Friday, December 30, 2011

Should We Ignore The Injustice Done To Us?

QUESTION: I am just curious to know..should we ignore the injustice done to us and focus on ascension? Where and how do we differentiate between our ego and doing the right thing?
ANSWER: First of all, you are not a victim....the first step of ascending into higher consciousness is recognizing that you are a Creator God/Goddess, and all things are drawn to you for a variety of reasons. Whatever is happening could be from past life karma, your thoughts and beliefs could be negative ~ and therefore could draw certain experiences to you OR you may have even drawn a particular experience to you to learn from so you could advance your soul. Perhaps one of your biggest lessons is learning to love and value yourself enough so you can stand in your  own power ~ no longer allowing people to be injust to you. 

This is the toughest part for people to understand and also to accept~  our ego's will get darn right upset about accepting this truth. The ego will not accept responsibility! It loves to blame and project all of it's negativity onto other people and say "THEY" are the ones who are injust. If we are "really" honest with ourselves, and self-introspective, we will discover the inner workings and lessons that continue to repeat themselves in our lives. 
It is "your" consciousness that creates "your" reality.....your consciousness is the totality of your being ~ conscious, unconscious, subconscious and superconscious.....they all work together to create your current life experience. So no, we can not ignore the injustices that have been done to us. In order to ascend in consciousness we must first accept responsibility for part of their creation ~ as BOTH people are choosing to learn lessons from these kind of negative interactions, and we also must learn how to transcend these negative behavioral patterns and thoughts that continue to draw negative experiences to us to learn from. 

We do not have to grow and learn through negative experiences....we can learn through loving interactions but for the most part....not many of us have gotten to a place of pure positive creation just yet. Whenever you jump right into blame, judgment, criticism and an increase of negative mind chatter about a particular event.....recognize you have fallen out of alignment with your higher wisdom and have fallen into the traps of the ego. If you want to advance your soul and align yourself with truth.....catch yourself and say to the ego....I see you, and I command the God within me to come forward. Accept responsibility for this creation, and ask yourself do I feel, why have I drawn this lesson to me, what am I suppose to learn, where has the focus of my energy been lately ~ has it been positive. The ego projects everything outside of itself and focuses on the other person....what they should and should not do. The soul wants us to look within our very own being to see what needs to be addressed and healed within us. The inner path (soul) leads to salvation, the outer path of projection (ego) leads to more chaos, drama, pain and illusion.

BIG QUESTION ~ If you don't accept responsibility for your life.......then who is going to? We must learn to accept responsibility for everything that happens in our lives. If we are not happy with our current situations then it is only "the self" that can create the change. In order to change our future we will have to change our now ~ so if there are people, habits, thoughts, distorted beliefs, behavioral patterns, activities, jobs, living circumstances etc.....that we feel are injust, then we have the power and the responsibility to make changes for ourselves that will create the life we truly want to experience.


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Ascension Symptoms ~ Irrationality ~ Rapid Changes

QUESTION: Hypothetically, can one claim ascension symptoms are due to one's irrationality with how they deal with life? I have experienced most of what you have written about in your "Raise Your Vibration" book about the symptoms we may go through. Some would claim "so and so is going insane, they are having an identity crisis!!" It seems, most people subconsciously believe if you do not handle life in the most effective manner (their way) then it is doomed. What is an identity crisis? Why is it a crisis? Isn't it ascension at it's prime? Letting the old out to let the new in.
ANSWER: Ascension will be ongoing for quite some time. The planet will be fully activated by 2012, but the Earth and humanity will need time to fully integrate the new incoming energies......and that is why many of us are experiencing "ascension symptoms" because our energy fields like a snake are shedding the old, and we are having to recreate new more divinely aligned energy shields that protect us. This is exhausting requires a lot of energy and yes, you could say some of it is our irrationality with how we handle things because not only are we transmuting our energy, but we also still have to maintain sanity in a very insane, unconscious, unstable world where many of our soul mates are resisting the upshift in their consciousness. Not to mention we are being shown the issues within our being that need to be refined. Ascension is about the unveiling of our old shadow and egoic consciousness. Once we unveil within us what we have hidden for so many lifetimes we can heal it, but if it remains hidden lurking in the back ground of our subconscious (energy fields) our shadow and dark filled behaviors will remain. Ascension requires us to heal the ego and shadow so we can receive more light and this can create an identity crisis for us, as well as, for our loved ones because our old identity....the way we use to behave and respond starts to change....even our activities and things we use to enjoy doing fall away and this may upset our friends and family when we suddenly decide their way of being and living no longer resonates with us.....and many people, out of lack of awareness, will try to keep us from healing and changing because that means in order for us to still have a relationship that resonates they too will need to heal and change and that can be too much for many to accept. So my best advice to you is to stay committed to your ascension path no matter what others say to you ~ ascension is a personal choice ~ you actually may be a light house for others to follow in the future after you move through all the mucky waters of the shadow and ego consciousness, and come through with a greater sense of love, peace, spiritual abundance and joy. Everyone around you will start to ask what you did, and they will want your new found LIGHT and expansion of consciousness as well. We are all learning how to BE the LIGHT we have awakened ourselves to BE and that may mean that we make a few mistakes along the observant of your self and always be willing to constantly refine your thoughts, emotions, beliefs and behaviors. The soul is always ascending.......we just happen to be in a time period where it is happening with rapid speed. It is the time of EN-LIGHT-EN-MENT but first all the things that aren't LIGHT within our being need to be released. Blessings on your journey. ~ Sabrina

Friday, December 23, 2011

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Wednesday, December 21, 2011



1/2 CUP UNPASTEURIZED APPLE JUICE (juice your own or purchase from a health food store)
1 TABLESPOON LIQUID CHLOROPHYLL *UNFLAVORED* (purchase from a health food store)

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Liquid Chlorophyll is miraculous. It is also a wonderful supplement to assist the body in its ascension process. It helps detoxify the blood ~ as well as ~ the organs and cells and it also helps us increase more light and life force within our being. Here are a few links with information on the benefits of drinking chlorophyll:

Friday, December 9, 2011

How Do You Overcome Being Disappointed With Your Faith?

