Tuesday, May 31, 2011


There was a family that use to live in our neighborhood that had the most pristine house and yard. They were a retired couple and everyday they found JOY in the daily maintenance and upkeep of their home and yard. They decided to sell their house, and move away so they could be closer to their grandchildren.

A gentlemen purchased the house and quickly started renovating the immaculate yard and plush grass ~ digging a large portion of the grass up ~ creating a huge flower bed. Truck fulls of dark, rich soil were hauled in and everyone in the neighborhood was talking about what an incredible garden he was going to create. He worked incredibly hard for months on this garden. Unfortunately, after a 3 month period, his creation was a mess. Weeds had overtaken the garden and he clearly had not taken the time to research the flowers before he planted them. He planted flowers that needed full sun in the shade and flowers that needed to be in the shade in the sun. In addition, he had chosen to put very tall flowers in front of the short flowers which created a very unbalanced, messy flower garden.

Instead of maintaining and balancing the old garden, he decided to create a new garden. Same thing.....he hauled in dirt, dug up another portion of his plush grass and inserted a variety of different plants. He worked very, very, long and hard on his new flower bed. After he completed the garden he went back into his house and hibernated. Once again, the weeds began to overtake his most recent garden because he refused to invest additional time in it. Now he had two flower beds that were a total mess. What once use to be the most well kept home and yard in the neighborhood is now very unruly and overtaken by weeds. As I walked past his home this morning, there he was again with all of his tools creating ANOTHER flower bed ~ instead of cleaning up, and tending to the ones he had already created.

As I went for my walk I started thinking about how we do this as humans. With the best of intentions, we start out on the spiritual path wanting to heal ourselves and get closer to God. We want to experience more peace, beauty, joy and love in our lives. We begin to shift our attitudes and move forward into the higher vibrations. Synchronicities increase and we begin to feel lighter, happier and more connected. But before we know it, we start to notice old behavioral patterns returning and we begin to wonder where we went wrong.

As we gain more LIGHT ~ the weeds get bigger and more noticeable. The LIGHT of GOD will bring forth all of our negative beliefs, thoughts, emotions, subconscious programs, blocks, attachments and addictions out into the open for us to SEE so we can "weed them out" discarding them from our consciousness. But truth be told ~  we don't really want to SEE,we don't really want to do the dirty work of weeding the gardens of our subconscious mind. We would much rather deny the inner weeds (our own inner workings) projecting our distortions onto every one else ~ instead of being honest with ourselves about what we need to clean up in our own energy fields. We are very much like the man and his garden. Instead of weeding out the gardens and maintenencing them we just keep creating new ones making one mess after another ~ revolving in the same repetive patterns lifetime after lifetime.

What weeds do you need to pull from your garden? What do you need to clean up, let go of and weed out of your life so you can renew yourself? We can not renew ourselves without clearing out and letting go of things that no longer serve us. We can not continue to add more and more into our lives thinking it is going to get better ~ that just leads to a bigger mess. 

If we want to create the garden of our dreams ~ a life filled with the Abundance, Beauty, Joy, Peace and Unconditional Love of SPIRIT ~ we are going to have to remain in a constant state of self awareness, diligently working on excavating all of the energetic blocks (weeds) that keep us from creating our highest soul's potential. As we face God ~ we face ourselves. When we deny our egoic distortions, refusing to acknowledge and transcend them, we deny ourselves connection to that which we were seeking in the first place which is a direct, adulterated connection to SOURCE.   Blessings ~ Sabrina

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

"I Am here to say that you have the ability to be God's Fire; I Am here to be like a candle with a flame in order to give fire to your candle. Do you realize that if you accept this flame, you can understand that you were and are the extensions of God's fire? It is just a matter of shifting your consciousness to identify yourself with this fire, and then you and the fire of God will be together. This "being together" means that you may have a direct experience of God anytime you wish." ~ Aleksandr Ross

Once the flame in your heart has been activated, and you merge with your God Self ~ THEN you become a LIGHT WORKER. A LIGHT WORKER is someone who has activated the LIGHT within their body and attained union with their Christ Self, which creates a figure eight flow of energy from Mother Goddess (Earth) and Father God (Creator). Once activated, you too become a flame of Spiritual LIGHT, an activated divine spark, that will activate the flame within others ~ who choose from their own free will ~ to accept the ignition of their sacred heart flames and the figure eight flow of energy from Mother Father God. "These things I do, you shall do and more." ~ Jesus the Christ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 

In Love (Mother) and Light (Father) ~Sabrina

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Thymus Tap ~ High Heart ~ Ascension

At this time on our planet the pathways within the human heart are opening and expanding. Three of the major chambers are located at the bottom (self love), middle (human to human experiences/duality) and top (soul and higher self) of the heart. The top of the heart is the thymus that connects to the endocrine system ~ it is very important for ascension. The thymus activates and opens the hypothalamus, pineal, pituitary glands and the middle and bottom portions of the heart. As the heart expands we open ourselves up to experience unconditional love. Unconditional Love is an unlimited way of being for ourselves and others where we release judgment (no right or wrong) ~ stepping into allowance for everyone's free will choice to experience life however they choose.....whether it be through a positive or negative experience understanding that both dark and light experiences have value in our souls growth.

