Saturday, August 27, 2011

How do you tell what is and what is not a soul lesson?

QUESTION: Is there a way to tell the difference between what is and is not a soul lesson?

HTRYV ANSWER: Honestly....everything is a soul lesson, regardless if it was contracted or not. How we respond to the negatives and positives in our lives is what will determine our evolution or devolution. Some of the most hurtful things that others have done to me, and some of the most hurtful things I have done to others were experiences I learned a lot of lessons from. The key is to look at what is going on (to become the witness) and address the deep feelings these events stir up within our being. When we allow our feelings and emotions to be powerful teachers, and we fully feel them so we can release them, we are then able to make a conscious decision about whether we want to continue on learning from that particular energy stream ~ revolving through it over and over ~ OR we can choose to change and transcend the need to learn from those kind of events again. Every negative and loving experience that occurs in our life is put there to help us understand greater levels of LOVE. For the lack of LOVE is a powerful, powerful teacher. It shows us what does not feel good, and through that experience we learn how to treat others and we also learn how to say NO ~ and how to love ourselves. Everything that ever happens to us serves is a lesson to learn from ~ and leads to our awakening ~ if we allow it to. ♥

One of the most powerful techniques we can apply when we fall into a negative learning situation, is to keep our attention focused on the SELF and NOT what the other person did or is suppose to be learning. Keep your attention on the inner path of salvation, not the outer path of illusion, discord, projection and blame. The power point is within YOU ~ what is going on within do you feel.....what are you this something you want to invest your energy in again or are you ready to move beyond it? Ask yourself questions. It is easy to see what others need to do or how hurtful THEY are, but it is difficult to keep our energy focused on ourself and what is occurring within our being. However, it is the inner path of soul alignment and spiritual alchemy where we take our darkness which is our negative feelings, beliefs, traumas, stored pain and karma (lead) and transmute it in to the light of our awareness which is soul knowledge, truth, personal experience and self love (gold).

The ego will take you on the outer path to darkness....the soul will take you on the inner path of illumination. You get to choose. ♥ Sabrina

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Seven Levels of Human Development We Must Purify Before Union With Our God Self: By Sabrina Reber

The return of Jesus the Christ is the return of our Christ Consciousness. The seven seals (chakras) represent our seven levels of human development we must purify before the trumpets are played and the seals are opened.

What Humans Need To Transcend Within Themselves:

Root: 1st Dimension: Overcoming Fear/Survival/Trust issues, Ability To Stay Grounded So We Can Provide For Ourselves, Able to CREATE, Non-reactive, Patient, Trust in Eternal Self.

Sacral: 2nd Dimension: Respect, Reverence and Sacredness of Sexual Energy...Learning How To Use It Appropriately, Balanced Emotions ~ Feeling Our Feelings Without Holding Onto Them, Denying Them Or Reacting In An Explosive Way, Harmonious.

Solar Plexus: 3rd Dimension: Balanced Power, Focused On Good Of All, 
Healthy, Releasing The Need To Control/ Healthy Ego/ Dominion Over Mental Mind, Releasing Power Struggles, Releasing Need To Dominate.

Heart Chakra: 4th Dimension: Love For Self, Love For Others, Love For God, Love For Earth, Compassion, Forgiveness, Sets Healthy Boundaries, BALANCE of "Giving and Receiving," Awareness That Everything Serves A Purpose, Non Judgmental, Acceptance, Grateful.

Throat Chakra: 5th Dimension: Integrity, Truthful, LOVING Communication, Uses Words Wisely, Authenticity, Ability To Listen, Honest.

Spiritual Eye Chakra: 5th Dimension: Ability To Be Discerning, Ability To See Clearly....Awareness Of Self Divinity and Divinity Within Others, Able to Access Truth, Intuitive, Sensitive, Expansive View.

Crown Chakra: Transcending Limitations And Addictions of the 3D World, Able To Be In This World But Not Bound By It, Divine Illumination, Wisdom Body Activated, Knowingness, Oneness with Spiritual And Physical Being, Moving Into Self Mastery and Integration of the Christ Consciousness.

