dance, cooking, writing, singing etc....
11. Energy activations such as a Reiki Attunement, Deeksha, DNA Activation etc.....

I have read several teachings where people are saying ~ if you do not focus on your higher chakras, those above the seven ~ you will be limited and holding yourself back. However, from my perspective, the only way you could hold yourself back is if you don't do any spiritual work at all, and you choose to keep your self stuck in shadow and ego consciousness. In addition, the higher spiritual chakras simply will not open until the lower seven have been purified. Each chakra is a doorway or portal into higher consciousness and once they are understood, opened and cleared we move into a state of wholeness bringing our Spirit down into matter. Once this occurs, then we can focus on the higher ones and our spiritual self will continue to open and expand those that we are ready to have activated ~ based on our level of vibration.

If we get over zealous in our spiritual practice thinking we can skip over the building blocks of our spiritual expansion we may run into problems. It is kind of like a baby learning how to walk. First we must build up our muscles to lift ourselves up, then we begin to crawl, then we begin to walk and then we begin to run! We don't just come out of the womb ready to run....there are prerequisites and stages to our development and we want our spiritual expansion to be safe and GROUNDED. Too much too soon can be overwhelming.

During meditations and visualizations, AFTER you have spent time with the intention to clear your 7 chakras, you can connect with your HEART and CROWN space directly above your head. Send love to these areas and know that you are deeply loved and fully supported. The raising of divine spiritual energy from the root chakra ~ all the way up the spine ~ to the crown chakra requires PATIENCE, TRUST, FAITH and SELF PURIFICATION. Divine energy will rise at exactly the right time for each soul's journey. Your focused attention on meditation and the clearing of your chakras/energy fields, as well as, your desire to live a life of "good will" will activate your dormant kundalini energy to rise when your system has been adequately prepared. Please do not force the process.

The "RAISE YOUR VIBRATION" book is also a wonderful resource to guide you through the process of soul purification and ascension in consciousness. CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE

CLICK HERE to be taken to a chakra clearing exercise.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Talking about Spiritual Concepts And Integrating Them: By Sabrina Reber

Talking about spiritual concepts, and integrating them into our being are two completely different things. The ego loves to keep us thinking and speaking about what we are learning ~ but the soul and higher self know that it is in the practice of silence and BEING where true expansion occurs. 

Read books, take classes, join spiritual groups, enjoy the Spiritual Facebook posts....but make sure you are taking the time to meditate, and be willing to observe your SELF in all of your daily interactions. Soul transcendence and salvation requires the constant willingness to improve and integrate more light into our being. It is a process.

Every night before you go to sleep. Reflect on your day.....acknowledge the behaviors that were shadowy....where did you project your shadows onto someone else? Be willing to see them so you can transcend them, and also notice the areas where you shined your LIGHT on your self and others. When you awaken ~ give thanks for your life, and set your intentions for your day ~ perhaps you could state some affirmations to help you improve those things that need to be brought into balance:

I RELEASE THE NEED TO BE RIGHT (This does not mean you don't speak your truth when you "feel" it is a VALID use of your energy. This affirmation simply means....I state my truth without being attached to whether people choose to accept it or not. State it, and then don't let the ego dual with others. (Duality and Separation Consciousness)

Whatever you had difficulties with the day before are wonderful examples of what your affirmations for the next day can be. One thing you DO NOT WANT to do is ask The Creator to help you achieve more ____________. If you do this, The Creator will give you soul lessons to help you learn how to be ___________. Just state what you want. For example, it is better to say I AM PATIENT because you actually create the energy of patience for your self. However if you say, "Creator please help me be more patient", then the Creator will lovingly help you by giving you one situation after another where people will trigger your impatience. 

The key is to create, and BE the energy you want for your self each day.....there is no need to talk about it. Create it and BE it! ~ Sabrina

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Staying In Alignment With Loving Energies So We Don't Feed The Fearful Energies: By Sabrina Reber

There are external and internal energies that can greatly affect us....but only if we allow them to! These energies have a very dim sputter of light left in their being ~ so in order to survive they need to stir up trouble and chaos within us so they can feed off of OUR LIGHT. Oftentimes, these energies are attached to other people who constantly give them the fuel they need to survive ~ and they
 will work through these people creating arguments, misunderstandings and negative situations so they can get their fix. Most of the time, painful arguments are not even between the people, but are between the negative energies that are attached to them.

As we continue to raise our vibrations we gain more LIGHT, so we need to be very conscious of the shadow forces working within us, and within other people. We have to learn to take responsibility for our energy, and the vibration we are emitting. In order to release our shadowy aspects we must first acknowledge they are working within us! If we don't acknowledge them ~ if we keep ourselves blinded ~ how can we possibly transform/heal our energy?

