Wednesday, February 29, 2012

How To Deal With People Who Are Intentionally Trying To Hurt You

QUESTION: What is the advise in how to be around people who are intentionally trying to hurt or manipulate you?
ANSWER: Well, the first thing I would ask you is why are you around people who are intentionally trying to hurt and manipulate you? What is the lesson you are trying to learn by putting energy towards these kind of interactions? is our state of consciousness that creates our reality. Our consciousness is the totality of our being ~ both conscious and unconscious. Our consciousness is our energy system ~ particularly our chakras....and our chakras are full of past life trauma, distorted beliefs and karma that needs to be resolved. Until these issues within our consciousness are cleared we will continue to attract situations to us that will help us “SEE” and decide what we no longer wish to experience as a learning lesson anymore. Once we accept responsibility and choose to no longer blind ourselves from our SELF, and we actively choose to learn the lesson ~ we clear the distorted energy within our energy fields that continue to draw negative experiences to us to learn from.  
Here are a couple of areas you can look within yourself to see what the lesson may be for you:
1. Chakra Work: When an experience arises that creates a reaction within yourself ask yourself how are you feeling? This will help you locate the chakra that is out of balance and needs healing.
ROOT: Feeling fear, lack of trust, like you don’t want to be here anymore. When we don’t want to be here anymore we withdraw our Spirit from our body, and our being is not grounded in the body......we have no roots.....we are spacey and off into the ethers trying to escape physicality. This is very problematic! Oftentimes, this causes us to have scattered energy...we are all over the place, and not focused in the NOW moment which causes us to be over-reactive creating more karma for ourselves. Not being grounded also leaves us vulnerable and susceptible to outside energies. We can assist the ROOT CHAKRA by coming to terms with our past, forgiving those who have hurt us, and trusting again ~ as well as ~ getting in touch with the physical body through exercise, healthy habits and telling our body how much we love it. It is important for us to feel safe......we need to make sure we are not thriving on chaos and crisis ~ this chakra when it is out of balance creates a lot of duality. Focus your energy on people, places and things that nurture and create a sense of safety and well being. Fear filled events, movies, fearful spiritual/religious beliefs and interactions etc. will keep your root chakra out of balance
SACRAL: Feeling overly emotional, confused, secretive, disconnected to others, and overindulgent in areas of our life such as with food, sex, alcohol, drugs, shopping etc. We also may feel anti-sexual and shut down our beautiful life force/sexual energies leading to depression. The Sacral feelings all point to repressed emotions that need to be brought to the surface to be healed and released.....we do this by FEELING these emotions. Allowing ourselves to go there ~ journaling and getting all our “secret” feelings and emotions out will help us dissolve the SHADOW (our secrets/things we don’t want to deal with) so we can gain more LIGHT.
SOLAR PLEXUS: Feeling controlling, manipulative, angry, always needing to be busy (which is an escape from dealing with our inner stuff), competitive ~ always needing to be right. This chakra can go in the other direction as well, and you may feel powerless, weak, passive, low on energy. We can heal the feelings of the SOLAR PLEXUS chakra by accepting responsibility for ourselves ~ taking back our self power (self control) while allowing others to think and be who they stop trying to control others. Our focus needs to be on the controlling of the self. We also need to heal our inner anger. We have been told anger is bad so we store it, we don’t allow ourselves to feel it so we can release it. Anger needs to be dealt with in privacy...journaling, crying, screaming, physical exercise....find something you can do to release the angry energy that is in your energy field.....otherwise the anger in your solar plexus will attract angry people to you to ignite that anger within you prompting you to heal it.
HEART CHAKRA: Feeling unloved and unlovable....remember we can not TRULY give to others what we have not already created for ourselves ~ so if we have not manifested LOVE FOR THE SELF, the love we are able to give to others will be limited and superficial. If we are feeling betrayed, depressed, critical, jealous and feel we are not deserving of self nurturing or self love then our heart chakra is out of balance. When we forgive ourselves for our own past, then we are able to naturally forgive others because we realize we are each here learning difficult lessons through oftentimes difficult situations. Forgiveness is a huge lesson of the heart chakra, but so are setting healthy boundaries out of self love with those who are stuck in the chaos and drama of 3D consciousness. Sometimes we may need to forgive and love from a distance.....self love and self preservation of our energy and vibrational frequency is our responsibility. Use your heart to discern your FEELINGS......what feels LIGHT for you is right for you. 
THROAT CHAKRA: Feeling like we are not heard or that we can not speak our truth ~ WITH WORDS OF LOVE! This is key! If all of our other chakras are out of balance then we may be speaking with the energy of fear, emotional imbalance and one will listen with this kind of energy being projected at them. We need to learn how to speak in a balanced, grounded, thoughtful, loving may not always be what people want to hear, but it may be what they need to hear. In order for us to have our throat chakra needs met we need to learn how to speak so people will HEAR. We need to be aware of the vibrational frequency we are emitting with the power of our voice. We also need to learn how to speak ~ convenient silence serves no one.....especially our own energy field. We also need to learn how to LISTEN.
SPIRITUAL EYE CHAKRA: Feeling as if we have no imagination, feeling disconnected to reality, feeling like we are not validated, feeling disconnected/detached to our higher guidance, unable to SEE things from a higher perspective. Releasing fear, meditation and tuning into our inner wisdom will help us heal this chakra.
CROWN CHAKRA: Feeling confused, disconnected, nervous, insensitive, uninspired, disconnected to the Earth and the Creator Of All That Is. Meditation and healing the lower chakras helps us to open the CROWN CHAKRA, which will help us feel more connected, loving and unified with others. Meditation will also help us balance the central nervous system and open us up to our higher guidance.
The chakras are energy vortices that pull in energy from our environment and also put out energy. If we are having difficulties with our chakras, we will have difficulty in our lives. Our chakras will literally pull events, situations and people to us “like magnets” who have the same kind of chakra distortions working within them so we can learn from each attracts like, and we will be reflecting distorted chakras and energies back to each other. Likewise, opposites attract as well..... if you have somewhat of a balanced chakra system (meaning your kundalini has risen, you have activated the LIGHT within you...which means you are a LIGHTWORKER/HEALER ~ people who have very distorted chakras may be both attracted and repelled by you. Those who are attracted to you are sincerely desiring to heal, and they understand that the sometimes uncomfortable and dramatic experiences they may be feeling by being in the presence of your energy is part of the transmutation and clearing they must go through. HOWEVER, for those who do not want to heal ~ which means they have to accept responsibility for their lives ~ they will absolutely detest being in your presence and may even respond to you in a very negative, energetically explosive way because you are bringing things up in them they are not ready to deal with. However, for the most part......we are attracting situations and events in our lives that reflect back to us our own issues and distortions within our very own chakra system.....if your kundalini has been awakened, and has risen to the crown then you may have two areas you need to discern.....attraction because it is your own distortion/lesson or perhaps you are assisting others with their lessons and healing.