The Feast of Trumpets (Lev. 23:24-25) pictures a time when Jesus Christ will return and gather the saints. The apostle Paul spoke of this as a time when the dead in Christ will be raised incorruptible and meet Jesus Christ in the air (1Cor. 15:51-52; 1Thes. 4:13-17).

The chakras are in the shape of trumpets. They are energy vortices that run along the spine and extend in front, as well as, behind the human being. The front of our body represents our future and the back represents our past. Many of us have clear front chakras, however, we have not purified and healed our past....this is where many of us need to focus our healing so we can clear them raising ourselves from the "dead" (lack of spiritual awareness and understanding of who we are) so we can merge with our "Living" Christ Self activating the Kingdom of God Within.

There are many symbolic terms associated with chakras.
The Seven Seals of God Consciousness
The Seven Trumpets
The Seven Holy Angels
The Seven Rewards
SEVEN Represents Spiritual Perfection

Meditation is the best way to clear the chakras and transcend our lower selves. ♥ Sabrina

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Monday, August 22, 2011

Why Do We Reincarnate? Is It Real?

QUESTION: Can you tell me why we reincarnate? In Indian mythology, it is said that u reincarnate every time until you have become pure with no sins to ur account. is it true?

ANSWER: This is an excellent question. Please take everything I say into your heart and see if it resonates with you. First of all, I have an aversion to the word "sin" ~ because of the belief systems that surround "sin". For many, sin implies judgment and I know for sure, because I have experienced the Creators unconditional love in meditation, that the Creator does NOT judge us. The Creator loves us unconditionally ~ no matter what we do.

So for me, I am going to use the term misqualified energy or karmic miasims, instead of sin ~ which is basically energy distortions within our energy field (off pitched vibrations) that we carry with us incarnation after incarnation until we transmute them through the balancing of our energy. All energy seeks balance, so if we have done something against Gods laws....we will need to do something positive to balance out the negative energetic imprints we have created. And for the most part, a lot of us at this time on Earth are getting our karma served to us on a silver plate because we can not take our energy distortions with us into the new earth. We are processing through an enormous amount of karma ~ in this specific lifetime.

As far as reincarnation, past lives etc.....I use these terms and I know they exist but our understanding of it is somewhat limited because we are using "words" to describe this type of phenomena in a time and space  atmosphere when really the soul is in a continuous cycle of experience in the multi dimensions all the time....we are eternal and vast and to be honest we can access our future and our past all at once because we really are NOT bound by the time and space constraints we believe ourselves to be in. Time as we perceive it really does not exist. Our past, present and future lives all exist in the energy of is all happening NOW....and honestly it is far to complicated for me to explain.

Having said that, reincarnation and past lives is the best way many of us have found to describe the soul experience of life and death....which actually life and death are one and the same energy. I feel when we "supposedly die" ~ we actually step into our truth and are more ALIVE than when we are in a physical body due to our perceived human belief system that we are separated from Source, each other and the entire Universe.

So yes, in a way, the Indian belief system is somewhat accurate ~ in that we do reach a point where our energy is pure enough and our karma or energetic distortions are balanced enough to where we no longer need to take on a physical body anymore to clear our karma and learn our lessons. We will become an ascended master and work from the euphoric ascended realms guiding and assisting other souls move into their enlightenment as well. Even beings that have moved beyond the need to take on a physical body still evolve and still learn lessons through their "service" work....not charity work, but service work. Everyone, no matter how evolved they are, continue to create and assist within the multidimensional and very vast realms of creation....creation never stops ~ it is an ongoing, exciting, fun process. How boring it would be to hang out in "heaven" all the time.... floating on a cloud.

However, I think it would be wise for each of us to understand that there is more to the concept of reincarnation and past lives. As we evolve in consciousness and expand our being we will be able to understand greater and greater truths. The higher our vibration, the more truth we are able to tap into. However, we must always keep in mind, that we are limited by the vibration of the planet ~ meaning we can only access a certain level of vibration here on Earth. The real TRUTH is so high vibrational our earthly physical bodies would not be able to sustain that amount of light/truth; we would literally blow up.

