Saturday, August 18, 2012

Violet Flame To Transmute Negativity: By Sabrina Reber

One of my favorite ways to transmute any kind of negativity within my being is to invoke St. Germain's Violet Flame. Whether it be negative thoughts, feelings, emotions, painful memories, records from past lives, negative cords, projected energy from others, unforgiveness, illness or karma ~ the violet flame is a magical elixir. The more you do it, the stronger and quicker it works.

The violet fl
ame changes negative energy into positive energy, which makes it an effective tool for healing. According to St. Germain, "The use of the violet consuming flame is more valuable to you and to all mankind than all the wealth, all the gold and all the jewels of this planet."

The violet flame is easy to use. It only requires prayer, invocation and visualization. It can be accomplished anywhere. My favorite times to do violet flames are when I am exercising, taking walks, doing the dishes or taking a bath. I usually start with myself first and then I finish with violet flames for the Earth and all beings.

First state a prayer: (Any prayer will do, state what you want)
I call in the Creator of All That Is to please be present with me as I invoke the violet flames of transmutation to heal all negativity, discord, karma, illness and imbalance within my being. Creator, please surround me with my highest guides, angels and beings of the highest Christ Light to assist me with my healing. Creator please send to me St. Germain and his mighty violet flame to transmute all lower vibrational energy into a higher vibrational energy. Thank you, it is done, it is done, it is done."

Visualize: St. Germain standing in front of you. Witness him igniting the violet flame below your feet all the way up and around your entire being. You are completely immersed in the all consuming fire of the violet flame.

Mantra: State for at least 5 minutes and up to 15. "I Am a Being of the Violet Fire, I AM the Purity God Desires".

With the power of your intention, words and the power of visualization you will be creating rapid changes within your being. This is a very, very powerful tool you will want to use everyday to help you with your ascension process. Namaste ~ Sabrina

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