Unconditional love for self requires us to listen to our heart. Our heart speaks to us through our feelings. When we listen to our souls song and not the mind chatter of the ego (should, could, what if???) we naturally make the highest choices for ourselves by choosing light filled, expansive opportunities for ourselves ~while we lovingly let go of the rest.

Along with your daily spiritual practice of meditation and self awareness the THYMUS TAP exercise is a great way to assist in the opening of your high heart. The thymus is located about three inches below your throat. Oftentimes in pictures of Jesus, he is pointing to the area of the thymus gland showing us where to focus for salvation and ascension.

THYMUS TAP EXERCISE: State your intention first.
" I ask and intend for my sacred heart to be opened and activated for my highest and best good."

Throughout the day, whenever you think about it, simply tap the thymus gland area. You can also state mantras while you tap the thymus, especially if you have slipped out of alignment with your higher wisdom and are experiencing the negative mind chatter of the lower self.

" I AM one with the Light "
" I AM Love "
" I AM one with God and All Beings "
" My body is returning to a perfect state of health and balance "
" God is here "
" I allow others to be themselves and I set myself free "
" I release all that no longer serves me with ease and grace "

With Love ~ Sabrina

Friday, May 20, 2011

What Is Unconditional Love? By: Sabrina Reber

God is the perfect example of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. Unconditional Love is an unlimited way of being.  Our Creator loves us so much we were given free will ~ with no limitations ~ to choose how we want to create with the Creators Energy. The Creator does not judge us for our actions or choices; however, our actions and choices reflect the level of our vibration and current state of our consciousness.

We are created in the image and likeness of God. We are created from source energy and we have the same energy within us that is also within the Creator. However, many of us have forgotten about our true identity as a spiritual being and we have stopped using our co-creative powers consciously. This has caused us to to make unconscious choices creating suffering for humanity, the planet and ourselves. God does not create suffering; humans create suffering. We are spiritual beings having a human experience and we have forgotten how powerful we are. We are so powerful, we have the free will potential to use our creative faculties in a way that goes against God's laws creating great disharmony on our planet.

There is a common saying among the spiritual movement ~ " Everything is in Divine order"...and to a degree, this is true as there are universal laws in effect that record all energy that has been misqualified. Distorted energy is recorded in our souls energy field whenever we misuse our creative abilities. However, Divine Order does not mean we are suppose to continue to recreate the same mistakes over and over again. We are suppose to learn from our mistakes and misqualified energy transcending the need to  repeat the same negative behavioral patterns over and over.

If we are in a relationship, negative situation or activity that is not evolving and continues to revolve in the same negative patterns we can not throw our DISCERNMENT out the window and say: "Everything is in Divine Order"....I guess this is meant to be. If we do this, we become a walking doormat for unconscious patterns and negativity to continue. Doing so enables others to continue expressing the darkness and limitations of their ego and shadow consciousness which will continue to spread negative toxic emotional energy on the Earth keeping the Earth and all beings in a lower state of consciousness. In order to heal the Earth we must first heal ourselves and that means loving ourselves enough to choose from our own free will ~ circumstances, relationships and activities that enhance our LIGHT.

Setting healthy boundaries with ourselves and others is an act of SELF LOVE. Remember, UNCONDITONAL LOVE is an unlimited way of being, we honor ourselves ~ what is for our highest good using our DISCERNMENT~ and we honor the free will choices of others to create in whatever manner they choose even if we know their choices will create additional suffering for them in the future. Every being has the right to experience life in any way they choose, even if it means they are using God's energy in a destructive way. Releasing these relationships, situations or activities without judgment ~ viewing everything from a higher perspective ~ is an expression of compassion and unconditional love. When we have enough self love for ourselves we no longer are enablers for other peoples poor behaviors. We become beacons of light, powerful lighthouses....generators of love and compassion for others to follow. That's how we heal this planet....one person at a time and it all begins with our own SELF LOVE and DISCERNMENT for what is right for US.  With Love, Sabrina

Thursday, May 19, 2011

High Vibrational Craft Project : "LOVE" GLASSES & PITCHER

I hope you are aware of the profound work Dr. Masaru Emoto has done with his studies of water and the effects of human emotion. Basically Emoto, a Japanese scientist, wrote words on containers of water and took pictures of the droplets of water placed under a microscope. The containers with positive, uplifting, life affirming words (Love, Joy, Beauty, God, Harmony etc.) created beautiful crystals within their crystal composition while the negative words (hate, satan, ugly, looser etc.) created badly deformed crystal images.

Since everything is energy, whatever vibration we place in our homes, food, water etc....will alter it's original state. We can turn a normal glass of water into sacred healing water with the power of our attention and with the use of words written on our containers.