ArtBy: Ken Wong "Mistaken Identity"

QUESTION: How do you over come being disappointed with your faith? I'm committed now more than ever to raising my vibrations, and while i feel my spiritual body growing and evolving ~ life for my physical body and my worldly needs are being more and more difficult to meet. I feel like my guardian angel must be on a permanent lunch break or something because I feel like I’m wandering blindly down this life path.
ANSWER: Once we begin to awaken, and our consciousness expands to greater truths, it is natural for us to go through a period of disappointment, frustration and even anger. As a whole, humanity has been taught to look outside of themselves for something to “fix” them. If we could only find the right partner, then we would experience what love feels like....the right doctor/pill will heal us, church on Sunday with our best “Sunday” attitude will save us, winning the lottery and getting rich will bring us happiness etc......we have put our faith in things externally of ourselves in hopes that they will create the healing, peace, joy, love, abundance and serenity we so desperately want to create for ourselves. In order to truly receive these things we will need to realign our faith with our SELF......mainly we will need to honor, love and respect our selves ~ reestablishing a relationship with our inner being so we can trust that our inner wisdom will guide us in the highest and best way. 
Unfortunately, many of us have shut down our ability to “feel” and spend more time “thinking” about our issues and problems rather than connecting with our true feelings about a situation. Our feelings contain valuable information and connect us to our intuition and truth. Feelings are the language of the soul. When we suppress our feelings, we suppress our connection to our soul. We create filters and barriers between our physical being and our inner being, which interferes with our own inner source of divine intelligence that guides us to manifest the best possible outcome in our lives. When we disengage ourselves from our feelings, we disconnect ourselves from our internal guide and give our power away to others to make decisions for us. 
We expect the Creator, our guides and angels to fix our life. They won’t. We are in embodiment to learn how to create and manifest our energy constructively ~ the Creator gifted us with FREE WILL. It is our thoughts, emotions, feelings, actions, beliefs and past karma that create our current circumstances. So even if you have worked on your self in the past 5 years, yet still aren’t manifesting what you want in your life.... your current reality is a manifestation from your past. We all have guides and angels here to help us, but they will not do the work for us......they keep us on track with our soul plan, project LIGHT and healing energies into our energetic system, provide spiritual protection and are a wonderful source of guidance and inspiration. They will even open doors for us, and help us to create what we want but we have to walk through the doors they have opened, and we also have to continue to put positive energy towards what we truly want.
So the best way to re-establish your to step back into your power. Accept full responsibility for the conditions in your life and spend time re-connecting with your inner being through meditation. Ask your “SELF” questions and take the time to LISTEN and FEEL. For the most part, we all receive guidance and inspiration ~ but we are unwilling to make the changes in our life that will create whatever it is that we so desperately want to create. We want instant gratification and when things don’t happen exactly the way we want them to we start to loose faith. In addition, I highly suggest people spend time becoming aware of the subconscious BELIEFS running through their consciousness. Distorted beliefs will create havoc in our lives, and many of us have dual beliefs. Here are a common few:
  1. God is Unconditionally Loving yet passes judgment.
  2. I want to be healed, but if I am healed, I will not receive as much love and attention from my family.
  3. I love my family yet sometimes I hate my family.
  4. I want to be powerful, yet I am afraid of my power.
  5. I want to be financially abundant, but I am not willing to do the work that creates financial abundance.
  6. I want to release my extra weight, but the extra weight makes me feel safe.
  7. I am love but I don’t like to be around people.
We all have distorted beliefs within our subconscious. If you are not manifesting the life you want I highly suggest you find a Master DNA Theta healer who can help you discover the hidden beliefs that are creating problems for you. They can pull the distorted belief from your consciousness and send it to the Creator’s light and the Creator will tell them what belief you need ~ specific to you ~ that needs to be inserted. Belief work is very, very powerful and will really help you have greater faith in your self, humanity and the Creator Of All That Is. ~ Sabrina

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

When we rise in vibration do we help the world rise in vibration even when others don't do anything to help themselves?

QUESTION: I am aware that we are all we individually learn something or raise to higher vibrations, it naturally pulls up the rest of the world.... does it stand to reason that even if some people did NOTHING - their vibrations would raise just because we are connected to the collective consciousness and or source field ?
ANSWER: Yes, when we heal ourselves we heal the world. Everyone who truly wants to heal the world really needs to focus on the healing of the SELF. Oftentimes people will externalize everything outside of themselves thinking they need to change external circumstances when what we really need to change is our own internal consciousness, which in affect will directly shift the consciousness of the entire planet. For example, everything going on in the world today is a reflection of humanity's lack of love for the self. If we truly loved and honored ourselves, we would not give our power away to external sources to make decisions for us nor would we choose to engage in any kind of activity that would compromise the integrity of our LIGHT. Everything happening NOW is a direct response to lifetimes of unbalanced thoughts, emotions, feelings and actions. However, that is changing because we are each starting to take responsibility for ourselves and we are also willing to do the inner work necessary to heal and bring ourselves back into wholeness. We do have a direct affect on every single person on this planet, and through vibrational resonance, we help others also awaken to the fact that they too will need to do the inner work necessary to heal and expand their consciousness. For those who choose not to rise in vibration along with the planet will choose to leave this planet and will reincarnate somewhere else where they will get to continue their learning in a low vibrational, fear filled, egoic, dualistic environment. There is no judgment for this choice ~ all souls are deeply loved and are given as many opportunities as they would like to either begin to evolve their soul or continue the cyclic pattern of de-volution. We can spiral up or down in consciousness; the Creator loves us so much we have been given the free will to create however we want but our life, level of joy and happiness, will be a reflection of our level of vibration and expansion of consciousness. For the most part, a large part of humanity is choosing to evolve and rise up. We have grown tired of separation, chaos and the illusions of fear and we are willing to do what it is going to take to return our selves and the planet back to LOVE. The healing of the SELF is the biggest contribution we can make to the healing of the Earth.

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If The Creator is All Knowing, Why Do We Need To Learn Soul Lessons...What Is The Creator Wanting To Learn From Us?

QUESTION: The more I try to learn these concepts the more I get confused.. please help me find an answer as to WHY do we need to learn these lessons? For what purpose? Where are they gonna be used... when God, the supreme being, the creator of this all, must be knowing all this already, so what does HE want to learn thru us??!
ANSWER: The Creator doesn't need to learn anything, as the Creator is All Knowing, although the Creator enjoys experiencing all the many diversified extensions of itself that have incarnated into physicality. We are divine extensions of the Creator who each chose, according to our own free will, to break away from the pure energy of Source/Unconditional love so we could experience the contrast of being a spiritual being with a variety of emotions and creative potentials that can only be experienced when we are in the physical realm. When we were whole and complete... basking in the energy of unconditional love we all decided it would be more interesting and more creative if we actually left the pure energy of Source "ONENESS" and incarnated into a physical body so we could fully experience the wonderful attributes of physicality where we perceive each other as separate beings. When we are in physicality we have a range of emotions, feelings and sensations such as taste, smell, touch, hearing etc......when we are in the pure energy of Source it is beautiful and loving, but everything is the same.....there isn't much creation going on, everything just IS. So we left the world of Spirit so we could actually be more creative....with the power to create through our thoughts, emotions, feelings, words and beliefs. The goal is to remember that we are powerful co-creators and to begin creating from a place of love and not fear so we can actually create what it is our soul truly wants, which is to learn and EVOLVE within the physical dimension so it can one day completely return back to the ONENESS of Source where it then will have the free will choice to reincarnate back into a physical being or not. The Creator experiences itself through every single one of us.....whatever we are creating the Creator experiences. So the big question is.......Is your life what you want The Creator Of All That Is to experience? Is it what you want to experience? If not, you have the power and the free will choice to change are the Creator of your own life experience. Everything you have ever thought, said, believed or done has created this NOW moment. If you want to change your future....begin to take steps to change your NOW. Anything that is not working in your life NOW will not work in the future either unless you heal it, or release it from your being. You have the free will, the responsibility and the power to create the change you desire to see in your life. ~Sabrina

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Going With The Flow

QUESTION: Sometimes I am not sure if I am receiving a soul lessons or do I just go with the flow and don't react to the situation...what I'm trying to ask is how do I know when to speak up for myself and when to surrender?