These shadowy energies love to knock us out of alignment. They feed off of the energy of fear. Fear is any kind of lower state of consciousness such as judgment, blame, criticism, anger, rage, control, greed, competition, duality, domination, lies etc. Basically anything that is not LOVE, JOY, PEACE, FORGIVENESS, ONENESS and COMPASSION is a lower vibrating fear based energy that we need to heal within our being so we do not release an "energy perfume" into the astral realms where these energies reside.

We always have a choice! Which energies are we going to magnetize to us and feed? The one's that uplift us, and make us feel good or the ones that create chaos, drama and pain? ~ Sabrina

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Spiritual Tools For Spiritual Protection And Spiritual Hygiene: By Sabrina Reber

QUESTION: I feel so sensitive to the energy of other people how do I protect myself from negative energy without locking myself in the house?

ANSWER: This is a very common issue right now with many people. As we get closer to Spirit, we get very sensitive! We begin to FEEL energy. What once was hidden, comes to the surface.....we begin to tap into truth. And the truth is that our energy and other people's energy does effect us. We are ONE ~ our energies are constantly interacting with each other, regardless if we are in the same room together or not. Time and space are an illusion! I am sure you have noticed you can feel other people's energy through their "words" on Facebook, and also when you are talking to someone on the phone. Our physical bodies may not be directly in front of each other, but our energy is! So you really can't lock your self in the house to escape other people's energy.

Energy awareness and energy hygiene are very important! That is why it is so important to use your discernment with everything you do. Make sure you are submersing yourself in a life affirming energy environment ~ and you can do this by keeping your activities, conversations, relationships, thoughts and energy positive and loving. Even with difficult relationships (contracted karmic family relationships) ~ we need to set boundaries, and let them know we are only interested in expressing love. Anytime our relationship energies start to head in the wrong direction ~ we need to be conscious and lovingly dismiss ourselves before an energetic entanglement occurs.

In addition, spiritual hygiene and the proper use of our energy fields are imperative to our well being. Our aura is our PROTECTION so if we get in an argument with someone ~ and we are upset ~ it is highly likely our energy field will expand so rapidly that we will get tears and holes in it. In addition, excessive drinking and drugs also greatly effect our shield of protection, as well as, a very poor diet. We need to keep our aura STRONG, our thoughts in alignment with our highest good and also we need to pray and meditate so we can incorporate more LIGHT into our being. LIKE energy attracts LIKE make sure your thoughts are constructive not destructive, and also be careful of your FEARS. Whatever we fear will be magnetized to us.

Here are a few other tips to help you maintain your energy. You do not have to do them all, please pick and choose what you feel you need to do for your specific need at the moment, and these needs will change. The more you practice these, the easier it will be. Eventually, these little exercise will only take a few moments of your time but you will need to master them through SPIRITUAL PRACTICE....practice, practice, practice!

1. Everyday Ground Your self and put up a shield of protection, here is an exercise: Grounding Shield

2. Here is another mantra and visualization you can state to strengthen your energy fields, and put up a shield of protective light. I state this many times a day: CHRIST MANTRA

3. Energy Zip Up and Energy Break: Zip Up and Energy Break

4. Cutting Cords! Energetic Cords you have created with old relationships or new ones may be affecting you. Cutting cords will not harm you or the other person. New healthy cords will be created, and when they turn negative cut them so you can recreate new ones: CUT CORDS

5. Use the Violet Flame to help you transmute and purify any negative energy you may have created or that has been projected onto you: VIOLET FLAME

6. Ho'oponopono Forgiveness Technique: FORGIVENESS TECHNIQUE

7. MEDITATION! Meditation is very important! It incorporates more light into your being and heals the negative distortions that are already in your chakras that magnetize negative experiences to you. The Bringing In The Light Meditation is simple and highly effective. 10 minutes a day is all you need: MEDITATION

8. Two mantras I state everyday:

"Only those energies of the highest light vibrations may interact with my being. If there are any lower vibrational energies that I have created, that are attracted to my Light or that have been projected on to me by others ~ I command for them to leave my space now and to go to God's Light for purification." 

"Creator Of All That Is, It is commanded for all energy that is not mine to be removed from my being sent to your light for purification, and returned to where it belongs. It is commanded for all energy I may have left somewhere else to be sent to your light, purified and returned to me for my highest and best good." It is also commanded for a shield of protective violet light to be placed around me while I sleep. Absolutely no one ~ except those beings of the highest light vibration who have been sent by God/dess ~ may interact with my being at night while I sleep." Thank you.