So yes, for now our consciousness is able to understand reincarnation and past lives......the Indian concept is the closest to truth that we are currently able to understand, but lets stay open to new and more powerful truths as we evolve. I think the important thing for each of us to do is stay focused in the NOW....whatever issues and problems we are having now are what we are here to transform and transmute within our being. Stay focused on being the best you can be in the NOW. May we all be blessed as we go through this process.

Love, Sabrina

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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Spiritual Protection for Healers and Massage Therapist

QUESTION: As a massage therapist, as my client releases "stuff" from their cellular memory, am I then taking it up in my energetic field? Can I protect and ground myself just by setting that intention before I massage??
ANSWER: Each one of us carries cellular memory that is stored within the tissues of our body. Massage Therapist provide a wonderful service to humanity to help with this release. As with any other healing modality, it is important for the practitioner to clear the space before and after sessions and to shield themselves. Each morning before you start your day state a prayer of intention and do a grounding exercise placing yourself in a golden column of light. 

Here is the grounding exercise:
This is a grounding exercise many healers use before and after they do energy/spiritual work. It is the one I recommend because it grounds us not only to the Earth but also grounds us into our spiritual dimensions.
1. Stand with your hands by your side. State your intention: (example)
"I command to access a grounding energy from below the Earth and from above to the Creator of All That Is to surround, ground and protect me in the present moment and for the rest of the day. Thank you, It is done. Its is done. It is done." 
2. Bring your attention to the Earth. Take a large breath in and as you breathe visualize a golden energy traveling up from the Earth into your feet and through your body up to your heart. 
3. As you exhale visualize the light from the Earth all the way up to your heart expanding outward all around the bottom portion of your body about arms length distance or beyond.
4. Bring your attention to your Crown Chakra. Take a large breath in and visualize golden energy from the Creator entering into your crown moving down through your body and to your heart mingling with the Earth energies you pulled in earlier. 
5. As you exhale, visualize the light from above expanding outward all around the top portion of your body about arms length distance or beyond.
6. Breathe in one more time and visualize energies from below (Earth) and above (Creator) coming in to your body at the same time and meeting at the heart. 
7. As you exhale, visualize the energies expanding outward all around your entire body about arms length distance or beyond. Observe your self surrounded by a column of golden light from the Earth and from the Creator Of All That Is. You are completely surrounded, aligned, and balanced with the universal energies of Mother/Father God/Goddess.

8. With your arms held by your side visualize roots growing out of your fingers and into the Earth. Bring your attention to your feet. Visualize roots growing out of your feet and into the Earth. 
9. Bring your attention into the present moment. Now state: “Only those energies of the highest Christ Light may enter my field.” You are now grounded and surrounded by a forcefield of loving light. Give thanks. 
Use this visualization before and after your healing sessions. It is also wonderful to use for protection, when you feel fearful, when you feel out of balance, upset or anxiety stricken. Do this exercise everyday to replenish your shield of light and to help you feel grounded.
Also before and after you do every session you will need to clear the space of any energies that may have accumulated. I would start each morning and end each day by sageing the space. Use a sage stick and go around the room ~ especially in the corners where energy accumulates. State: “All negativity must leave this space with divine love and grace put in its place,” as you sage the room. In between sessions, if the sage is too smelly for your clients you could state your intention and use bells, incense or an essential oil spray to clear the space. You can also place a bowl of salt at the foot of the massage table to absorb negative energies. 
In addition, use your guides! Every healer is designated a team of spiritual healers that works with them. Invite your team of the highest Light guides and angels to work with you in the healing sessions, as well as, to help you with your own spirtual protection and while you clear the space.
At the end of each session I also suggest you do an ENERGY BREAK:
Energy Break:
An energy break is used by healers to break free from the energetic influence such as negative feelings, emotions or other vibrations they may have picked up from their clients or someone else.
Starting with both hands in prayer at the heart, twist them ~palms together, so the right hand is closet to the heart with the fingers pointing to the left. The left hand is flat against the right hand with the fingers pointing to the right. Both palms are together with the left hand in front and the right hand closet to the heart, sideways with fingers horizontal.
Leave your right hand where it is and push your left hand out (still in horizontal position) about arms length and you are going to break all energy streamers by using a chopping motion moving your hand up and down slicing through the energy over every chakra. All the way up to the crown and down to the root. Do this "cutting" motion three times.
This will push the other persons energy away from you and cut any energetic cords that may have been created. Now you will want to do the next technique to align your polarity and "zip up" your auric field
Zip Up Exercise:
Starting at the root chakra imagine you are zipping up your auric field all the way up to the Crown about 5 inches from your body. Repeat this three times.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Transmutation of the Soul