HTRYV ANSWER: To go with the flow means to be in the flow of YOUR higher does not mean to simply flow and allow everything that comes into your life to happen to you....especially, if you have an internal reaction that feels out of alignment for you. Your internal voice will speak....there will be a uneasy feeling in your being and you will know when you need to speak up. But for the most part....many of us are afraid of speaking up for ourselves, so then we will say to ourselves....oh I should simply accept this and surrender to it. However, I work from the path of speak up, ask for what you want, put energy into your ideal situation and if it doesn't work out THEN I will accept the situation and surrender to the plan knowing that there must be a higher purpose. We have nothing to loose when we speak up.....ask in order to receive. ♥

Flow: To be in the flow of our inner wisdom. This requires us to practice stillness and to listen to the messages and sensations our body is giving us. The soul speaks through the language of the heart, not the mental mind of the belief systems we have created or that have been projected onto us by others. To be in the flow does not mean to sit back letting the world happen to you, it means to be in the flow of your creative abilities creating the life you would like to experience. To be in the flow means to be aligned with your power to create change for yourself and the planet.

Acceptance: Means to accept that we are all learning and growing our soul's through both negative and positive experiences. Every interaction we have is a soul lesson for BOTH people. Acceptance means no judgment. We can accept the situation as an opportunity to evolve ourselves through the gift of our very own free will. By observing the situation and listening to our higher wisdom we can make discerning decisions for ourselves that we feel are for our highest and best good. Part of our mastery is learning how to properly use our discernment....discernment is attained when we choose to no longer blind ourselves, it is one of the gifts of the Holy Spirt we receive when our spiritual eye is awakened. "Once I was blind but now I see" is part of clear seeing so we can create our lives aligned with what is best for OUR soul.

Surrender: Means to surrender and live our lives to the wisdom of our higher being. By surrendering to this wisdom, we act in a way that is aligned with our highest good knowing that when we put energy towards our heart felt desires the Universe will fully support us when it is in alignment with the energy we are projecting, when it is consistent with the life blueprint we created for this lifetime, and when it is for our highest and best good. After we have put energy towards what we truly want, and we don't receive it, we Surrender to the bigger plan knowing that we did all we could, and therefore, we will receive it in perfect divine timing or the Universe will assist us in creating something that will be better for us in the future.

Flow, surrender and acceptance are very important attributes of soul evolution however, many people are confused on exactly what those are. For some reason we throw all discernment out the window and expect the universe to create for us.....but that is not the way it works. The universal energies are here to support us....they are not here to create for us. That is our job. We have the gift of free will and it is our free will that will determine if we evolve or devolve. Listen to your inner wisdom and make choices that are LIGHT filled for you ~ step into your power as a co-creator and stop expecting something or someone outside of yourself to create the life of your dreams. Only YOU can do that. ~ Sabrina

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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Earth Keeper Power Dates Leading Up To The 12th Wave Of Ascension From James Tyberonn

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Although the energy will begin to accelerate over the next 4 weeks, it is an excellent time for inward travel. It is an extraordinarily potent  time to examine self. Who you are, where you are heading. It is a time to prepare for the 12th Wave of the Ascension .... for 2012. The 12th wave of the Ascension begins on the New moon of January 23rd, 2012. We are entering the completion of 2011 and the preparation for the heralded Ascension.
  It is of importance to note that the 12th Wave of the Ascension begins on Jan 23rd and extends to December 12, 2012. In truth, per Metatron, the final Triple Date Portal (TDP) , the 12-12-12 is as important as 12-21-12. The 12-12-12 TDP is the final assimilation of the Crystalline energetic network and the completion of the Crystalline Grid and Sun Discs. At midnight on the 12-12-12, a rebooting process begins, that allows for all to flow in unison on the 12-21-12.
November 2011
*** Mercury Goes Into Retrograde- Nov 24
*** New Moon - November 25, 06:10
*** November 25 - Partial Solar Eclipse. This partial eclipse will only be visible over Antarctica and parts of South Africa and Tasmania.

 *** New Moon Solar Eclipse - November 25
 *** Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse - December 10
 *** Solstice -December 21

December 2011
*** Full Moon - December 10, Full Moon -Total Lunar Eclipse
*** Total Lunar Eclipse. December 10 - The eclipse will be visible throughout most of Europe, eastern Africa, Asia, Australia, the Pacific Ocean, and the North America.
*** Uranus Completes retrograde and Goes Direct - Dec 10
*** Geminids Meteor Shower. December 13, 14
*** Dec 14 - Mercury Goes Direct
*** Solstice December 21 - occurs in the northern hemisphere at 05:30 UT.
*** New Moon - December 24, 18:06
*** Dec 25- Jupiter Goes Direct

Power Dates & Activation Phases of 2012

There are certain key frequencies occurring on specific dates in 2012. The equinoxes, solstices, and eclipses are extremely powerful, each presenting final codings to the Ascension.

That which is termed the 12th Wave of the Ascension begins in late January ( New Moon of January 23, 2012 ) and continues through the 12-12-12.

Key dates of 2012 are as follows:

January  23 - Initiation of the 12th Wave of the Ascension.

Feb 3 - Neptune in Pisces- Great Inner Vision is enhanced within the 12th Wave.
Feb 8 - Chiron in Pisces - A great opportunity for individual release and global healing
March 20 - Equinox - The 4th and final wave of the Cosmic Trigger, downloading and initializing the Crystalline Codes.
May 20- Solar Eclipse - Humanity macro-integration - Divine Masculine balance.
June 4 - Lunar Eclipse- Humanity micro- integration- Divine Feminine Balance.
June 6 - Venus Transit - Integration with the Sirian and Pleiadean Alliance, the full return of the Golden Dolphin energies, the initial integration of Divine Feminine to Divine Masculine.
June 20 - Summer Solstice - Extremely powerful, completing a quartet of dates with the Solar eclipse of May 20th and Lunar Eclipse ofJune 4th and Venus Transit of June 6. This will be an extremely intense energy that incorporates a final inflow of energetic codes and allows for obstructing releases.
September 22 - Autumn Equinox - Initial networking formation of all 12 Primary Sun Disc into Crystalline format
November 13 - Total Solar Eclipse - Activation of the 144 Satellite Sun Discsto the 12 Primary Discs.Final Grid Integration of the Divine Masculine in balance..
November 28 - Lunar Eclipse - Penumbral - Final Grid completion and integration of the Divine Feminine.
12 December - (12-12-12) Triple date portal. The final culmination and completion of the Crystal-Grid. Activation of the final Atlantean Temple Crystals into the new code,and unification with the Pyramidal structures and Sun Discs. Combination of balance of masculine and feminine energies into Divine Oneness. Final coding of Max in the Crystal Vortex.
December 21 - Winter Solstice - Rebooting of the Ascension Grid and networking of the Crystalline Quantum-Field. Expansion into greater access to 12 dimensions. The 'Finger of God' formation of Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto.