This is an easy project you can do to enhance your family's vibration. People also love receiving these glasses with one of Emoto's books....it makes a very high vibrational gift.

1. Go to a local craft shop and buy a Vitrea 160 Glass Paint Pen in any color you choose.
2. Purchase a set of glasses and a pitcher. Place them in the dishwasher or hand wash them.
3. Before you paint wipe them down one more time with a lint free cloth and vinegar to make sure there are no oily fingerprints on the areas where you will be painting.
4. Paint whatever words you would like on your glassware. Love, Joy, Peace, Harmony, God, OM, Beautiful, Healing etc.... Just make sure you do not get any fingerprints on any of the areas you will be painting.
5. Allow them to dry for 24 hours
6. Place them in a cold oven, turn the oven on 325 degrees and bake for 40 minutes. Allow them to cool.
7. Your glassware is now dishwasher safe...although I always hand wash mine.

I keep two pitchers of filtered water, covered by a piece of saran wrap in my fridge at all times. I also like to state a prayer with my hands over the container giving thanks for the water for the hydration, life force, healing and cleansing properties it contains. I ask God to infuse it with Light and Love and then I project love from my heart chakra into the water.

For more information on Masaru Emoto you can go to his website and blog:

He has also written three fabulous books called: The Hidden Messages in Water, The True Power of Water and The Secret Life Of Water.


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Chapter 23 Of The Raise Your Vibration Book "Transmutational / Ascension Symptoms" By Sabrina Rebe

Transmutational / Ascension Symptoms

Ascension is the raising of our personal energy frequency. It occurs when we bring our layers of “light” from our Spiritual Body or Multidimensional God Self down into our physical form. As we integrate more of our true spiritual essence into our being we expand our auric field, chakra system and activate our dormant strands of DNA. This allows us to move into higher states of consciousness accessing a new reality or dimension within ourselves. Please understand when I say higher level of consciousness I do not mean “better”. Greater consciousness is “more” consciousness and each one of us has the exact same potential to activate and tap into our higher states of consciousness. Greater consciousness means greater connection to our God Selves and a deeper understanding of the universe. Ascension and the raising of our vibration is a personal spiritual choice. Each of us has the very same potential to ascend; it is a matter of our own free will choice and the intention to allow ourselves to do so. All souls eventually move into greater states of consciousness.

As we raise our vibrations and ascend into higher levels of consciousness we may experience some discomfort emotionally, mentally and physically. We are transforming our dense lower vibrating carbon based cells into higher vibrating crystalline “light filled” cells. We are going through an alchemical process of body, mind and spirit. As we ascend, we transcend karma. Everything that is ready to be released will be brought up for review bringing about a change in our life experience. Old relationships, activities, jobs, belief systems, place of residence etc…may no longer serve your highest good. This is a positive experience and will result in tremendous personal growth even though it may be uncomfortable and chaotic at times. In order to ascend we must open ourselves up to change and step into a place of surrender and allowance. All discomfort is temporary! Eventually, everyone choosing to ascend into the higher states of consciousness will move into a state of health, harmony, joy, peace, spiritual abundance, full consciousness and unity consciousness.

Emotional Discomfort

  1. Loss of identity. Feel like you are loosing yourself. Not feeling like you “fit in” anymore.
  2. Dark Night of the Soul: As the old you dies (death of the ego) and you make room for the birth of the new you (Spiritual Self) you may experience an increase of chaos in your life. Your old ways just aren’t working for you anymore! The sooner you can let go of the old and allow yourself to step into a new way of thinking and being the smoother your life will move. Depression, Grief, Sadness, Loss of Identity and Confusion are very common during the Dark Night of the Soul. 
  3. Your emotional body may experience upheaval during the cleansing process. One week you may experience Joy, Bliss and Elation and the next week you may experience Anger, Fear and Confusion. You may feel like something is wrong with you. This is part of the clearing process so please do not judge yourself.
  4. Sudden extreme sensitivity to loud and crowded environments. While our energy bodies rapidly shift we will desire more time alone in our sacred space. Our connection to the Earth and nature deepens and we begin to experience the unification and universal flow of all living things.
  5. Heightened desire to surround yourself around “like-minded” people and healthy relationships. You simply cannot tolerate low vibrational environments or toxic relationships any longer.
  6. Irritability and Anxiety! Acceleration of time and not feeling like you can accomplish everything that needs to be done.
  7. Feelings of despair and overwhelm. Our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies are integrating higher vibrational energies from our God self. As we face God, we face ourselves! Things that need to be healed are being brought up to the surface for us to transcend. Previous behaviors and actions or karma   are being balanced at an accelerated rate. Our God self loves us unconditionally,   but our misqualifed energy must be brought into balance….it can not be taken with us! Pulsating rhythms of our past are vibrating away and it affects how we feel.
  8. Clumsiness, feeling out of sorts. Distracted.
  9. Increase in psychic development and awareness. The ability to see beyond the veils may be emotionally disturbing if you are not accustomed to the truth of reality. These are natural abilities that will be returning to all of us who are choosing to awaken and expand our consciousness. Be accepting of this process and do not resist. Work through your fears. We have earned the return of our spiritual gifts, welcome them! It may help you to find a group where you can talk about these experiences without anyone placing judgment on them. Some people have extreme fear of psychic abilities and some feel these abilities should never be discussed and should remain a secret. We are in the midst of planetary ascension! The truth is being revealed and we are returning to our divine inheritance and potential! It is time to share these experiences so we can reduce the trauma, shock and fear that occurs when people begin to experience the truth of reality.