We have entered a pretty intense period for emotional clearing. None of us like to feel the negativity arise within us. Not only are we dealing with stored pain from our past ~ in this life ~ but, also from all our previous lives....and we don't even consciously know what that is. The negative energetic imprints (our karma) we stored in our energy fields, way back when, travel with us until we finally release them. 

This uncomfortable process has been going on for so many years within me ~ I now know what is happening to me, and I can literally feel the transmutation happening within my energy field. It feels terrible and if you are not aware of what is going on within will create resistance, confusion, doubt, overwhelm, and additional negative energies within yourself because you start to question what is wrong with me? Why do I feel so terrible? This is not a high vibrational way to be. I don't like feeling this way etc......can't I just think it away? And the answer is NO ~ you can not just think it away ~ you must fully feel it away. 

The best way to bring yourself to the present, NOW, moment is to feel what is here ~ NOW. Just feel it, so you can release it. What is happening to you is every day through your continued spiritual practice, your spiritual self is coming closer and closer and closer. The more you raise your energetic frequency ~ the closer your spiritual self can get to the physical body. As the spiritual self moves receive more of it's higher vibrational energies and love. This "LOVE" will stir up everything within you that is not love and you will feel it.....ick! 

I like to think of us as a cup...a chalice, the holy grail. The spiritual self will come in and its energetic connection (through a tube above our head) begins to act like a straw that will stir up all the old residual debris from the bottom of our Cup (Holy Grail). This straw like action creates a little spinning tornado of dark, disrupted energies within our system, bringing them to the surface so they can be sucked up through the straw ~ the tube above our head that connects us to our spiritual self. The spiritual self will absorb all the dirty water and filter through it ~ transmuting the density into a higher vibration and then it will refill our chalice (body) with fresh clean pure water. 

While this is occurring it feels very icky, because everything has been stirred up, and it can create a lot of confusion within our being because last week we most likely were feeling great. The best thing we can do is surrender to the process. Just let it happen and be kind to your self. When this is occurring within me, I go into hibernation. I do what needs to be done for my family, but I also take extra time for me. I cancel all social arrangements, I take little naps, curl up in a blanket and read books, I take slow walks in nature, lots of hot salt baths, I avoid crowded areas, go to the ocean and float around on a float and look at the clouds and the beauty that surrounds me.....I even like to stay home and organize drawers. Whatever works for you ~ do it. Be a little selfish during these times ~ say NO to all the additional things that require a lot of your energy and time.....perhaps order food to go etc. Be loving and compassionate to your self and also be aware that others are going through this too. Take nothing personally. 

Be grateful for the opportunity to release all the density you have been carrying around for 26,000 years.....let it go with sheer joy to experience and learn so much. It is graduation time.

In Full Surrender ~ Sabrina

ART By: Cyndarion

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The Value Of Guilt

The Value Of Guilt
By : Sabrina Reber

Guilt is part of our rise in vibration. As our consciousness expands, we begin to see things differently....we are no longer blinded by the illusions of our ego and shadow consciousness. 