The Reboot of 12-12-12
On the 12-12-12 all of the systems become fully coded. Activation of the Fire Crystal of Bimini correlated into the Crystal Vortex and Crysto Sun Disc of Arkansas. Then a brief rebooting occurs and all will reactivate in full functionality of all Crystalline Field Systems on the 12-21-12, December 21, 2012.

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Saturday, November 26, 2011

HELP! My Partner Is Negative And Does Not Want To Raise Their Vibration

QUESTION: What do you do if your partner is a negative person and you are on your path to raising your vibration? I have been with my husband for 29 years now since we were teenagers, I have always accepted him as he is unconditionally loving. He is very quick tempered, even to the point of swearing and yelling when the traffic lights change when we approach. But I am worried that his negative aspects will slow me down, I love him deeply, and he is fully supportive of my endeavors to reach my full potential spiritually, we are like yin and yang. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
ANSWER: His negative aspects can not slow you down unless you allow them to. To be honest with you, if your husband is unconditionally loving and supportive of you and your spiritual path....then you have a real gem.

Oftentimes, this is not the case for many marriages because one of the partners may be filled with negative distorted beliefs from their religious upbringing, and they may be fearful of their partner practicing anything that is out of the realm of their preconceived ideas of who and what God/Goddess is. In these cases the partner may become controlling and violate the free will of the other soul, and this is highly problematic and will create great karma for the person who is trying to dominate and manipulate the other soul into doing what they want them to do. And oftentimes, people will willingly give their free will away to the controlling energy ~ therefore, sacrificing their soul’s desire to evolve. This is a repetitive pattern in many relationships and one that both souls will need to learn from. It is inappropriate to take some one’s free will to choose away from another soul, and it is also inappropriate for a soul to become so weak and attached to the other soul to the point that they will loose themselves and follow the direction and will of the other person because they are fearful of being alone. This is not a loving relationship....this is a relationship based on attachment, domination, control and fear.......usually these kind of relationships will be extremely unhappy....perhaps even abusive..... and oftentimes they will eventually dissolve. Likewise, for those of us raising our vibrations and choosing to follow the spiritual path....we too can not be controlling and take the free will of another soul away from them when their soul truly may want to experience the consequences of egoic learning ~ cause and effect (karma) ~ for an extended period of time. 

The best way we can help others get on the spiritual path, which is the healing path, is to “BE THE EXAMPLE”. Simply by you shifting and changing your vibration, you will effect your close loved ones.........and that could go in either direction. The important thing for you to do is stay focused on the SELF.....stay focused on the inner path of your own salvation. Don’t get caught up in the spiritual path of other souls. That is actually a distraction the ego will use to keep you from advancing. It sounds like your husband is highly supportive and although he may be fully consumed in egoic behavioral patterns, recognize that you too had similar qualities at one time and just like you....eventually he will make the decision to shift and change as well....especially if you two choose to stay together. You can be a lighthouse for him ~ and likewise keep in mind....he will also be your mirror. He will show you things within your self you need to work on, as well as, things within your self you have overcome. You can share books with him, share your experiences and be the example for him, but be careful about pushing him onto the spiritual path before he is ready. The spiritual path requires dedication, constant awareness and the willingness to observe the self and transcend those behaviors that do not serve the highest good of all involved. If he is pushed onto the path before he is truly ready to commit it could backfire. 

Marriage is a serious soul contract. One where each partner will learn a lot of soul lessons that will either evolve or devolve their souls ~ depending on where their energy is focused ~ love or fear. The only time I would ever suggest anyone re-consider their marriage is if their partner is emotionally or physically abusive. In this case an abusive relationship serves no one, and actually lowers the vibration of the entire household greatly effecting all souls involved ~ including the pets, and especially the kids. Kids learn their behaviors by watching their parents ~ if there is abuse this is highly destructive to their soul's energy, and oftentimes, they will recreate and attract the same scenarios of abuse, drama and chaos in their lives because they will inherit the energetic patterns of distortion and beliefs within their energy fields that they were exposed to from their parents. These kind of destructive relationships also effect the vibration of the is a vicious cycle that needs to be healed. 

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Animal Consciousness: The Benevolent Nature of Cats and Dogs And How They Assist With Our Soul's Evolution And Healing

Animal Consciousness: The Benevolent Nature of Cats and Dogs 
The Sacred Felidae
Archanegl Metatron through James Tyberonn
Dear Ones, with the understanding that you are here for learning, we tell you that the 'University of Polarity Earth' is specifically designed for the evolution of the human soul. The curriculum and venue of Polarity Earth, of the educational process is in fact a version of the Omni-Earth that is created and co created in Divine Intelligence. It is a purposed illusion, it is created by purposed thought, and cannot be destroyed. Consider that. That does not mean you do not have responsibilities in the care of Earth and its supporting Kingdoms, for indeed that is part of the learning process.

The purpose of the EarthPlane is your soul evolution. The Earth supports that mission, by Divine plan, by agreement, and all of the Kingdoms of Earth are part of that. Accordingly we tell you that there are versions of other Beings of Divine Intelligence that are here to support humanity in your purpose here. These include Master Beings from many realms. Some make visitations here to support you, and certain of these come for a brief but influential time & purpose in full Avatar consciousness.

Yet also be aware that there are versions of benevolent Master Beings that have by agreement chosen to manifest in various step-down forms to support humanity.

Those of the Animal Kingdom on the Earth, are here to support you. Part of that process involves their expression on the EarthPlane in 'Group' Consciousness. The deepest dimensions of the animal self exist not at the level of the individual but as part of the collective group mind of the entire species , and that highest level is not in duality lesson, per se.

The Animal Kingdom : Forgotten Teachers

These beings that in current terms would be considered of the 'Animal Kingdom' have taught humans far more than you presently recognize.

The Beings that you term Animals operate in great and greater intelligence, albeit it in a thought pattern matrix uniquely formatted to the natural aspect of the Earth-Plane.

On an aspectual and level far more comprehensive than you currently grasp, the Animal Kingdom are here by agreement to support humanity on many levels. Their understanding of the Earth-Plane as a University of Development for humanity is extended from and back to their Mastery Source.

Their mental format pattern in the earthly expression is such that humans are held somewhat blameless. Although humanity does have a huge responsibility to treat the Animal Kingdom with respect, the Animal Kingdom do not place guilt on humans. Their chosen mental format upon the Earth is formatted in such a manner that guilt-judgment is not an expression contained within it. Rather it is a pattern of instinct and benevolently capable of unconditional support.

One of the differences between the cat and dog expressions of the Felidae, are that dogs are more in the physical realm than cats. From and overview cats are far more etheric within the antimatter field, while dogs much more in matter. Dogs react more to the direct frequency of your emotions, whereas cats react more to vibration and light emanations. Dogs will feel and react to anger and guilt in a more tangible way than cats. Cats cannot experience guilt, and that detachment from human emotional waves is why cats may seem rather aloof.