Mental Discomfort

  1. Our mind / ego / intellect will struggle to come to terms with the true nature of reality. It will try to cling to the old and not want to shift or change. Your mind may begin to panic as you experience the disintegration of your old reality. Blame, Anger, Fear and Frustration are very common.
  2. Difficulty holding a clear thought….foggy thinking. Memory loss.
  3. Communication difficulties. People do not seem to hear or understand you.
  4. Mentally in high gear. Burn Out.
  5. Obsessive need to understand what is happening.
  6. Zoning out for long periods of time, not wanting to do anything.

Physical Discomfort

  1. Intense electrical energy and heat that runs through the body. The body is being rewired to carry higher frequencies. Kundalini experiences.
  2. Vertigo, Dizziness and Spaciness. A lot is going on in our brains! The right and left sides of the brain, our masculine and feminine energies, are being balanced and the pineal, pituitary and hypothalmus glands are being activated. We are also having a difficult time staying grounded because of the higher energies from the galactic center and our God self entering through the crown chakra. Daily “grounding” exercises and expanding and growing energetic “roots” out of our root chakra into the Earth will be helpful.  
  3. Intense Detoxification. As your body clears out toxins you may experience rashes, heat, itchiness, tingling or crawling sensations on the skin. The skin is our biggest elimination organ.
  4. Detoxification may also produce pain in the hips, knees, muscles and joints and gastrointestinal disturbances as the body tries to rapidly release everything that is keeping it from reaching the higher vibrations.
  5. High-pitched sounds and buzzing in the ear. An indication that you are raising your vibration and accessing higher dimensional aspects of yourself.
  6. Hyper nervous system, panic attacks or anxiety attacks.
  7. Heart palpitations. Our heart chakra is opening, activating and expanding. It must pump faster to accommodate the new energies coming from the galactic center and our God selves. As the heart expands you may also experience breathlessness or difficulties taking a deep breath.
  8. Back Pain. Our spine is being altered to handle higher frequencies and prepare for the raising of the kundalini energy.
  9. Cranial pressure, headaches, neck and shoulder pain. Migraines.
  10. Bodily aches and pains. Our old cellular structure is dissolving giving birth to our crystalline structure. The body is being prepared to hold more light and a higher vibration. As we ascend, energy can get stuck in the etheric body creating blocks. Energy work, exercise, massage and hot Epsom salt baths will help. Also sun bathing helps burn off mucous and etheric blocks that naturally collect as our entire system transmutes all of its density into light.
  11. Water retention. Our crystalline body requires more sodium chloride to ascend. Also our lymphatic system is being affected due to the rapid detoxification that is occurring. Drink additional water and exercise!
  12. Disruptive sleep patterns.
  13. Extreme Fatigue. Our physical and energetic bodies are growing and expanding. This requires an enormous amount of energy.
  14. Flu-like symptoms.
  15. Increased appetite and weight gain is common because it requires a tremendous amount of energy to transform our system. Also, the larger light body we have the larger our physical body may become in attempts to help us stay grounded.

This material is copyrighted. You can share this information with proper credits given to Sabrina Reber as the author, complete title of the book "RAISE YOUR VIBRATION", provide an image of the cover of the book, and a link to the HOW TO RAISE YOUR VIBRATION Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/pages/How-to-Raise-Your-Vibration/204840666199710?ref=tn_tnmn 
Any attempts to take the information and alter it in any way or try to claim it as your own is karmically binding for you, and puts you at risk for legal action based on copyright infringement. Please be respectful and provide proper credits so this information can remain freely available to all. Stay in alignment with your higher self and integrity. Blessings. 

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Our State Of Consciousness Creates Our World

It is our state of consciousness (chakra system) that creates our world. The greatest way for us to transform the current conditions on our planet is to open, activate and expand our consciousness ~ which goes hand and hand with raising our vibrations. Where we focus our attention is precious! If we focus our energy on personal spiritual development and our own emotional clearing from our energetic fields ~ eventually, we will merge with our God Self who lives in a higher vibrating dimension within our being. When this occurs we become conduits for change allowing divine spiritual energies to run through our energetic system expanding out into the grid systems of the Earth. Change occurs in the spiritual realms first and then appears in the physical realm. Our greatest transmutational power is our spiritual power from our God Self, which is directly connected to the Creator Of All That Is. Dedication to our daily spiritual practice and applying the light we receive ~ into our everyday lives ~ is our greatest tool for personal and global healing. ♥ ♥ ♥ With Love, Sabrina