2. SUBCONSCIOUS BELIEFS OR PROGRAMS: Another area to look if we are attracting negative situations to ourselves is our own BELIEFS. A Subconscious Program is a feeling, emotion, or belief held over a long period of time.....this becomes a program running in our consciousness and it will create our reality. It is like a program on a computer....the program creates whatever it has been programmed to do. Sometimes the programs become outdated and no longer serve our needs so we delete them off of our computer and install new ones that serve us well. We need to do this also with the old outdated programs running in our consciousness. We can figure out these programs by being honest about  our beliefs and being conscious of how our chakras are working or malfunctioning. Beliefs can be difficult because oftentimes we don’t want to admit we have certain beliefs like:
I hate myself.
I hate people.
I am stupid.
I will never be able to heal myself.
I deserve to be punished. 
People will reject me.
The world is unsafe.
The more I suffer, the faster I learn.
I am prejuidice against ~ blacks, whites, hispanics, muslims, gays, lesbians, christians, jews, rich people, sick people, people who eat meat, people who are in the new age, etc.......
We are full of beliefs and for the most part they are unconscious beliefs we are not even aware of. Some of these beliefs we inherited from our genetic lineage.....most of them we created from our own soul’s experience throughout duality, and some of them we received through the mass consciousness. Beliefs create our reality.....and they will create havoc in our lives if we are full of negative ones. Because beliefs are such a huge subject I highly suggest people find a DNA Theta Master Healer who works directly with The Creator OF All That Is CLICK HERE FOR A HEALER  to pull the old beliefs/programs from your consciousness and replace them with beliefs that would be for your highest and best good. You can also read Vianna Stibils book Theta Healing ORDER BOOK or you can take a Theta Healing Class THETA CLASSES  to learn how to pull beliefs from your own consciousness and send them to God’s Light, as well as, help others remove theirs.
So if you are having problems with negative, hurtful, manipulative people in your life ~ accept responsibility for your part in the creation. Analyze your CHAKRAS so you can heal them....perhaps even go to a Reiki, Chakra, Crystal or Cranial Sacral Healer to help you release the distorted energies that are blocking you from having a joy ~ filled, happy life. Also look at your SUBCONSCIOUS BELIEFS AND PROGRAMS ~ they will create havoc in your life. Find a DNA THETA MASTER healer to help you. In addition, remember, you are in the driver are the Creator of your life expereince....if you do not like it then you may have to relaease the things in your life that are making you SICK AND TIRED! However, be will attract the same kind of people and situations to yourself if you do not heal the inner workings that are creating chaos and drama in your life. Meditation, Prayer, Chakra Work, Belief Work, Energy Work, Yoga,  and many, many more modalities are out there to help you. 
Love Your Self ~ Be Willing To Look At Your SELF ~ Take Responsibility For Your SELF and FIGURE OUT WHAT YOU WANT FOR YOUR SELF......then apply energy towards it’s creation and be willing to let go of what no longer serves you. 


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Soul Ascension Is Personal ~ It Is About Merging With The Higher Aspect Of The SELF.