Animal Totems

The Animal Kingdom have a more full, vast understanding and awareness of the other conscious kingdoms of the Earth, and have always had the ability to teach that to mankind. You have in current times largely forgotten, quite unfortunately, how much you learned from all of the Beings of the Animal-Kingdom. Humanity in campestral societies and indigenous cultures learned a great deal of medicine, of nutrition from watching animal behavior in interaction with the plant kingdom. Humanity observed carefully what plants to avoid, and which to cultivate. Mankind learned survival techniques, and indeed social behavior by not only watching the animals, but also by directly communicating telepathically with them.

In current times, the only real interaction with the 'Animal Kingdom' is by means of domesticated house pets. Or sadly at a distance through the imprisonment of magnificent animals in the barred cages and confining walls of zoos, and on farms where they are pen-raised as 'live-stock' for human food sources.

And while certain species of the Animal Kingdom have by conscious agreement chosen to provide themselves as a food source, that process must be enacted in humane respect, acknowledgement and gratitude. Hunting animals for sport is a different energy than for food survival . Hunting solely for entertainment, killing animals only for the primal thrill of the chase is wrong.

In earlier sojourns , more formative epochs, mankind far more closely identified with and understood the intelligence and wisdom offered by the natural instinctual patterns of the Animal Kingdom, and recognized them as wise teachers. And as a result they identified with humanity , and interacted with humanity to a truly remarkable degree.

The Animal Spirits or Totems recognized and honored as wisdom carriers, teachers and providers by the Native Americans are examples of the higher group collective of the greater off-planet consciousness of the Animal Kingdom etherically manifesting for a brief era to assist mankind in 'Spirit form'. Indeed the recognition and honoring ceremonies offered, allowed for & motivated the greater intelligence of specific Animals to work directly & harmoniously with benevolent humans of the indigenous tribal societies.

The knowledge and intuitive communication of the Animal Kingdom with the Elemental and Devic consciousness of the Living Earth, the Mineral, Fire and Air is a precise understanding that could be of great assistance, affording forward signals to humanity in this time of Earth changes.

Getting Sirius

And so we speak this gathering of the Sacred Felidae of Sirius A.

The Sacred Felidae and Canidae are incredible Beings that bring tremendous support to the field and purposed evolutionary growth of Humanity.

The Felidae are Divine Intelligence, fully evolved, magnificently conscious in crystalline expression. They are members of both the Sirian-Pleiadean Alliance, and of what may be termed the Niburian Mastery Council. Both of whom are benevolently involved in the up shift of the consciousness evolution of planets and planetary races who are prepared to graduate into the next level in their Ascension.

The Felidae

The Felidae are a Feline species who originate on Sirius A. These are Beings that have entered the Earthplane since ancient times in specific roles and formats. The versions currently in physical form on the Earth-Plane are in what may be termed the Feline and Canine family.

These physical formats on the EarthPlane are here to support you, and in their physical matrix are but a portion of the consciousness of their Sirian nature.

That is because the Felidae expression on the earth are in group soul format, and are not here to evolve as a species, but rather to support the earth and assist humanity in evolution. The greater part of their consciousness is above the level of the EarthPlane. The feline operate vastly in the ethereal or stealth antimatter realm.

Their full consciousness existed and manifested in LeMurian, Atlantean and early Egyptian eras.
The Masters of the Sacred Felidae were involved in the genetic engineering in the Temple of Purification (on Poseida) in Atlantis during the Golden Age of the Law of One. This was done in a very positive and benevolent manner, prior to such technology being tragically misused by the Aryan Sons of Belial in the sad demise of the final era of Atlantis.

The Felidae of Sirius A and Cetacean Sirian-B Masters are skilled at integrating spirit into physical matter. This in not only giving life-force to a physical form, but also in integrating higher chakric levels of consciousness within the physical matrix in Mer-Ka-Na level multi-dimensionality.

This ability to work with humanity in energetic terms involves activating higher chakras and higher crysto-light bodies. This higher level of consciousness is the Crystos Consciousness, and the Cetaceans are indeed Crystalline Masters. Their renewed role on the earth includes assisting the shift-transition from the declining magnetic polarity grid to the evolving Crystalline Grid.

Question to Metatron: So are the Beings from Sirius B primarily aquatic, and the Beings from Sirius A Feline ?

Metatron Response: The habited realm circulating Sirius B is primarily aquatic and the Cetaceans, the Dolphin and Whale are aquatic. Yet also of a high enough consciousness to manifest form that can equally habituate within both aqueous realms and what would be termed land.

The life forms , of the sister star, Sirius A are different expressions than the Cetaceans.

Sirius A enlivens Humanoid Life (Starseed) ), as well as the Sacred Starseed Felidae. These are all Beings of Divine Intelligence, that all have varied expressions supporting the Earthplane These all interact with your planet on many levels in myriad forms.

Question to Metatron: You have mentioned that only humans are in soul evolution on planet earth. Aren't the dolphins and whales also in a high state of consciousness and evolution?

Metatron Response: The Sacred Cetaceans are indeed in an exalted state of evolution. But they are not on the earth to evolve. They are already evolved.

So understand they are here on the earth to support the earth and assist mankind in so doing. The Cetacean are physically here to anchor the energy in the aquatic portions of the earth to enable the planetary balance and facilitate the shift from magnetic to crystalline.

The etheric, nonphysical, return of the 'Golden Dolphin' are the Sacred Cetaceans in full avatar Mastery directly assisting humanity to evolve into Crystalline Mer-Ka-Na field.

The Felidae are assisting humanity in physical manifestation, but have also assisted in etheric, non physical Avatar Mastery , particularly in Atlantis, Central America and Egypt.

The physical forms and manifestations of the Felidae in the animal kingdom, are in the stepped down form. They are here to assist you in emotional and mental fields. This is the primary topic of today's discourse, that of the Felidae in expression of Feline and Canine.

Question to Metatron: I am intrigued by the information on the Felidae and Canidae. of Sirius- A. Are you speaking of cats and dogs? Can you expand on this?

Metatron Response: Certain breeds of what may be termed house cats and dogs, are indeed uniquely designed derivations of the Starseed Felidae. They perform specific roles in assisting humans. The 'house' versions of cats & domestic dogs are genetically engineered from the Golden Age of Atlantis.
The genetic engineering was benevolently done by the Sirian -Pleiadean Alliance and is an extremely helpful action, as stated to assist humanity as they became more densely ingrained in the Earth-Plane.

Now, what you term as canine and feline are of the same source, both are derivations of the Starseed Felidae. Cats and dogs are different physical forms of the same source.

The Felidae of Sirius A are a fully conscious crystalline being. They have melded into a group unity consciousness, yet still retain aspectual individual identities with the greater harmonic field. The Group Field chooses to assist humanity in your Universe and others.

Cats & Dogs

Both cats and dogs in this derivation are serving as benevolent energy giving assistants to humans, to their caretakers. Both have the capacity to meld their energy fields with the human and are uniquely capable of becoming personality fragments of their human caretakers. That is why certain of these can often begin to display the physical characteristics of their 'owners', although this particular aspect occurs more commonly with the canine.