Monday, May 16, 2011

Turning Our Darkness Into Light

Once negativity (darkness) has been created within our energy fields, simply ignoring it and not focusing on it will not make it go away. What we resist~ persists. In order to gain more LIGHT ~ we need to move through our darkness so we can transmute it. Learning the lessons our darkness is trying to teach us, fully feeling the negativity within ~ so we can release it ~ and asking the pain of our darkness questions will help us bring the LIGHT of awareness into our being. Once negative energy, blocks, distortions, painful emotions/feelings, karmic miasims and fear has been created ~ it has to be transformed! Energy never dies. Distorted energy forms stay with us until we are ready and willing to consciously participate in the alchemical process of turning our coal (darkness) into gold (light). ~ Sabrina

What are the questions we need to ask ourselves? Suggestions please.

Here are a few suggestions. Once you give yourself permission to ask your darkness questions ~ you will be perfectly guided by your higher consciousness to ask the perfect questions for yourself so you can get to the root of your darkness that needs to be extracted. Self Honesty and willingness to go there are key. You can also ask for help from God to help you excavate ~ but always ask for this to occur with ease and grace and for your highest and best good.  ♥ ♥ 

First State your intention and say a prayer: 

"God, please help me to name the negativity within me, that I am currently experiencing, so I can release it from my being, heal myself and return to a state of balance. I ask for this to be done with ease and grace and for my highest good." Thank you.

Begin to ask yourself questions. What is the name of the negativity within me? (INSERT: fear, irritation, stress, impatience, pain, negative emotion, negative thoughts, hurt feeling, childhood wound, anger, hate, abandonment, fear, jealousy, guilt, resentment, unforgiveness, shame, etc........) 

What is this ______ trying to teach me? 
What does this________feel like? 

Where did this ________originate? 

What core belief do I have that created this_________? 

What behavioral patterns do I have that continue to create this ________? 

How does this _______make me feel? 

What do I need to do to transcend this __________? 

Once you name it ~ you can send love to it, feel it, release it, heal yourself and learn the lesson it was trying to teach you.  

When you are ready to release it: Command for the healing light of God to come into the area where the negative energy has accumulated. It could be in the body or around the body. Visualize white light moving into it and dissolving it or you can watch it float up to God for god to transmute it. ♥ ♥ ♥  Whatever you visualize the energy form to be ~ is perfect for you....sometimes it is simply a black blob. Don't get hung up on the logistics of visualization. Simply state your intention, ask the questions and heal it with God's white light through whatever visualization shows up for you. 

You are a powerful co-creator ~ You are a healer. With the help of God you can heal any problem in your life. Never underestimate your abilities to create change within your life. Believe in yourself and your connection to the divine ~ Let go of all the distortions within you that keep you small. 

If you are attached to your pain and are having doubts about releasing the distortions I highly suggest you find a great healer to help you. Reiki, DNA Theta, Rolfing, Cranial Sacral are all great modalities. Also, continue with your daily meditations knowing that every time you meditate you are bringing in the LIGHT of your God Self which is fully connected to the Creator of All That Is. This LIGHT will transmute your denseness and raise your energetic frequency ~ intention to heal, prayer, visualization and meditation are your greatest transformational tools.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Fable of the Frog and Scorpion

Please Don't Hurt Me

In the fable of the frog and the scorpion, Scorpion asks Frog to carry him across the river on his back. Frog refuses because he knows that Scorpion will sting him. Scorpion promises not to so Frog agrees to take Scorpion across the river. As they move through the water Scorpion stings Frog twice and each time promises not to do it again. But with the third sting, Frog asks Scorpion why he did that because Frog is going to die. Scorpion replies that he stung Frog because he is a scorpion and that is what scorpions do. And they both drown. You can read this fable on the website by clicking here.

Like the scorpion, there are people in our lives who hurt us. While we take their behavior personally, it is the way they are. But we want them to be nice, kind, thoughtful and considerate. So we agree to engage with them as their enlightenment teachers, hoping that they will recognize our generosity of spirit and open up to their higher aspects. And they sting us, again and again, because that is where they are in their spiritual evolution. They have lessons to learn where they are and are not ready to cross their river of understanding.

We go through many lifetimes saying "please don't hurt me" to those who have hurt us again and again, trying to undo our past by getting them to change what they do or have done. Like the Frog in the fable, we do not listen to our inner guidance and hope that the outcome will be different. But we still get stung and instead of asking why we put ourselves in that situation, we ask the other person why they acted that way. Like Scorpion, they are not ready to embrace enlightenment and understanding. They are doing what feels right to them. We are victims of our karma and they are victims of their energies. And we both drown.