In a way, if you are feeling guilty over your past and the mistakes you have made ~ this is a positive sign telling you, you are stepping out of denial and moving into truth. In all honesty...there are no mistakes only opportunities for greater soul growth.

Stepping into oneness and merging with our Higher Self/Spiritual Being requires us to examine our lives and the lessons we have encountered. We will be shown the areas where we stepped out of alignment with our truth/love/light and stepped into fear/ego/darkness. This can be a very painful process because we will literally feel the pain we have created for others. It is sort of like a "mini life review" where old memories will be returned to us...because the truth is ~ during this auspicious time on Earth, we are literally reincarnating ourselves while we are in physical body.

The best way to handle this is to LOOK at what is being revealed to you, accept it as part of your miscreation, apologize to the soul (telepathically or verbally) and choose to NEVER do it again. Guilt is a powerful teacher. Through this process~ we begin to understand that whatever we do to another, we also do to ourselves. We also understand that we do things out of lack of awareness and consciousness. Processing through our "guilt" also helps us to step into a deeper level of forgiveness for others because we realize that they too "are asleep in consciousness" and know not what they do.

"Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do. " Jesus

This is the period of "SOFTENING". The guilt actually begins to remove the rigidity and static from our ego and shadow consciousness. Our guilt is the catalyst for shows us our imperfections and helps us to accept the imperfections of others with loving compassion.

Compassion is the non dualistic "feeling" we want to resonate with. Compassion is neutral and comes from the high heart (ascending heart). Compassion does not generate any feelings of right/wrong, strength/weakness, self-righteousness/worthlessness, punishment/reward. Compassion simply sees things the way they are ~ as learning opportunities through both negative and positive experiences.

So look at your guilt. See yourself and all involved. Forgive yourself and others and most importantly LEARN from it. What did it teach you? Next time you are in that position how will you respond? And trust will get another opportunity to respond differently to show the universe you have transcended your negative behaviors or old way of being. You will get tested over and over again until you finally choose for yourself to change.

The only constant in the Universe is change ~ Heraclitus

You must be open to change, and the first part of any kind of change is witnessing and looking at the problem. If you are unwilling to "SEE" ~ you will stay blinded.....therefore, unable to change. So embrace your guilt, look at it, feel it but don't hold onto it.......when you fully feel the pain you have created and choose to transcend it ~ you will change and the guilt will no longer serve you. Let it go. ♥ Sabrina

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Albert Einstein.

ART BY: Ken Marshall

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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Additional Ways To Open The Heart

Additional Ways To Open The Heart:

1. Meditation brings in divine energy from God/Goddess and will dissolve the shields of protection we have created over our hearts.

2. Forgiveness of past. Forgive yourself for your perceived wrong doings and the wrong doings of others. Know that everything that has ever occurred has been a learning lesson for EACH soul to grow from. We don't have to learn from negative experiences but our higher self will allow us to experience a negative lesson in hopes that we will transcend the need to learn in negative ways.

3. Practicing loving kindness and compassion for others, and especially the SELF. If you are not loving to your SELF you will not be loving to others.

4. Choose to move out of duality consciousness. Release the need to be right (if you know you are right, then be in your need to be in duality with anyone or anything ~ unless you are a teacher and you are teaching something.) Choose to release the need to be aggressive or confrontational with anyone. Learn to stand in your power and speak your truth with words of LOVE and walk away from a situation that is imbalanced.

5. Use your discernment and set boundaries with relationships and activities that do not enhance your light. Choose things that are life affirming and loving. Anything based on the lower self or fear will close your heart. Gossip, angry circumstances, hurtful repetitive behavioral patterns, judgment, condemnation, elitism, negative thoughts, negative words, negative music, fear filled movies, fear filled video games etc....will all interfere with the opening of your heart.

6. FEEL your feelings as they arise and they will flow through you. If you contract your energy field because you don't want to feel the pain you will create a block. Once again....choose relationships and activities that make you FEEL good. If it doesn't make you feel good, why are you still doing it? It is your choice to stay or walk away from something that is harmful to your well being.