The canine exudes an extreme loyalty and unconditional love. A dedication that energetically is received by the human, and can assist in many ways. The dogs ( and cats) become both companions , healers and protectors. The feline, the cat, is much more in the ethereal (antimatter) realm in its conscious field.

That is why many past societies worshiped the Feline forms of Jaguar, Lion , Tiger and Puma.
These beings are extremely aware of thought forms of ethereal realms and offer a stealth strength and protection. The house cat is capable of tremendous protection for their caretakers from untoward thought forms and negative energies. Certain breeds of dogs have this ability as well, but it is expressed and enacted differently.

Vibrational Healing

The purring of a cat is very beneficial in healing, repairing and protecting the human aura. The psychic abilities & aspects of cats have long been recognized. 'Temple Cats' were used in many ancient societies to energetically anchor and 'guard' sacred sites. Cats have also been desired as partners, allies and protectors by mystics, healers and shaman of various indigenous societies and monk hoods.

The wolf and other similar canine species possess similar attributes in the psychic & mystical realms. That is because both cats and dogs have a powerfully enhanced capacity to sense and see in far greater dimensionality than the human eye.

The service of cats and dogs in therapeutic work with abused children, terminally ill patients, the depressed and elderly in nursing homes are prime examples of their considerable healing abilities. The applications in the arena of pet therapy healing are indeed being more and more recognized. This will be expanded much further in the future.

Cats see above visible light, and can actually see the human auric field, the Human EMF, and all manner of energy emanations invisible to the human eye. The wide spectrum that cats perceive in light fields is quite amazing. Cats see in fields of both non physical matter and non matter (anti-matter). If you observe a cat in your outdoor flower gardens, take note of their quick head movements and focal prowling stances at seemingly invisible objects. They are indeed 'seeing' all manner of the elemental 'Devic' kingdom, the ethereal Fae, the 'dreamscape horizon' of beings you term faeries, sprites and elves.

The famed 'curiosity' of the cat is indeed due to their incredible sensory perceptions. Their vision is constantly filled with lights and emanations from spectrums and dimensions far beyond that of the human. They 'see' thought forms' and even see the electro-magnetic fields of tiny insects and elves.

Cats also are uniquely able to assist humans in not only better understanding their dreams and dream world interludes...but also capable of assisting you in more lucid awareness while in an ongoing dream, in other words greater conscious clarity during dream-states. The feline is extremely adept at what you would term out of body experience, or astral travel.

Dogs are more in the physical field of matter, and sense or feel the auric field and indeed are extremely capable of understanding the direct resonant vibrations of the human emotional field.

Additionally Felidae 'canine' , dogs assist in helping humans better understand their feelings and emotional blockages, and help humans work through them into a better state of balance. We will speak more on these attributes further into this discussion.

The service of 'Seeing-Eye' dogs with the blind is another area of service in which great bonds are created. Dogs are able to 'feel' and indeed smell dis-ease within the human body. They will often lay their own bodies in the area of the human malady and transfer energy to assist in re-balancing the imbalance. They will also mentally project awareness to the human of the malady in direct telepathic communication.

Cats will provide a similar service, but their sensory perception of the human imbalance is visually observed. A cat sees the human auric field in great clarity, in vivid color and fine detail. Areas of malady will appear discolored to the feline. The cat will often lay on the area and purr, exuding a balancing light emanation and sonic frequency to enable the healing re-balance.

Unique Melding With Human Consciousness

The version of Felidae and Canidae that are cats and dogs are but a fragment of the full consciousness and energy spectrum of their Sirian aspects. Yet this expression is specifically and purposefully designed to be so, for these beings can become so bonded with the humans they serve, that a unique third consciousness can succinctly evolve between the human and the 'pet', that is extremely beneficial to the evolvement of the human caretaker.

The earthen consciousness of the dogs and cats operates more on thought patterns with powerful instinctual triggers. Their designed (benevolent), divinely agreed DNA engineering is such that they have a unique and divinely purposed ability to become allied, programmed in a partnership with the human they are working with.

When this partnership occurs these beings are able to telepathically receive thought images sent by their caretaker. Just as human thought can program a living crystal, the same occurs, albeit in a different format, with dogs and cats. It may be termed as the formation of a personality aspect of the human within the cat or dog. The 'pet' then is capable of assisting the human in both physical and emotional ways. Providing comfort, energy, healing, companionship, detecting illness, sealing auric ruptures, and providing protection in physical and etheric realms.

Many humans have household pets in cats and dogs that help them work through blockages. One of the most common therapeutic applications is that these benevolent Beings help you awaken your ability to express love. It is very easy to express and give affection to the household animal , and for many this is far easier than expressing love and kindness to other humans.

Depending on the individual human, this type of emotional blockage can occur for many reasons. Very often as humans grow older, children move away and a spouse passes over, a seeming natural period of depression due to lonely isolation sets in. The interaction with the pet can awaken the flow of love through fond endearment. This nurturing interaction awakens the very life force in the isolated caretaker, and an endearing interplay that is very therapeutic occurs.

We tell you that there is far more design and intelligence in the willing participation of the Felidae and Canidae than is recognized.

The Third Field Between Humans and Pets

When this third consciousness through interaction is formed, it expands the field of both parties. It awakens within it characteristics that neither of the parties involved had prior. In other words, it expands, it stretches the emotional field awareness and indeed the third meld consciousness, and this reaches back into and changes the individual awareness of both. The pet opens up your ability to remain 'positive' in allowing you to express love, and you 'teach' it , in a manner of speaking, to channel the greater part of its divine Sirian consciousness in doing so.

Your willingness for the interaction allows it to achieve its specific purpose, and there is an important growth on both sides unique to the field created between the two of you. The 'pet' operated only in group consciousness parameters prior to the 'melding- blend' with the human, and the individuality of it was truly only formed in the bond with the human.

Those of you that have pets have an obligation to responsibly care for them and treat them with nurturing love and kindness. Cruelty to any member of the animal kingdom is untenable. Do you understand?

Question to Metatron: Are you saying that animals are not individual unless they blend with the human to form the 'consciousness meld' with humans?

AA-Metatron: In a manner of speaking, yes, that is what we are saying. But to be clear, we are not saying that animals do not have individual aspects before the meld. Each are incarnate in physical bodies, and are indeed subject to the gravitational characteristics, to some degree, that occur in the astrological influences in all life on the earth. Animals that are feral are also subject to the natural instincts of species survival, and express that according to the environ.

But they operate fully and only in 'group soul' awareness, until the meld with humans(s) uniquely occurs.
That interaction is succinct and builds a personality-meld consciousness fragmentation capable of growing in individual awareness and identity. But we are not saying that animals do not have a 'group' purpose without the meld.

The group purpose is transformed into a singular 'service' in the expanded field by means of the human interaction with the 'group' soul of the household pet as expressed in the individual cat or dog.
It is therefore the human interaction that creates the individual identity field within the pet. So in a manner of speaking the animal has agreed to be benevolently 'programmed in blend ' with the mental field, emotional field & personality of the human caretaker for higher purpose.