We can look back on our life and find the "scorpions" that we have tried to help, only to find ourselves bruised, battered, hurt, and disillusioned. The solution is not to carry yet another scorpion across the river, but to discover why we feel the need to heal ourselves by helping someone else heal. We hold out healing like a brilliant light to those who are content to be in the darkness, hoping that by helping them find the light we will achieve a lifetime healing milestone. Yet this is simply our lesson in acceptance, forgiveness and release. By letting go of the scorpions we can find peace and joy, giving ourselves the gift of healing and light and allowing those who chose the darkness to be where they need to be.

Uriel Heals Newsletter
Jennifer Hoffman
November 2, 2009

Friday, May 13, 2011

Self Empowerment

Everything that has ever occurred to us has been part of our evolutionary experience. No one is a victim of circumstances. We can fall into the egos tricks of victimization and hold onto our painful "stories" or we can step into self-empowerment knowing that every difficult soul interaction is a gift and an opportunity to learn at an even deeper level than before. Everything that has ever occurred in our lives, or will occur, is a learning experience that prepares us to reach our souls highest potential.

Take the medicine (lesson) ~ fully feel the feelings that arise ~ discover the cure ~ and leave the pain behind. Give thanks to The Creator for the opportunity to advance your soul. ♥ ♥ ♥ Sabrina ♥ ♥ ♥

The Core Of Your Being

Your Spiritual self or God self is the core of your being and is completely pure and unaffected by any of the energies in the physical dimension. Nothing you have ever done has corrupted or changed the core essence of your being. Your God self, a direct extension of the Creator, lives in a higher octave and is completely whole and never separated from you or the Creator of All That Is. The Creator took of his light and created your God Self and your God Self took a part of its consciousness creating the soul where it extended itself into the earth plane taking on a physical body. As a newborn child, the soul enters the body and a veil of amnesia or forgetfulness is placed over the soul’s mind and the soul forgets that it is an extension of the Creator. Because the soul believes it is separated and powerless, it becomes fearful and creates an alter identity called the Ego or the lower self. The Ego is a fear filled extension of the soul and is not connected to the loving guidance of the God self. Out of desperation and confusion the soul allows the Ego to become the dominating source of guidance which creates blocks and barriers between the soul and its true source of wisdom and guidance, the God self. The Ego is an acronym for Edging God Out and once it is in control of the soul, it will do everything to keep the soul from remembering its true nature. Because the soul has free will, the God Self will allow the soul and its self-created alter identity the ego, to experience its free will to the fullest. The God self is a source of wisdom and guidance but it does not intervene in the soul’s free will if the soul chooses to follow the guidance of the Ego.

Humanity has been in a dualistic battle with its ego for the past 11,000 years. Since we are moving into the photon belt of Christed energies and out of the 11,000 years of darkness it is time for each of us to remember who we truly are releasing the control, lies and fears of our Ego or lower self. It is time for our soul to step back into alignment so we can be spiritually fed and guided by the love of our God self. In order for the soul to access divine guidance it must, choose for itself, to take dominion over its ego. The soul needs to release the control of ego separation reclaiming its soul presence and divine birthright to fully merge into sacred union with its God self. This can only occur if the soul chooses to release the belief that it is separated from its Creator and actively pursues divine union with its God self through the process of raising its vibration, expanding its consciousness and seeking the kingdom within.

May you be blessed on your journey back to wholeness. ~ Sabrina

Exercise for PEACE: 

This is a great exercise when you feel defensive, agitated, irritated, emotional, judgmental or negative in any way.

Breathe in Love ~ Breathe out Trust
Breathe in Joy ~ Breathe out Compassion

Breathe in Love ~ Breathe out Trust
Breathe in Joy ~ Breathe out Compassion

Breathe in Love ~ Breathe out Trust
Breathe in Joy ~ Breathe out Compassion

This can be done anywhere, anytime ~ without anyone knowing what you are doing. As soon as you get out of balance ~ immediately focus your attention on this exercise and watch as your entire being moves back into balance. 

This exercise was inspired by Cullen Baird Smith & Rebecca Smith Orleane ~ "Voices From Love and Light".

Spiritual Abundance is far richer than material abundance. Daily spiritual practice through meditation AND integrating the LIGHT received from our meditations ~ into our normal everyday lives ~ will greatly increase our love, joy, peace, happiness, health and wealth. Just because you are wealthy does not mean you are abundant. If you are poor, it does not mean you are not RICH with Spirit. It is the abundance from spiritual energies that will magnetize goodness into our lives based upon what we want to focus on. 

♥ ♥ ♥ With Love ~ Sabrina

Changing The World Through The Inside

If we truly want change in our world ~ we need to stop looking for change outside of ourselves. Change will not happen in the world (outside) until we first change ourselves on the inside. The chaos pain and drama we are witnessing on our planet is a reflection of the chaos, pain and drama in our collective emotional and mental bodies. As long as we are in denial of our negative emotions and feelings we will never be able to transmute and release them. The energy we have created for ourselves, within our own energy fields, cannot be destroyed. Energy never dies....it doesn't just disappear ~ we can't just think or choose it away ~ it must be transformed / transmuted. Our negative energy stays with us until we decide to transform it into a higher vibrational energy ~ it's an alchemical process where we turn our darkness into gold. If we want to see peace in the world we will need to create peace within ourselves. Peace ~ Sabrina

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Question About The Ego, Soul and God Self

QUESTION: I am confused about the God self. I thought I was a soul/higher self and an ego residing in this body. When I read about the God self I had to sit back and ask, "how many parts of me are there?"

