Friday, May 20, 2011

What Is Unconditional Love? By: Sabrina Reber

God is the perfect example of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. Unconditional Love is an unlimited way of being.  Our Creator loves us so much we were given free will ~ with no limitations ~ to choose how we want to create with the Creators Energy. The Creator does not judge us for our actions or choices; however, our actions and choices reflect the level of our vibration and current state of our consciousness.

We are created in the image and likeness of God. We are created from source energy and we have the same energy within us that is also within the Creator. However, many of us have forgotten about our true identity as a spiritual being and we have stopped using our co-creative powers consciously. This has caused us to to make unconscious choices creating suffering for humanity, the planet and ourselves. God does not create suffering; humans create suffering. We are spiritual beings having a human experience and we have forgotten how powerful we are. We are so powerful, we have the free will potential to use our creative faculties in a way that goes against God's laws creating great disharmony on our planet.

There is a common saying among the spiritual movement ~ " Everything is in Divine order"...and to a degree, this is true as there are universal laws in effect that record all energy that has been misqualified. Distorted energy is recorded in our souls energy field whenever we misuse our creative abilities. However, Divine Order does not mean we are suppose to continue to recreate the same mistakes over and over again. We are suppose to learn from our mistakes and misqualified energy transcending the need to  repeat the same negative behavioral patterns over and over.

If we are in a relationship, negative situation or activity that is not evolving and continues to revolve in the same negative patterns we can not throw our DISCERNMENT out the window and say: "Everything is in Divine Order"....I guess this is meant to be. If we do this, we become a walking doormat for unconscious patterns and negativity to continue. Doing so enables others to continue expressing the darkness and limitations of their ego and shadow consciousness which will continue to spread negative toxic emotional energy on the Earth keeping the Earth and all beings in a lower state of consciousness. In order to heal the Earth we must first heal ourselves and that means loving ourselves enough to choose from our own free will ~ circumstances, relationships and activities that enhance our LIGHT.

Setting healthy boundaries with ourselves and others is an act of SELF LOVE. Remember, UNCONDITONAL LOVE is an unlimited way of being, we honor ourselves ~ what is for our highest good using our DISCERNMENT~ and we honor the free will choices of others to create in whatever manner they choose even if we know their choices will create additional suffering for them in the future. Every being has the right to experience life in any way they choose, even if it means they are using God's energy in a destructive way. Releasing these relationships, situations or activities without judgment ~ viewing everything from a higher perspective ~ is an expression of compassion and unconditional love. When we have enough self love for ourselves we no longer are enablers for other peoples poor behaviors. We become beacons of light, powerful lighthouses....generators of love and compassion for others to follow. That's how we heal this person at a time and it all begins with our own SELF LOVE and DISCERNMENT for what is right for US.  With Love, Sabrina


  1. THIS is article is true BRILLIANCE! Thank you Sabrina for the ever-so-DIVINE reminder of SELF-LOVE! <3

  2. Today, Today, Today.... the spirit is not just speaking to me. The spirit is Yelling to me the principles of "Self Love" which I desperately need to embrace and engage. THIS.... I will need to read everyday for the next few so that it sinks in. Thank you for being the conduit for the spirit. Blessings & Nameste !

  3. You are so welcome. Everything boils down to self-love. So glad both of you are tapping into your magnificence. We are always learning to tap into an even deeper level of love for self ~ gotta stay committed to ourselves no matter what! Blessings!

  4. Just saw this today. I am very grateful to you and this has come at the Right time in my life. hope you don;t mind if I share this.


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