This is how the third field is created, and that third field is a fragment of the human consciousness that benefits both you see. Yet the primary purpose is to benefit the human. And that is a very specialized service provided by the Felidae. But there is a choice to accept the human on the part of the Felidae, (or not). And when that bond is mutually accepted, the greater role of the Group Soul can be fed into the meld, and wisdom, protection and healing can be given from the 'pet' to the human. So understand this third meld is a conduit that is very far reaching, but occurs by mutual agreement.

The Atlanteans, LeMurians and Egyptians in particular, interacted with the Felidae in roles of guardianship and wisdom transfer. The Egyptian Temples contain many hieroglyphs depicting the Felidae, as having Feline heads and human torsos and limbs, complete with the 'Solar Disc' of enlightenment. The Sphinx is the reverse, the human head with the Feline body.

Question to Metatron: How exactly do 'cats and dogs' offer protection to humans? Is this by their greater awareness of other dimensions?

AA-Metatron: Yes, by specifically being much more in-tuned to other realms that are, as we have explained, somewhat invisible to human physical senses.

The guardianship in the specific forms as described in 'household or human interface versions' of the Sirian Beings is performed in a beautiful manner, and that is through not only the detection of what may be termed 'negative energies' but by neutralizing those very untoward energies by powerful projections of benevolent loving energy vibrations that are orchestrated through the Sirian Felidae to the human. The Sirian being diagnoses exactly what is needed and channels the necessary vibration to assist the caretaker.

You do not always recognize that you induce auric fracturing when you become depressed or highly upset. These states form negative fields that open you to untoward electro-magnetic attachments that can be energetically draining.

When a cat 'purrs' the vibration is of a deep contentment, and the frequency within that vibration is very healing, capable of evaporating negative fields by neutralizing them. Likewise when dogs playfully wag their tails, jump and run, often in joyous spins, they are, like the dolphin, forming energy vortexes capable of cleansing the energies, and projecting a 'channeled' vibratory frequency that is extremely beneficial to the environ, not only removing negative vibrations but creating a shield to eliminate their re-entry.

When cats seem to 'patrol' the perimeter of a room, house or yard, they are also exuding a protective field.

We will tell you that the Felidae and the Canidae, the Feline and Canine, are from the same root source of Sirius A, although their expressions on Sirius A are fully evolved. As we have told you the household versions of these Beings are in fact physical formats, genetically engineered by the Sirians to assist humanity in the ways we are herewith discussing.

Question to Metatron : To be clear, are you saying that cats and dogs are from the same Sirian source?

AA-Metatron: In the higher origin & source, yes. Both cats and dogs are of the same source, both are manifested into physicality from the fully evolved Felidae of Sirius A.

On Sirius the Felidae are brilliant divinely intelligent Crystalline-Light Beings, nonphysical from your perspective, appearing in Crystalline Light forms.

As we mentioned the Felidae have manifested in full Avatar Mastery at various times on your planet to assist you. The Felidae are masters of incorporating spirit into physicality and assisted in the original engineering of full strand DNA for mankind. Indeed the races of humanity contain Sirian Felidae aspects in their DNA, some more than others. The very athleticism and agility prevalent in some humans draws on this, to give one of many aspectual examples.

Question to Metatron : As an item of curiosity, if they are of the same Sirian source, why do dogs chase cats?

AA-Metatron: Dogs only chase cats until they catch them. At that point the tables usually turn, and quite quickly ! (Laughter) .

We will say that in a real sense, dogs and cats are inverses of the same frequency when expressed on the Earthplane. Generally speaking the Feline, the domesticated cats tend to be more introverted and the Canine , dogs, more external, or extroverted. Their frequencies are then inward in the former, outward in the latter, and naturally attract one another....not repulse. You will find that dogs and cats raised or living in the same household develop special loving bonds.

This particularly occurs in an enhanced manner when the animals have had past sojourns in which the fragment of personalities with the humans form. As an example, the channel now houses 2 cats and 2 dogs. They work together and share a deep bond, and all 4 are aspects of the two human caretakers. We will also add that one of the dogs, the female, has been Feline in the past more often than Canine.

The Sacred Felidae in their Earth-Plane manifestation have retained the unique ability to operate simultaneously in inner and outer world projections much more than humans. At any one time in which you observe the physical material manifestation of a Felidae, they are equally conscious of being fully manifested simultaneously in other dimensional planes. Quite often they interact within the other realms, while present physically in this one.

Linear Filters of Consciousness

Although humans also simultaneously exist in other levels, humans in 3d cannot interpret the frequencies of the other realms in consistency or lucid clarity through the physical brain alone. The mind, which is the inner counterpart of the brain, can at times perceive the far greater dimensions of any given event through a crysto-electric burst of sudden intuition or comprehension that cannot be adequately described on a verbal level. The crystalline electrical impulses that are perceivable within your 3d system are a miniscule fraction of the vast crysto-electrical system in the Cosmos.

A human's physical brain is on its own quite incapable of accurate perception or deciphering the myriad & complex frequencies above polarity. It is impossible in physical brain alone to even grasp the vast spectrum and dimensional magnificence of the crysto-electrical potential and actuality as it exists. And although these are quite accessible in Mer-Ka-Na , via higher mind- non physical levels, they are not accessed by the brain alone in the human, rather they must be developed in Mer-Ka-Na through higher mind.

So we tell you to keep in mind, pun intended, that the true origin, the eternal source and power of your Divine Intelligence and consciousness has never been rooted in the physical. Each and every human exists in other worlds, different realities and other dimensions, and the self that you call yourself is but a small portion of your entire identity. Because of the filters inherent to the physical brain, you are capable of focusing on the physical world around you, and it is that focus that enables you to eventually master the physical plane.

We assure you that there is purpose in the filtering, for If the physical brain, with the ego personality were unscreened , and thus fully aware of the vast and constant barrage of telepathic communications that do impinge upon it, it would have a most difficult time retaining a sense of identity in linear perception.

It is because of the ego consciousness that you have a powerful identity awareness of the physical realm, for you are in physical with specific purpose. But we say again, it is not your true identity in the Cosmic over view.

While in physicality the human brain is simply not equipped in linear mode to be able to make sense of the signals coming in from higher dimensions. Your standard brain can't read them. To the brain these impulses appear to be a chaotic mélange of disconnected flash images. The ego-personality brain based in linear time cannot perceive data that is not based upon sequential continuity of moments.
Interestingly, certain of the Animal Kingdom, particularly the Felidae, can.

So with this axiom that Felidae and certain Canidae do operate more effectively in other coinciding planes, we tell you that is precisely why these Beings were recognized by more aware societies as guardians. It is why a dog will bark, or a household cat will move in quick reaction to energies unseen by the human eye.

Your academics understand that there are spectrums of light. You also understand that the 'average' human is only capable of physical vision in the narrow spectrum termed 'visible light'. The Felidae and certain Canidae are capable of seeing (and sensing) in a much wider sensory range. We tell you that physical matter also occurs in spectrum waves. So are there varying spectrums of matter.