ANSWER: You are multidimensional....you have many selves. The one you are most aware of now is your ego, your personality self. Your soul and ego share space within and around the human body but the soul needs to be activated. A large portion of humanity has not activated their soul. Soul in Aramaic means Christ ~when our soul is activated we activate our Christ Self which everyone has. We are all Christed no matter what religion we choose to follow. The Soul is activated within the heart ~ once the soul is activated, the kundalini will rise breaking the seven seals that have been placed over our chakras keeping us stuck in duality and separation.  We move into unification with our God Self which has always been a part of us but lives in a higher dimension of our energy fields. The God Self is directly connected to the Creator Of All That Is or Source.....whatever you choose to call it ~ as it has many names and they all lead to the ultimate energy of Creation.

As a Human we have a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body. Each one of these bodies resides in a different dimension. We are multidimensional with our physical body being the densest part of our being.

The Egoic Physical Body: (Root Chakra) Our personality/identity/fear filled self.

The Egoic Emotional/Feeling Body: (Sacral Chakra) Our overactive feelings, emotions and reactions to life.

The Egoic Mental Body: (The Solar Plexus) Our thoughts and mental constructs that create distorted beliefs and power struggles within our being and those we come into contact with.

When we transcend the dualistic lower three chakras (root, sacral, solar plexus, we activate the heart chakra, the seat of the soul or the Christ Self.

When the Soul (Christ Self) is activated our over reactive emotional body softens into the INTUITIVE BODY (refined feelings and heightened awareness) and the mental body becomes the WISDOM BODY where we experience the wisdom of knowing through our direct experience of our Soul and God Consciousness. 

Spiritual Body: (God Self) Once the Soul is activated the Kundalini rises and the God Self descends into the physical body removing the seven seals and activating the higher chakras (the throat, spiritual eye center, crown). Depending on your participation in your spiritual practice additional chakras that reside outside your physical body will also be activated by Spirit according to your level of expansion.

We are vast multidimensional Beings with tremendous potential ~ we simply need to be proactive in our spiritual transformation to activate and awaken our consciousness to these aspects of ourselves. It is our divine birthright to achieve this and each one of us has the exact same potential to reach our highest souls potential. With Love ~ Sabrina

The above picture shows the egoic human personality in a physical body being transformed and enlightened on Earth with the Christ Self directly above the human ego and the God Self directly above the Christ Self which is connected to the Creator Of All That Is or Source Energy. This picture demonstrates how we can bring our own Heaven (God Consciousness) here down on Earth (Matter / Physical Body). The real treasure is not to meet God when you die ~ but to meet God and have a direct experience of God while you are alive in a physical body. Then you will know who you truly are ~ God in physical form.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Question about The Creator and Jesus


Sabrina, I am ever so confused as to why you refer to God as being God and the creator, and quoting Jesus and God. Now, not being a believer of god and Jesus Christ, and I believe neither are you; why are these references here and are we being asked to respond 'to "Jesus clearly states, “The Kingdom of God is within you!”' Are you asking us as readers to believe in Jesus and that he existed as the son of God on our earth, or you asking us to believe that he existed as a person who believes there is a creator of the universe, & that creator was his father, who is not a real person like him, and who did not live on earth? I am really confused why these references like 'God' 'Christ' are used by you when they are biblical terms.I am sure there is a reason & am just not getting it, so maybe I need to be enlightend, to allow me to continue without these terms confusing me. 


There are many names you can use for God....some people may use Allah, OM, Universe, The Great One, Heavenly Father, Lord, Alpha and Omega etc....all of these names lead to the same omnipresent energy of Creation.

In my book ~ I say God or The Creator interchangeably as they are the same thing. For me God worked better in some sentences and the Creator sounded better in other sentences. Sorry if it confused you.

You are right, I am not a believer of God or Jesus Christ. I KNOW them personally. It is a relationship I have....it is a knowingness ~ a energy that runs through me that I have awakened myself to. All beings have the same potential to awaken to this awareness of the Christ and God Within.  All of my work whether it be on my blog, on my facebook page, in my healing sessions etc.....is to help people move beyond the belief in God so they can have a  DIRECT EXPERIENCE of God. Once this occurs, you will know and experience truth, you will remember who you are.

Yes, the Kingdom of God is within you. You are a spiritual being having a human experience ~ you think you are just human but you are actually a vast multidimensional being. Each one of us are an extension of God....a divine spark and we are always connected to God ~ never separated. It is our belief in separation from God that keeps us stuck in the illusion of separation and creates all the pain and suffering on the planet. We could not be alive if we were separated from God because it is God's energy that is in every living thing......everything is an aspect of God. The air you breathe, the water you drink, the animals, family, friends etc....are all extensions of God. We are literally submersed within the energy of God ~ God surrounds us and runs through us. God is everywhere, everything ~ All Knowing.