7. Do what brings you joy. Dance, paint, sing, read, take a bath, laugh, play with your whatever brings your soul (not ego) joy.

8. Spend time in nature. Observe the beauty. Connect with the Earth and all the living beings on Earth.

9. Practice Gratitude in everything you do. Give thanks to God/Goddess for the opportunity to be here on Earth at this time. Give thanks to everything ~ your body, food, finances, friends, pets, home, family, job etc....Live in a constant state of gratitude.

10. Yoga and energy work will also help you open your heart.

11. Living in authenticity and Integrity. "Being" who you say you are.

12. Releasing fear and worry. If you are in debt, worry and fear will NOT bring more money to you. Trust that everything will work out just fine as long as you are putting energy towards what you want and not what you don't want.

13. Releasing the need to allow other peoples beliefs and opinions about you affect you. Know who you are! A divine being of light with free will to choose for YOUR SELF how you want to create in this world. Do not let other people's distortions become yours. Stay in alignment with who you are ~ not what other people want you to be.

14. Ask for help from the spiritual realms. Ask the Creator of All That Is to help you open your heart with ease and grace and for your highest good. Ask the Creator to send to you Mother Mary and Quan Yin (Bodhistva of Love and Compassion) to work with you to help you open your heart and for them to fill your heart with Love and Compassion.

Know that you are LOVED and have never been seperated from Source.
Blessings, Sabrina​ages/How-to-Raise-Your-Vib​ration/204840666199710

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Importance of Deep Breathing During Meditation

I can not stress enough the importance of deep breathing during meditation. I spend the first 5 minutes of every meditation breathing in light from my god self (above the crown chakra) to the heart chakra and I will hold my breath for a few seconds before I exhale the light and air out of my heart chakra. This exercise always puts me into an altered state and gives my mind something to do the first 5 minutes of meditation helping me to clear thoughts and raise my energetic frequency so I can reach a slower brainwave that will stimulate a deeper level of healing within my being. 

Breathing deeply will greatly enhance and deepen your meditations. Here is a great exercise from my book "Raise Your Vibration".

Holy Breath Meditation:

 ~ Make sure you are hydrated, water is a conductor for spiritual energies.

~ Lie down or sit in a chair with your spine straight.

~ Close your eyes and set your intention to connect with your divine self. 
State: "I give myself permission to receive Gods Love, Light and Healing energies." Insert whatever you want....God, Goddess, Allah, Christ, Buddha.

~ Focus your attention several feet above your head.
Take a slow deep breath through your nose visualizing white light entering through the top of your head and moving into the center of your heart. Hold your breath at the heart for a few seconds.

~ When you exhale, push this light out through your heart releasing all sadness, stuck energy, pain, anxiety, insecurity, grief, cords or fear. This light may turn gray as you blow it out from your heart center.

~ Repeat 20 times or as many times as you feel comfortable.

This meditation will help you focus on bringing in large amounts of the “breath of life”. Deep breathing is essential because it connects us to our still point helping us to access the greater part of our being that is fully connected to All-That-Is. Our breath is like the wind cleaning and clearing away old structures, patterns, erroneous beliefs and stagnant energy. The wind and our breath are transformative. Breathing deeply lifts our spirit and moves us into a peaceful state of consciousness. When we do the holy breath meditation we breathe in prana or life force energy assisting us to clear out our cells and revitalize our blood. Deep breathing also raises our vibration, clears our emotional and mental states, reduces blood pressure, helps us reach deeper states of awareness and helps us to relax and connect to our divine self. We are God in form! The idea that we are separate from God is the root of all of our suffering. When you forget this and feel overwhelmed, breathe and remember who you truly are. Deep breathing can help you realign your life with your highest intention.

This is an excerpt from my book, "Raise Your Vibration" which can be purchased on my facebook page. Look for the green shopping cart button under the profile picture. The book is also posted for free in sections on my blog.​ages/How-to-Raise-Your-Vib​ration/204840666199710