Your system of physical reality on the Earth-Plane is not nearly as wide-reaching or complex in relative comparison with many others. The dimensions given to the narrow spectrum of physical matter barely hint at the prolific varieties of higher nonphysical dimensions.. You do not recognize as yet the nature of the nonphysical in your own Galaxy, much less the Cosmos. We tell you that Universes can exist within a molecule, and other versions of Earth validly coexist where you now sit to read these words.
Question to Metatron: You advised earlier that the Felidae Starseed are the consciousness source for both the earthen feline and canine species of animals. Do all animals on the EarthPlane originate from Sirius A, from the Starseed Felidae?

AA-Metatron: No. Sirius A is the source of humanoids and Felidae. Sirius B is the source of the Sacred Cetacean, dolphin and whale. Dolphin and whale are of the same source , the Cetacean, just as the feline and canine are of the same source , Starseed Felidae.

Sirius is not merely two binary stars in the Cosmos with circulating planets. It is a vibrational frequency of a realm that has achieved Crystalline Ascension. It is accordingly a sacred celestial resonance and way of being within a vastly expanded consciousness. Sirius is within all dimensions both physical and non-physical.

The Stars of Sirius are portals or gateways to these other dimensions, and the Felidae, Hathor, & Cetacean are here in varied matrixial expressions to assist humanity grow in awareness, to balance the Earth and find their way home. The Sirians are receivers and transmitters of this divine loving energy.
Other members of the Animal Kingdom in Earthen expression come from a multiplicity of sources. For example the horse is Arcturian in source. Horses are also capable of forming the 3rd consciousness meld with humans, but few humans truly have access to them .

The Animal-Kingdom have truly been your teachers, although they did not choose your 'human' evolution path. As we have said, the Animal Kingdom are not on the Earth to evolve in soul expansion, but rather to support the soul expansion of humanity.

We assure you that mankind could not have moved forward as a species had it not been for the Beings of the Animal Kingdom. Indeed certain of the Animal Kingdom, such as the bovine and certain other species of the mammal, fish and bird are here by agreement to provide a food source for mankind. Does that surprise you that this occurs by agreement? And although it is not the topic at hand, the consciousness of the Plant Kingdom has also been a huge support to mankind in far more ways than just food source and provision of oxygen.

Domesticated animals have benevolent purpose in choosing their earthen expressions. Those of the Feline and Canine have a unique role of interaction in the aspects of human companionship. This is by a higher sourced 'service' agreement .And we will add the enhanced ability to form the 'personality meld' in household pet derivations of the Felidae, is genetically enhanced.


Many humans find that they can interact more easily with 'pets' than they can with other humans. Pets don't talk back, they love unconditionally. The feline and canine are particularly committed to assist humans in dealing with emotional blockage and in dealing with isolation, particularly as humans become older and alone.

Both cats and dogs oft teach humans to learn to love again and to open their hearts. Dogs are tied to the human emotional field, cats to the human psychic plane/ mental field. The two are very different expressions of the Felidae, but both are focused on your assistance, both are uniquely capable of forming a fragmentation aspect of the caretakers personality.

When a human forms a personality fragmentation meld with a Felidae or Canidae, that succinct energy can uniquely evolve and often reincarnate, or re-attach within other lifetimes and within the same lifetime to continue to assist the owner. Thus a human may have the same energy essence of their cat or dog, over a span of 70 years, in several sequential cat or dog bodies.

For example, the two cats and one of the dogs that the channel is caretaker for in the present, were with him in different bodies as domesticated leopards in a past lifetime in Egypt.

Question to Metatron: Pets often become family members, like children to their caretakers. And when they pass-over, the caretakers are quite devastated. Can the same soul essence of the pet can reincarnate immediately, if the owner obtains a new pet?

AA-Metatron: The 'personality meld' of the pet is in essence a unique part of the human caretaker, a personality fragment. When a pet physically dies the meld-fragment consciousness will absolutely remain close-by in etheric planes to continue in connection to the human. The human is often able to sense, even see or feel the essence of the pet after it passes over, or even if it runs away or is lost. The owner can communicate with the meld personality essence, and it will indeed 'reincarnate', re-enter the body of a new pet.

This is best if the new pet is obtained within 2-3 weeks of the passing, and is the same breed as the previous pet. In a short time the distinct personality traits & characteristics of the previous pet will clearly re-emerge in the new body, and the relationship and support will continue.
In the event the new pet is a different breed and or a different astrological pattern, the similarities may not be as immediately apparent, but the meld-essence and support will be the same source. This is important to understand.


In current times, it is considered fashionable in certain circles, to see mankind as the great greedy destroyer of the Earth and its kingdoms, especially the Animal, Plant & Mineral kingdoms
It is likewise popular in some 'New Age' circles to see man as the arrogant taker who contaminates the earth, destroys the Natural Earth Kingdoms at the expense of future generations.

We insert here that a portion of this is true, and change is required. We do not condone humanity's untoward and irresponsible action in this issue.

The point is that some who wish for the better, feel all is hopelessly lost, that change for the better will not come.

While unified determination to make change for the better is essential, the focusing on hopelessness must stop. That is the wrong application in creating the 'New Earth'. Focusing on hopelessness & despair , creates hopeless despair.

So we offer you an insight of hope.

What we wish to point out is that the Earth is the dynamic manifestation, at any given time, of your current individual and mass- thought projections . Humanity are ever the co creators of the Earth and Omni Earth in all of its probable realities.

We tell you, Dear Masters, the Earth is a magnificent & purposed illusion, that is absolutely created by thought.

Mankind en masse are, at the present time, unconscious of the fact that YOU are co creators of the Earth experience. There are other versions of probable reality in holographic 'time programs' in which enlightened 'Ascended' humanity honor each other, the Earth and all of her kingdoms in beautiful harmony. Duality programming of the EarthPlane is intelligently and divinely planned. The 'Trial and Error' evolution of this experience takes into account the learning curve.

And that being said, we tell you that you cannot truly destroy the Earth. You can and will create the Enlightened Earth by positive focus on its manifestation, not by focal despair that it has not yet occurred.
Nothing is taken from the Earth, or from any of the Earthen Kingdoms, Mineral, Plant and Animal, that is not fully agreed to, fully permitted in the linear reality-drama hologram.

It rarely occurs to you that animal kingdom consciousness came into physicality and earthen form by agreement, by benevolently choosing to do so,. The higher consciousnesses of such animal-beings had a considered & willing choice in the decision to support humanity, fully aware of the untoward potentials of mans phases & stages of ignorance as humanity evolves into greater awareness.

It is nigh time for mankind to gratefully honor the Animal Kingdom, to treat them with love, kindness and respect. Cruelty to these beings in any format is not the way of Mastery, and it must stop in all its untoward expressions.

In the not too distant future, humanity will come to realize , and not only honor the Animal Kingdom, but equally honor, acknowledge & indeed LOVE one another, and the beautiful Earth that nurtures you. It will occur. Create it as so!!!
I am Metatron and I share with you these truths. You are Beloved!
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