For more information on tips, tools, meditations and ascension information purchase the Raise Your Vibration Book. PURCHASE THE BOOK

9. Take a salt bath at the end of your day or you can make a salt paste and apply it to the chakras, leave on for 5 minutes and then rinse off. The salt will draw out dense energies and help bring balance to the energy field. 

Violet Flame To Transmute Negativity: By Sabrina Reber

One of my favorite ways to transmute any kind of negativity within my being is to invoke St. Germain's Violet Flame. Whether it be negative thoughts, feelings, emotions, painful memories, records from past lives, negative cords, projected energy from others, unforgiveness, illness or karma ~ the violet flame is a magical elixir. The more you do it, the stronger and quicker it works.

The violet fl
ame changes negative energy into positive energy, which makes it an effective tool for healing. According to St. Germain, "The use of the violet consuming flame is more valuable to you and to all mankind than all the wealth, all the gold and all the jewels of this planet."

The violet flame is easy to use. It only requires prayer, invocation and visualization. It can be accomplished anywhere. My favorite times to do violet flames are when I am exercising, taking walks, doing the dishes or taking a bath. I usually start with myself first and then I finish with violet flames for the Earth and all beings.

First state a prayer: (Any prayer will do, state what you want)
I call in the Creator of All That Is to please be present with me as I invoke the violet flames of transmutation to heal all negativity, discord, karma, illness and imbalance within my being. Creator, please surround me with my highest guides, angels and beings of the highest Christ Light to assist me with my healing. Creator please send to me St. Germain and his mighty violet flame to transmute all lower vibrational energy into a higher vibrational energy. Thank you, it is done, it is done, it is done."

Visualize: St. Germain standing in front of you. Witness him igniting the violet flame below your feet all the way up and around your entire being. You are completely immersed in the all consuming fire of the violet flame.

Mantra: State for at least 5 minutes and up to 15. "I Am a Being of the Violet Fire, I AM the Purity God Desires".

With the power of your intention, words and the power of visualization you will be creating rapid changes within your being. This is a very, very powerful tool you will want to use everyday to help you with your ascension process. Namaste ~ Sabrina

Mantra To Strengthen Your Energy Fields For Protection: By Sabrina Reber

Mantra to Strengthen Your Energy Fields: 
Visualize the Light as You State the Mantra

The White Christ Light Shields and Protects me
The White Christ Light Shields and Protects me

The White Christ Light Shields and Protects me

Only Good May Come To Me, Only Good May Come From Me
Only Good May Come To Me, Only Good May Come From Me
Only Good May Come To Me, Only Good May Come From Me

State and visualize this everyday. The more you state this, the stronger the THOUGHT FORM will become. Whenever you run into any negative feelings or difficulties begin to chant and visualize this mantra, and you will neutralize the negativity. This is also a wonderful mantra to use when your thought forms are gives the mind something to think about that will distract you from energizing the negative thoughts that you have created or that have been projected onto you by someone else. ~ Sabrina Reber

Earth Is A Parasitic Environment ~ Watch Your Thoughts! By Sabrina Reber

We live in the world of energy, and it is our thought energy or state of consciousness that attracts LIKE energy to us. 

If we are angry, we attract the "energy form" of anger to us, and this energy form of anger will feed off of our lower vibrating energy ~ and it will also help us create more anger so it can get fed.

All states of consciousness have "energy forms" that are attracted to the "en
ergy perfume" our energy fields emit.

Worry, Stress, Anxiety, Fear, Addiction, Paranoia, Depression, Greed, Domination, Control, Anger, Self Doubt, Irritation, Judgment, Hate and Powerlessness

Love, Joy, Peace, Oneness, Acceptance, Faith, Happiness, Compassion and Serenity

Whatever we are emitting ~ we are attracting!

We have the free will choice and the power to fully FEEL whatever comes up for us so we can release it....OR we can hold onto the energy and create an "energy form" that will feed off of the perfume our energy emits. These energy forms once attached, drain our energy, distort our thinking and way of being causing us to create MORE of the very same energy so they can get fed. It is a vicious cycle.

If we get angry....feel it! State I am angry because ________.
FEEL IT, and then consciously decide to let it go. Learn the lesson the anger is trying to teach you. Then find something to do that makes you feel JOY. Do not give the energy forms something to feed off of....and also do not store the feeling or it will continue to emit an energy scent or signature. Just let it go.....if you are still thinking about it ~ you have not let it go. LEARN THE LESSON! Perhaps you said yes to something you should have said NO to ~ set appropriate boundaries!

As long as we are conscious about our daily states of consciousness ~ and we are willing to FEEL what arises, and learn the lesson from the experience we will not hold onto our lower states of consciousness and the "energy forms" will not be able to feed off our energy. The key is to LEARN from our experiences, and not repeat them over and over again. We will be tested ~ keep in mind that Earth is a parasitic environment.