We are ALL sons and daughters of God. No need to put Jesus or Buddha or anyone else up on a pedestal....Jesus clearly states ~ what he can do we can do and more. Jesus the Christ was an extension of God (just like you and I) who incarnated into a physical body to be an example for humanity. He volunteered to come here to show us the way back to God because humanity, as a whole, had fallen into a very low state of consciousness. The way back to God is an inner path, we must choose for ourselves,  that will activate our hearts. The heart is the seat of the soul. Once the heart is activated, the soul is awakened and our god consciousness is restored.

In Aramaic CHRIST means SOUL. The SOUL (heart) is the bridge to the God mind..... in essence we are little god's. We are gods in amnesia connected to The Creator of All That Is ~ but most of humanity has blocks and barriers within their energy fields that keep them from experiencing this truth. Inner work, meditation, releasing distorted beliefs and releasing our toxic stored emotions in our energy fields helps us to clear away the blocks and barriers (veils of amnesia) that keep our egoic consciousness stuck in separation and duality.

There are three Christ:
1. Jesus the Christ: the man
2. Our own Christ Self (the soul)
3. The Cosmic Christ which is the energy of the photon belt which activates the awakening of the Christ Consciousness within each person who chooses to activate it from their own free will.

The Creator of All That Is / God is ENERGY that lives within and around all living forms ~ God is incarnated here on Earth in all living beings. Basically, we are gods in human form and the Creator experiences itself through us.

It is important for us to not get caught up in 3D terms and to look at everything as multidimensional. When we get sick, there is never just one reason why we get sick. There is an emotional, mental, physical and spiritual reason for every ailment. Likewise we can not put God, Christ, ourselves or anyone else in a nice, neat little box. It is time to start thinking outside the parameters of the box and to see things from a new perspective. It is time for us to awaken to the truth of who we are and that can only occur through dedication to our own inner spiritual work.

I have written a book called "Raise Your Vibration" that will help you clean out the blocks and barriers to your Christ/Buddhic/God Self. PURCHASE BOOK HERE

How Our Chakra System Effects Us

Every thought, word, emotion, feeling and action we take carries energy out from us into the world and effects our present reality. How we think and how we feel is a result of the energy currently vibrating in our energy fields ~ directly effecting the functioning of our chakra system, which relates to different aspects of our psychological functioning.

Root Chakra: has to do with security and survival and how we feel physically. 

Sacral Chakra: has to do with self worth and feelings of self love.

Solar Plexus: has to do with Personal power and how we see ourselves in the world.

Heart Chakra: has to do with Love, healthy relationships and boundaries, oneness of life, forgiveness, compassion and giving & receiving.

Throat Chakra: has to do with speaking our truth, regret, compassion, betrayal and trust issues.

Spiritual Eye Chakra: has to do with clear seeing, visualization, creation and manifestation.

Crown Chakra: has to do with KNOWING we are God in a physical body. Understanding we are part of a bigger plan and that we are never alone.

If we are not thinking and feeling our best, the vibrations in our energy field / chakra system need to be cleared so we can think and function in our highest and best way.

We can clear the chakras through meditation and visualization. Yoga and other types of exercises and by allowing ourselves to feel our feelings when they arise so our feelings can move through our energetic system without getting stuck in a specific chakra. Energy healers are also a very valuable way to clear out old hard to release blocks. 

Blessings ~ Sabrina

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Creating Sacred Crystal Water

How do I create sacred crystal water – by Dieter Braun (Indian in the machine)
This is the water that I’m using to crystallize my body so that I can adapt to the powerful Light frequencies bathing our planet at this time.
I take distilled water and I add about 1/8 tsp. Himalayan salt crystals which have over 80 elements from the periodic table, and I add them to one litre of water held in a crystal glass container with lid. I dissolve the crystals in the water. I place one pink quartz crystal inside. Place container in the sunlight and moonlight in an open spot…it is ready for use soon after. Drink this water, annoint your head with this water, put this water on your skin…you are cleansing and renewing every part of your being with this water. Have a quiet moment in joy and confirm the Highest of your intentions. You are reprogramming this water as it enters your being and in the process mutating yourself into a living crystal. As we know crystals can hold vast amounts of information. This is one of the powerful ways to attract the Golden Age….it’s time to give up the struggle, release the attachment to old ways that no longer serve us…it’s time for us to attract new forms of free energy that exist all around including within us. This special crystal water will assist you to have a pleasant, powerful, and peaceful time between now and 2012 as our solar system travels through the photon belt. As we crystalize our bodies, we cleanse them of toxins at the same time. Enjoy. ;)
Thank you for sharing this information with at least two people with my blessings and thanks.
Indian in the machine