We simply can not give to others what we have not created for ourselves. People will spend their whole lives trying to make "others" happy and what this actually is ~ is a "DISTRACTION". People distract themselves from their "own inner healing" and project happiness outside of themselves thinking if they make "others" happy then they will be happy. What creates happiness is spiritual healing, the healing of the soul, and that requires inner excavation of our OWN subconscious terrain. The inner path leads to salvation, the outer path leads to projection, denial and illusion.

Ascension is not an outer path (projection) ~ it is an inner path.....soul ascension is PERSONAL, it is about merging with the higher aspect of the SELF. Once this occurs ~ only then can we truly understand our ONENESS and UNITY with others.

Each person is responsible for "saving" the SELF ~ we can help, love and inspire others.....even hold safe space for them when they are in the depths of their soul lessons ~ but not at the expense of our own happiness and vibrational frequency. And we certainly can not guide them if we have not mastered these lessons within ourselves. Remember, we simply can not give to others what we have not already created for ourselves.

We are Gods in amnesia....everyone has the exact same amount of power and responsibility within themselves to generate and create happiness ~ ascension is about accepting personal responsibility for our inner workings. Each one of us are responsible for stepping into our own co-creative powers to create the life of our dreams. ~ Sabrina

Each Person Is Responsible For Their Own Level Of Vibration.

It is important to have compassion and empathy for others.... it is a natural human characteristic to have feelings and emotions about the pain existing on our planet. However, it is also important for us to recognize when we are getting absorbed in another soul's lesson and experience. Everything that ever happens to us is an opportunity for soul growth. We don't have to choose pain and suffering as a way to learn and evolve.....but many of us will choose this route to discover more about our selves. Pain and suffering is a order to eliminate it from our lives ~ each person is responsible for healing it within their OWN being.

Understand that when we resonate "strongly" with the pain and suffering in others, it is a reflection of our own inner pain that has not been healed. STRONG REACTIONS to anything outside of ourselves is always a reflection of our own inner turmoil. Many people are completely consumed with the suffering of animals ~ oftentimes, falling into the traps of strong opinions, righteousness, anger, negativity and judgments. They are consumed with the pain of "others ~ everything outside of themselves" which lowers their vibration and generates even more pain and suffering ~ within their very own energy field, as well as, the energy field of the entire planet.

This is simply a distraction from their own pain they have not dealt with within their own being. It is far easier to recognize the pain and suffering in "others" than it is for us to be truthfully honest with ourselves about the pain and suffering within our own being. If we "see" the pain within ourselves ~ then we have to accept responsibility for it, and make changes.....since most of us don't want to make the changes....we blind ourselves and resonate more with the pain of "others" which only generates more pain. The vicious cycle of pain and suffering is intensified because the root issues never get one one wants to accept personal responsibility for their own distortions.

When you find yourself having a strong reaction to an external issue ~ STOP. Turn it around and say ~ "this is my stuff". This is your place of POWER ~ because you are accepting responsibility for yourself/your emotions/your feelings/your vibration ~ and only then will you be able to tap into the underlying truth of the issue so you can create change.

Then ask yourself ~ What am I feeling right now? What fear is this bringing up in me? Where is this coming from.....the past or the future? Once you figure these out you will be brought into the NOW moment of your current feelings and level of vibration, where you can make a choice as to how you want to direct your energy.

If you stay in the turmoil of the past or the fears of the future then you will not be able to understand where your strong reactions, opinions, angers and judgments are coming from, and you will continue to perpetuate more chaos, pain, drama and duality for yourself, and the entire vibration of the Earth. Our place of power is in the NOW. Become present, accept responsibility for your emotions and feelings....stay on the inner path of salvation not the outer path of projection, denial and illusion. This is how we create change on the person at a time accepting responsibility for their own level of VIBRATION and direction of their energy.

It is time for us to stop expecting someone outside of ourselves to make the changes on this planet we so desire to see. Our power for change revolves around the person at a time. ~ Sabrina

ART BY: Michael Michael Motorcycle

Thursday, February 16, 2012

You Can Not Give To Others What You Do Not Have

You Can Not Give To Others What You Do Not Have
By: Sabrina Reber

It is not your job to make someone else happy.

It is your job to make your SELF happy.

We have a lot of VERY unhappy people in this world trying to make others happy..... at the expense of their very own happiness. 

Sacrificing the SELF will never work, because it is impossible to give to someone else what you currently do not have.

Are you happy? If you are not ~ what changes are you willing to make in order to claim your birthright of joy, love, happiness and serenity. It is your divine birthright to radiate these attributes, and it is your responsibility to claim them.....for no one else can do it for you.

Are your needs met? If your needs are not met how can you possibly fulfill the needs of others? There must always be a balance in giving and receiving.

Examine your life and your relationships. Be brutally self honest with your self. What changes need to be made? What needs to be released? What needs to be healed? What needs to be discussed? What needs to be brought back into balance?

You have the power and the responsibility to BE HAPPY. Spend time creating that for your self so you can radiate it from your being and THEN help others simply by being the example of what they too can create and claim for themselves. ~ Sabrina

Art By: Mia Araujo's