Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Ascension Is a Life Style

We are in the process of planetary ascension. At this time on the planet, we ALL have the opportunity to raise our vibrations high enough to merge with a higher aspect of our being. This is a personal choice based on our own free will and it does take effort. 

This process requires us to rise up vertically in consciousness, to our GodSelf, bringing our SPIRIT down into our physical body. But our process does not end there! Actually ~ this is the beginning of our journey and the return to our true selves.

Once the LIGHT of our higher selves/spiritual selves enters our being we will need to integrate the light, into our everyday lives. Ego and shadow consciousness will need to be refined. All of the fragmented parts of ourselves will need to be loved and brought back into our being so we can reach a state of wholeness.

Ascension is a vertical and horizontal process. We raise our frequency, moving the kundalini up the spine to the crown chakra ~ merging with a higher aspect of our being ~ and then we absorb the LOVE (Mother Goddess Energy) and LIGHT (Father God Knowledge) expanding it out, horizontally, from our energy fields grounding it into our everyday lives.

Old behavioral patterns, negative energy, karmic miasims, distorted thought forms, energetic blocks, ego and shadow consciousness ~ still remain after the first level of ascension/merging. Continued daily practice and continued spiritual practice ~ through meditations will bring forth the activation of the sacred flames within our hearts and continued downloads of SPIRIT expanding and activating our light bodies.

Ascension is an ongoing process it is a life style ~ a new way of BEING that will need to be applied in our everyday lives. As Gandi says, we need to BE the LIGHT (change) we wish to see in the world.

Namaste~ Sabrina

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