Friday, May 13, 2011

Changing The World Through The Inside

If we truly want change in our world ~ we need to stop looking for change outside of ourselves. Change will not happen in the world (outside) until we first change ourselves on the inside. The chaos pain and drama we are witnessing on our planet is a reflection of the chaos, pain and drama in our collective emotional and mental bodies. As long as we are in denial of our negative emotions and feelings we will never be able to transmute and release them. The energy we have created for ourselves, within our own energy fields, cannot be destroyed. Energy never doesn't just disappear ~ we can't just think or choose it away ~ it must be transformed / transmuted. Our negative energy stays with us until we decide to transform it into a higher vibrational energy ~ it's an alchemical process where we turn our darkness into gold. If we want to see peace in the world we will need to create peace within ourselves. Peace ~ Sabrina

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  1. Sabrina, Thank you for this post. It is wonderful. We liked it so much we posted it in Humanity's Team, the Voices of Oneness Blog.


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