Everyday, be aware of your SELF and your environment. Choose relationships, activities and thoughts that are supportive of your higher states of consciousness.....anything that creates anger, fear or any of the lower states of consciousness within your being are not conducive to your well being. Even so called educational, religious and sometimes spiritual teachings can be detrimental to your higher states of consciousness.....use your discernment! ~ Sabrina

The "Raise Your Vibration" book will help you maintain higher states of consciousness, and help you stay in alignment with your higher truth. PURCHASE BOOK

Art By: Alex Grey "DESPAIR"

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Experiencing Doubt On The Ascension Journey By : Sabrina Reber

STATEMENT: No matter how much I try and try all I keep getting is pain, illness, negative thoughts like what if all of this is FAKE! Then I try and try again and feel wonderful for a couple of days then into darkness again. Today is especia
lly hard for me. It started about 3 am and I just can't shake it off and make it go away. I'm afraid I'm going to miss the whole thing this December.

RESPONSE: No way! If you resonate with any messages about ascension, then you are ascending! Your uncertainty, fear and doubt is just your ego acting up as it continues to get dissolved more and more into the light of your higher self. When this happens, it does not feel so great because you are processing through all your distortions as they rise to the surface.

We all go through a period of extreme uncertainty and doubt about our ascension process, but your heart (soul), higher self and your ascension teams will keep you on track. Look for the signs and confirmations along the way....the little syncronicities they will provide for you, and don't let your human mind dismiss them.

Also, 2012 is not the end all be is simply the time when the planet will begin to spin within a new frequency. Right now, we are dropping density at an alarming rate so our systems can handle the upgrade in vibration! The healing crisis many are experiencing is actually a blessing, and is a sign of your rapidly ascending we are taking our bodies with us.

After the Earth begins to spin within a new torque and all the portals and chakras on the Earth are functioning in their full will take time for the new light filled "Christed" crystalline energies to be "fully integrated" into our being. We are in the thick of our muck right now, but in 2013 things are expected to get a little easier for us, because we will be operating with greater awareness and spiritual faculties....many of us will be accessing the truth of our multi-dimensionality ~ which will help us establish greater strength and faith to continue with the healing and transformation of the entire planet.

YOU are a transformer ~ LOVE your self through this.

~ Sabrina

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Energy And Spirituality Of Your Job And Money: By Sabrina Reber

Check your beliefs about money! If you feel money is bad, and we should not use money as a form of energy exchange ~ then you will block money from coming into your life. 

Money has been part of the program for Earth for a very long time, and it will not be going away anytime soon. Yes, I do believe we will eventually do away with money ~ as we know it ~ however, there will always be some form of
"energy exchange". That is the way the universe works! Everything is energy, and nothing is for FREE ~ as it requires energy to create everything so anything you get that you perceive as FREE, actually required someone a lot of time and energy to create.....consider it as a gift of "their" energy ~ and be grateful!

In addition, all jobs are spiritual. EVERY job serves the evolution of this planet. Depending on where the focus of your vibration is ~ will determine the level of spiritual energy you are able to infuse into your job position. If you are a waiter in a restaurant ~ you have just as much spiritual potential to affect the people you interact with as a spiritual teacher or author. Approach your job with gratitude and a positive vibration, and INSPIRE those around you to do the same. If you exude dread, irritation, stress and unhappiness at your job ~ you need to get a new job! Find something that is more aligned with your soul ~ you have been given the power, and the free will choice to make decisions for your self that are for your highest good. What is good for YOU ~ is good for everyone else.

Regardless of where you choose to work ~ every job that requires your energy, time and physical efforts DESERVES to be energetically balanced by "payment through money." Money is a form of energy ~ Everything Is Energy ~ it is time to stop separating energy, and view everything as ONE..... seek balance not imbalance!

If you work and earn money or use money in any way ~ then it is inappropriate and disrespectful to tell someone else who works for their money that they don't deserve to get paid. This happens in the spiritual community all the time. People who have distorted beliefs, have taken poverty vows in another lifetime, are in judgment or are in "lack and poverty" consciousness ~ for some reason ~ feel ministers, healers, spiritual authors and teachers should work for free. This belief is a form of energetic vampirism ~ as people want to "take energy" without giving anything in return.

Check your beliefs! Your beliefs will create your reality....and be careful you don't project your distorted beliefs onto others. The energy you put out always returns to you so if you are passing judgment on the way other people choose to make their money ~ you are only limiting your SELF.

Live "spiritually abundant" ~ no more limitations on your self or anyone else! ~ Sabrina