Tuesday, May 24, 2011

"I Am here to say that you have the ability to be God's Fire; I Am here to be like a candle with a flame in order to give fire to your candle. Do you realize that if you accept this flame, you can understand that you were and are the extensions of God's fire? It is just a matter of shifting your consciousness to identify yourself with this fire, and then you and the fire of God will be together. This "being together" means that you may have a direct experience of God anytime you wish." ~ Aleksandr Ross

Once the flame in your heart has been activated, and you merge with your God Self ~ THEN you become a LIGHT WORKER. A LIGHT WORKER is someone who has activated the LIGHT within their body and attained union with their Christ Self, which creates a figure eight flow of energy from Mother Goddess (Earth) and Father God (Creator). Once activated, you too become a flame of Spiritual LIGHT, an activated divine spark, that will activate the flame within others ~ who choose from their own free will ~ to accept the ignition of their sacred heart flames and the figure eight flow of energy from Mother Father God. "These things I do, you shall do and more." ~ Jesus the Christ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 

In Love (Mother) and Light (Father) ~Sabrina


  1. How do I attain/merge with my God-Self? Is there any guidance I can reiceve or a course or center you would recommend I go to in order to ascend to God-Self ?


  2. Hi James, this whole blog goes over the steps you can apply into your life to merge with your God Self. It is from my book "Raise Your Vibration" you can order my book on my facebook page. There is a green shopping cart button under the profile picture. However, the whole book is posted in sections for free here on the blog. Meditation and asking your God Self to merge with you will get you started, however, your soul energy must be purified before the God Self can merge with your physical being as your vibration must be raised so this can occur. It will require meditation and cleaning our your chakra system to raise your vibration high enough for reaching a state of unification with your spiritual being. Here is a link to my facebook page if you are interested in purchasing the book. Many Blessings, Sabrina



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